What Should You Do When You Need The Sun?

Dec 16, 2019

Yesterday I was writing about the sun and the turn of a friendly card. Thus I defined austerity in a very gross and pervert way. Austerity isn’t frowning the face all day then.

I have a passion for music that I’m using to verify all the information we get from different sources. For example, Chris Rea used to sing that “only the ace of heart can save us now”. With a deck of 52, this means we have a 2% chance of seeing a happy ending to the current crisis.

Of course, we could go back to our old tricks and find an inner bitch again. This means that you’re not psychotic, that you gave up writing a song or an album about that strange case and that your intelligence is superior: there is no crisis.

I talked with an ancient person lately and he told me that this isn’t the first time there’s a revolution. The revolution in Lebanon will be televised.

Why Paint It Grey With So Many Colours?

rocks-1246668_1920Clouds can form when there is saturation. I guess a few clouds can make the sky fascinating. But watch out when it gets so dark that you feel at night during the day without any stars to guide you.

Who can you turn to? Does somebody need you? do you make it half-past six when others come at seven? What’s your point of view exactly?

With the revolution, do you feel loved? I guess the president has to go through a terrible experience. Indeed, this isn’t the first revolution but what if it was the last revolution on Earth? As if you tried to say: “we understood the fundamental mistake humanity made”.

Lebanon could become the first cosmic country in the world (space ready). If you try to be serious, you might end up being very funny. And this is the danger of this revolution.

The Corruption In The Sky Is Bluffing You.

glitch-2463372_1920It’s about to rain if you can forget your masculine side. Boys don’t cry and I guess it’s nice sometimes to cry a little. Otherwise, you will end up in the desert.

I don’t cry a lot but the last time I cried my whole body was in harmony. I fell on my bed listening to a song by Murray Head and I felt the urge to go out of my home quickly.

It’s so good when you let the tears out but on one condition: those tears have to be true. Those emotions have to be true and be shared privately with some kind of modesty.

I guess we don’t have a choice: I don’t care who you are or what you do. The only way to get paid is to stay humble because you will go back to Mother Earth. Only women are in charge of cleanliness it seems.

How Many Shades Of Negativity Is There?

film-2205325_1920When it comes to classifying something, I like to use time because it’s money. Are you pissed off:

  • daily, as if you hit a wall or a will all day and all night?
  • weekly, as if only Friday and Saturday nights can answer the questions?
  • monthly, as if you remembered that there are seasons because of tilt?
  • yearly, as if your birthday celebrated the gift of you to the world?

I guess we can’t forget the 14 days there is twice in a month or quarterly communication to tell your clients and stakeholder that everything’s fine because one man’s loss is another man’s gain.

Anyway, it seems there are like 7 shades of grey in my life if you include the fact that love lasts 3 years (thank you Frederic Beigbeder).

Will This Ancient Game End One Day?

landscape-398500_1920The game never ends while waiting for this friendly card. If it’s the ace of heart then we have a 2% chance to go out of the crisis. But if it’s only a matter of the heart, then our chance to solve this problem is 25%.

According to oriental medicine, any imbalance of the heart can make you sick and tired. Then it’s a good thing to know you have a 25% chance to heal with the heart. But still, there is a 75% chance to not solve the problem. And that’s a lot of odds against us.

I was reading some astronomy lately and they wrote that the Sun will rise tomorrow is highly probable but it’s a theory. That means that for now there is no evidence that the sun will let us down.

You want a clean reputation and are facing complications because into every life a little rain must fall! Will Mother Nature’s violence solve all our problems?

I guess there is only one solution to the climate’s questions. If it rains you can stay home and turn on the heat. If it’s sunny, go stroll in the park and watch winter turn to spring.

Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!