What If I Wrote About Possibilities?

Dec 08, 2019

This blog is young and people are ringing my bell. Yet the only option I found at this point is to write a blog inspired by songs. By the way, I’m 39 years old, 5 years in banking and a dedication to music and astronomy since 2010. Please go to my about page for more details.

Of course we want to write about options. But it seems the most important goal for this blog (I treat it like a small business) is to reach 1000 daily visitors.

At the moment I reached a kind of plateau or arrested development. I settled for this standard: 3 pages almost every day and a song taken from jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk, electro and pop.

This blog is young and full of possibilities. Don’t hesitate to ring my bell and knock on my door. I’m working alone at the moment but I need people to help me on all aspects.

Let’s Talk About The Ultimate Fate Of That Blog.

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This blog will succeed if I’m able to leverage 3 things: find good networks that can share my content, make sure the choice of the songs are relevant, and last but not least monitor the amount of darkness in the posts.

When I started this blog, I sent an article to an acquaintance and she told me it was very dark even though music lovers could relate. Maybe this blog is about brutality, death, treachery and treason. Darkness is repulsive and the law of attraction kicks in.

When I started listening to music, my tastes were kind of commercial. Then I started playing an instrument and wandered in a world where I had to dig some records and try to critic them. Needless to say that when I find an album awesome, I’m happy when other critics like All Music or Rolling Stone magazine agree with me.

Of course this blog will succeed if social signals start to make some sound. This blog should be like a sociologist and find solutions to your messed up limbic brain.

The Power Of Networks Makes You Sing Or Weep.

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If someone is like a star in the sky, then your friends and acquaintances are a galaxy. There must be a supermassive black hole holding you together.

For example, I have 250 connections on Facebook. Those are all real people I met at school, university, work or at a party. Friends of friends and frenemies of frenemies. The black hole is simple: there must be someone in your network that did crazy things in Vegas and he isn’t allowed to talk about it.

Recently I was blogging on how secret and health could be related. John le Carré wrote that “a nation’s subconscious is only as good as the one of their secret service”.

Darkness Will Fall On The City So You Can Shine.

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You don’t have to put on the red light because those days are over. But what darkness was only a little stimulation like a coffee? We dream of a perfect world but the universe can explode because of one man’s lie.

Lately I found an indication to win some time in the big space race. What if the game of life was to be the first to come back on the location of the Big Bang?

It took terrans 7 million years to found the clue to go pink. This is to avoid going slightly mad which could mean “mutually assured destruction”.

The darkness on that blog should allow people to shine. Please do comment, like and share. What are your thoughts on the Big Bang? Why do you think we’re still stuck on Earth? Do you think there are other civilised people in the Milky Way and the universe? What do you think about the multiverse theory?

Let’s Relax A Little After 18 Hectic Years.

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As a conclusion, it seems quite clear now that this blog’s success will depend on networks, quality and comments. We need to solve problems and find solutions. Our universe is so big and the oasis are separated by an incredible amount of negativity. This resembles an acid trip!

We wanted a blog about astronomy and music; we never bargained to find a solution to relationship troubles. I know one day my body is going to send the bill. I think my career is almost over now and I’m headed for 20 years commenting on the facts, events and ideas of the world.

Hundred of thousands of protesters are taking the streets in Hong Kong. In a statement on Saturday, the government called for calm and said it had “learned its lesson and will humbly listen to and accept criticism”. At the moment, we are also facing protests in Lebanon. We are tired of abuse of power.

It seems the only possibility after a hard day’s work is to relax a little bit. Or maybe let’s get the job done and we will relax a few months or years after.

Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!