Who Needs Words When You Got A Climate?

Jul 17, 2018

People wonder why music is the most popular art form on Earth. You could think of several Mediterranean countries where the Sun shines 300 days a year. And everybody knows the Sun is the #1 source of energy here on Earth.

The word is out: energy. With dancing fools who overthink, power seems to be a taboo word. People draw strength from various sources, but I always felt the music was unique.

When I was 11 years old, I cried on a stupid song by Phil Collins (which is OK by the way “Do You Remember”). U2 always wondered why people chose the song “One” at their wedding. It’s because there’s a climate.

Please don’t be shocked by the tone of my voice and the audacity of my ideas. They come from listening to more than 10,000 songs in 20 years. Of course, sometimes you can be stuck because you try to do a little rewriting of your life.

Is Our Future Clearly Development Hell And Rewriting?

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With a little rewrite, that blog can become a wonderful blog that will allow me to concentrate on songwriting. But I’m intolerant to exercise, and the reason why is WW2 and its aftermaths. I go to a coffee, and I need calm, and a car passes by with its honk.

The lovely thing about a climate is that lots of people can become great people with the right environment. That’s why sometimes words are unnecessary. Today I was listening to U2’s song “With or Without You.” And remembered it was used in an episode of Friends (the sitcom).

Sometimes words can destroy a song or an experience. And I always felt the less you do, the lower the probability of making a mistake. Until that moment in 2010, where I gave all my soul.

Only the very best (a reasonable request). My ex-lover could have been an ally if I was worthy.

What Happens When You Let The Clouds Take A Holiday?

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Music is often tied to an era or a decade or a moment. Needless to say, I only listen to music from the last 75 years. Maybe it’s a mistake, but I found I could have a clue with that method. Sometimes funk and disco try to modernize a song like the 5th of Beethoven (Walter Murphy) or Also Spracht Zarathustra (Deodato).

Those are instrumentals, and there are no words in it. Jazz music has lots of compilation of songs without words. They really know how to set the mood. Maybe they are cool cats playing with the beat of our hearts.

The last time my coach told me I was a genius, it’s because I wrote a song with a climate. By the way, feel free to explore my SoundCloud for more climates.

What Kind Of Reward Can You Get From Life?

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Sometimes I like to play video games. It’s fun, and the graphics become more and more realistic. It’s incredible to have on such a tiny screen a universe that big.

That’s why I focus on jazz, blues, soul, rock, and funk. Of course, the 6th style is electronic music. It’s so vast that I feel like I am connecting with 200 million years of history.

Should we rewrite or trash everything? Since October, I had success until February on that blog. Suddenly, for 4 months, there was minimal activity.

But then I started to write useful 3 posts and traffic was back. I guess there can be surprises if you listen to good music. The themes were love, justice, and the environment.

Rewards and punishments are everywhere, but it seems punishment is an easy thing.

Are You Watched From The Shadows As A Child?

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As a conclusion, I guess the title of that paragraph is self-explanatory. One person once told me I gave her chills with that blog. I was talking about shadow business and hidden work.

They say you should imagine the world like babies everywhere. At first, I was skeptical, but the more I think about it, the more it makes sense. When you stop playing an instrument, no sound comes from it.

Some games are deemed a bit stupid, but it depends on your point of view. When I think about karma and apocalypse, I think of a safe distance where you don’t get hurt. I have a theory that states 80% of us can be stars full of life if we find the right distance.

I was criticized a lot by my friends because I liked philosophy. But I feel you should start studying it at age 14 rather than age 18. What are your thoughts?

Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!