What If You Lose Your Right To Point Of View?

Jan 12, 2020

The Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs rejects any responsibility in this case. UN spokesman Stéphane Dujarric announced Friday evening that Lebanon had lost its right to vote in the General Assembly for not having paid its minimum contribution for the two full years that have passed, 2018 and 2019, i.e., the sum of US $ 459,008.

It is not the first time that Lebanon has been in this situation.

In 2002 and 2003, the Cedar country had not paid its quota for the past two full years, a minimum payment of US $ 1,113,100. “Since January 9, ten member countries of the United Nations, including Lebanon, late in the payment of their contribution for two years, are subject to the provisions of article 19, which means that they lose their right vote at the UN General Assembly, “said Dujarric at a press briefing.

Who will be there because nobody cares about the UN? I always felt during my life the following: I wonder whom I will wake up now.

Was Lebanon Tired Of Sounding Like Other Countries?

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You know Lebanon, a small region of the Middle East (a little more than 10,000 km2) that could be a city of a European country with its 5 million inhabitants. But Lebanon was clear and excited about the fundamentals: nature and the majesty of trees.

The United Nations is an ambitious project, but Lebanese still wonder why their country is significantly in debt as if they were still 22 years old. The reason is plain to see: some people owe Lebanon big money, and they are late making a payment.

The United Nations sometimes has failed; take Israel, who sometimes doesn’t respect the decisions of the UN. Why should Lebanon contribute to an organization that could do nothing during the war of 2006? Israel was sanctioned at the UN recently, but it seems that Bibi Metayahoo doesn’t care.

Can You Imagine The World Without My Music Blog?

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What if someone tomorrow tells me my blog has to shut down? What if someone tells me I didn’t contribute, and I have no right to express myself?

Maybe it will be some test, but I’m sure we’re tired of that porno graffiti on our skin. We’ve been to hell since 2001, and now we have to find our way back home. Like a Greek hero from Antiquity, we have to make sure to sleep with many partners before going back to normal: underground, work, and sleep.

Please relax because I will now explain hell to you: it’s only a matter of statistics in the range of billions. We are 7 billion souls on Earth, and soon we will be 10 billion. The lesson of astronomy must not be forgotten: the love is stronger and stronger as time goes by.

Make sure to express yourself and make your voice heard. But please, you have to be transparent and explain what kind of drug you do.

Am I Too Sensitive Writing About Lebanon’s Loss?

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BlogBaladi wrote 200 words about the matter. L’Orient le Jour (a French-Lebanese newspaper) was more detailed about the news. I felt this news deserved 3 pages (750 words) and the right song to put it into perspective.

Even in the darkest moment, some people know what they should do.

I met a Syrian in Lebanon a few months ago. He was about to release a movie about the Syrian Civil War. But the project was delayed. Given the audience of this blog, I was talking with him, and he told me we lived in a bizarre era.

Is This The Strangest Era Earth Has Ever Known?

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Maybe the Syrian I met meant we are living during an era where rivalry and vengeance became our new obsession. And we have to find a weak point to attack our enemies.

But what if we could be at peace with our past and see far ahead to have a bright future? The present is a gift, and maybe we should kill the past now. We are under the same sun, and soon we will discover we’re not alone in the Milky Way.

I was thinking of becoming General Secretary of the UN in 2035. I speak French and English fluently. And I have a basic vocabulary in Arabic. I can’t become President of Lebanon because I’m not Maronite. I’m a Greek Orthodox Christian with a Byzantine flavor.

To have the right to the point of view, you must contribute. In this blog, I ended up thinking that happiness was a point of view. What if you could see the world through my eyes?

Lebanon should make sure right now to have a point of view at the UN. It’s going to cost money, of course. Lebanon has to make sure people pay the country for the generosity of this land. And maybe we will have to give our ace away: it’s better to be familiar with someone than to be a stranger.

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