Will Violence Against Men Unite The Planet?

Aug 04, 2019

Today I was reading something about castration: the secret police made sure I couldn’t reproduce because there might be too many children or I was deemed too fertile. But a quick look at the band Wham and the themes dealt with in their song gave me an idea: violence against men might unite our planet and make us feel as one.

Men do not talk a lot about violence: they know life is about competition and they don’t want to look like a sore loser. You win, you lose: it’s a chance you have to take. Pierre de Coubertin used to say “what’s important is to participate”.

But really we’re here to win and stop wondering what’s going on.

Violence against men happen sometimes. It mostly revolves about power and becoming Vice President (I’m not talking about president of vice). The first violence we have to deal with as men is the following: how can we have a healthy relationship with the opposite sex?

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What If You Forget To Wake Her Up?

One of the typical violence you will face when a man is with a woman is the following:

  • I told you to wake me up before you go-go!!!!!!!!
  • Sorry I didn’t have the time: I was late for work!

Women look for someone balanced and stable. Maybe they look for the Tennessee stud: they’re looking for someone to ride to make it through the mud.

I guess every human being looks for someone dependable; someone you can call in case there is a ghost haunting you. But fundamental things apply as time goes by: it’s a fight for love and glory. The debate is over.

If you forget to wake someone up before you go-go, remember it’s not normal to repeat a word. So maybe the real violence is not trusting each other.

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What If You Can’t Stop Spoiling The Children?

Parents want the best for their children: this is a reasonable request. But let’s not forget that to become a healthy grown-up, children need to find a way to cope with failure and frustration. They could ask questions to a teacher, find friends that found a way through the mud or listen to some music.

Violence against men could also come from being a parent and the relationship you have with children. People want their children to look good and find a job that makes them happy. But we all know life can sometimes be tricky.

Children must not be spoiled: they must mature into independent human beings able to take the most difficult challenges that are on their way: space travels, turning water into wine and so on and so forth.

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What If You Reveal Something By Mistake?

We all need some kind of discretion to make sure our imperfect lives shine as if we were made out of gold and couldn’t be sold. Sadly we all know it’s a business and former friends can become merciless rivals.

Let’s talk about the violence against men who betray you: sometimes it happens by mistake and sometimes it’s really to hurt people. But there is one thing that’s very clear: high treason is punished by the death penalty.

You’d better prepare yourself for that kind of challenge otherwise you will end up in a bottomless pit. Today there are no more secrets and that may be why there are million of posts written everyday. Big Brother is working harder everyday to know all about you without being caught.

The problem with Big Brother isn’t Big Brother. The problem of Big Brother is that his adviser is Hot Natured: a badly obsessed person who never meets anybody.

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Does The Violence Happen Because Of Summer?

There’s a song I really like called “Summer Song”: love to me is like a summer day. Silent because there’s just too much to say. Watch out for the logorrhea.

In psychology, logorrhea or logorrhoea (from Ancient Greek λόγος logos “word” and ῥέω rheo “to flow”) is a communication disorder that causes excessive wordiness and repetitiveness, which can sometimes lead to incoherency.

So if your blog doesn’t get any comment, the reason might be summer: there’s just too much to say. And that’s where the like button comes handy.

Words like violence break the silence and you crash into a little world. Readers of that blog know I’m trying to be fun dealing with sensitive subjects like WW2 and violence. That’s why I chose a song from the band Wham! Violence against men (VAM) quickly brought me to find ideas in the songs of the band.

The #MeToo hashtag showed women can be united to report the violence they have to face. Men should also unite in a #DontSlamTheDoor movement to explain they have the face of a sinner but the hands of a priest.

Nicolas Sursock

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