Why A Good Introduction Makes You Win Money.

Jan 04, 2020

You only get one chance to make an excellent first impression. That’s because you want your audience to win money. And they will pay you back. That’s because sometimes in life there are some dire straits and you need to be relaxed to face when you are 40 years old.

Yes, a good introduction puts in a comfortable position where you have less pressure. You are well ahead of your time, and maybe sometimes it can be mistaken for a problem. But if you know how to handle loneliness, then you can be safe.

A good introduction allows you to win the game easily since the 1st quarter. Because let’s face it: there are lots of new challenges awaiting like the Chicago Bulls and Golden State Warriors this week.

Sometimes I’m afraid I don’t have a new challenge, and that may be why sometimes I’m feeling down. But the next difficulty for me is, of course, forgetting coffee and cigarettes for a short time, and staying at home to take care of the kids even though they are still imaginary.

What If Someone Never Introduced You To Yourself?

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Some people have the chance to have met early somebody who introduced them to themselves. It can be a friend that you want to imitate or someone ridiculous that makes you the exact contrary.

It’s not that difficult to introduce yourself to yourself. You can make a card and summarise everything: Nicolas Sursock (troublemaker).

I guess it’s nice to have been introduced to yourself and you will win time and money. Until you realize you also have to deal with conclusions. What will be the conclusion of this post? I don’t know yet, but I hope you like the introduction.

Of course, it’s challenging to meet yourself when you’re alone. Maybe you can use the mirror in the bathroom. At least, your image won’t be twisted!

Why Should You Have Concerns With The Introduction?

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Now you know what a great start is. You feel less pressure because you know the long run can sometimes feature some dire straits. There must be a reason why the Dire Straits band was so successful.

I read an interview with Mark Knopfler recently, and he was mentioning how it seems he saved the life of someone. The guy was saying: “thank you, I was suicidal tonight, and now, after the concert, I will go on.”

Which leads me to a thought I had lately: you know nothing escapes from a black hole, don’t you? There’s so much gravity that even light can’t escape. But of course, this only happens when you reach the event horizon.

Then I thought we have to get rid of those dire straits with awful gravity; you have to aim for events like a day at the beach or a dinner with friends.

Should You Mind Making Someone Uncomfortable?

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A good introduction makes you save time and money. But what if your presentation makes someone uncomfortable? As if you made someone win so much time that he or she doesn’t believe it.

I will try to introduce myself now very simple. I worked in banking during 2005 and 2010. The banks, France and America, owe me at least 25 million dollars and ten years later, they still didn’t make the payment. At first, I didn’t mind and was happy with my 3000 monthly euros.

But now I want to get married and take care of a family. I’m so ruined right now that one can wonder what kind of party was that. It was WW3 triggered by the Cold War and our ancient politicians who experienced WW2.

Now I’m a music blogger, and I want to share my favorite songs in a variety of styles. But I have to write three pages every day. And if I want to rank well on Google, I have to write 2000 words.

Is Everyone A Strange Affair You Should Check?

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All things considered, introductions are elementary. Give a simple clue, and anything will do. Is what’s in me in you?

While I was writing this post, I met my neighbor, who is an arborist. I found he had a touching kind of vitality. And if he spends his days in the forest in Illinois, then it’s no wonder he is in better shape than me (as a reminder, I listed two days ago all the drugs I did). Did I mention chemotherapy at age 17?

Of course, what I liked in the guy was a part of me. I would like to know that part better: the one who spends time in nature instead of a coffee shop in Paris surrounded by gray everywhere he looks.

I guess a good introduction also sheds light on your body. As a reminder, the skin has three roles: protection, justification, and elimination. But I think it’s also related to identity and your path.

The guy accepted to proofread my blog and I might save 2000$ a month. Yes, good introductions make you win a lot of money. I think though to have a good introduction, you have to watch out if you’re not going too fast.

Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!