When Will This Wicked Night Actually Come To An End?

Creativity Jul 28, 2020

Today I was browsing the Instagram of a friend. She's a life coach and posts quotes almost every day. She recently wrote that "even the darkest night will come to an end and the sun will rise."

Those words from Victor Hugo made me think of a song by the Alan Parsons Project called "Prime Time."

What's wrong about the night? After all, doesn't it belong to lovers? So Hugo's words meant that all love stories would one day end. And remember, love going wrong can be so cruel.

Yes, one day, the sun will rise, and the world will look different. Because during the night we live in a different world. You're ruminating all night, feelings are intense, and words are trivial.

You can say try to say goodbye to lonely nights. But watch out for the right moment. The right time is a magical weapon that unlocks many things in life.

Surprisingly, How Many Hopes And Dreams Didn't See The Light?

Even the longest night won't last forever, and your love story will end one day. Most of the time, love stories end up in a rut, but who's fault is it? Sometimes, it can get unpleasantly dull down here.

You can't help yourself, and all you see is red. I once met a life coach who asked me what colors I had in mind. And I remembered a Jimi Hendrix's song full of colors (it's called "Bold as Love").

Life without colors would be puzzling, and I guess the night all cats are grey. Dim the lights, and you can try to guess the rest.

The reason you wake up every day is simple. You ask yourself one and only one question: what's in store? Love is a drug, and I need to score.

Simply Put Do Your Famous Plans Come Together?

Your love story will end one day. The question then is: how long did it last? Do you fall in love without doubts for it to last?

What are your plans after the end of a love affair? Do you plan on becoming insensitive? What can you say when a love affair is over? Do you have to act a little cold like you don't care?

Today you're in a state of total confusion. It must have been an undercover agent for the blues — the B.L.U.E.S is a secret organization that deals with the moment when your body says stop, but you keep smiling.

B is for Beware, L is for Lowdown, U is for You, E is for Eliminate, and S is for Secret. Love is mean and unfair sometimes, but only if you can't find the words, and don't have critical information.

Does Every Move You Make Feels Like A Winner?

This secret organization feels like a winner: your body says stop, but you keep smiling. That's when your love affair will end.

I guess if it's bad love, then you will be relieved when it's over. As a reminder, for a love affair to work, you need to be proud. And you have to prepare because love is very demanding.

Yes, dear reader, love is demanding and, if you're not able to meet the demand, then, of course, you can try to destroy it. Do not try this at home, and I won't be liable in case there's a problem with this method.

A love affair will end, but we wonder how long it will last. That's the story of our universe, which already lasted 14 billion years. So I guess we'd better make our minds up to migrate to another island then. But first, let's try to colonize another planet.

Is That The Way Love Is? Otherwise, Is It Love?

All in all, the darkest and longest night will come to an end. But what if it's not the case? After all, some people refer to God as the Eternal One. Maybe then society corrupts our children badly since they have an innate sense of the mystery of God.

It's true some hopes and dreams won't see the light, but isn't it more significant to become a minimalist and focus on what's essential? It seems it's the only way to get rid of that jealousy killing you.

You can also make plans, and they might not come together. But please be sure to have a backup plan, or a standard plan in case something fishy happens like coronavirus. For me, it means waking up and spending time in a coffee shop looking for that human touch.

A night will come to an end, and the sun will rise — except for God still evaluating the damage done 14 billion years ago.

[Verse 1]
Well even the longest night won't last forever
But too many hopes and dreams won't see the light
And all of the plans I make won't come together

Something in the air
Maybe for the only time in my life
Something in the air
Turning me around and guiding me right

And it's a prime time, maybe the stars were right
I had a premonition, it's gonna be my turn tonight
Gonna be my turn tonight

[Verse 2]
Well even the brightest star won't shine forever
But all of the hands I play are working out right
And every move I make feels like a winner


And it's a prime time, maybe the stars were right
I had a premonition, it's gonna be my turn tonight
Gonna be my turn tonight
Gonna be my turn tonight

[Guitar Solo]


Gonna be my turn tonight

Prime Time
The Alan Parsons Project


Nicolas Sursock

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