Is Violence Strictly A Matter Of Intrigue?

Culture Jul 19, 2020

I've had my share of violence in my life. You keep saying no, but the story never ends. I was watching the rape scene of Monica Belluci in the movie Irreversible and thought: "it's so strange, she keeps saying no, and the guy never stops."

I guess then violence is a massive intrigue: how far are you going to go before you lose your way back home? Maybe the violence rape comes from the fact that a "woman might need a man like a fish needs a bicycle."

One lesson I learned from my life was that, if you take away sex, relationships between men and women are based on humanity: generosity and benevolence. One important thing about humanity is the choice of words. Maybe your image is also significant. In poker, image is critical, and most people play tight.

If you keep your game uptight but don't take your secrets underground, then you can become a human being.

When It Comes To Cruel Violence, Talking Is The Cure?

Yes, dear reader: if you wonder what to do after being the victim of a strange affair (like when sunny gets blue), I will help you get rid of the cruelty. Talking and words are the cure, and that's why I'm writing a blog.

I was surprised most of the time when I'm songwriting: my music is strictly instrumental. I can't find the words, and they all look meaningless.

When I'm writing this blog, this is an awful pain, and I decided to write without too much censorship. It's OK: I will feel peculiar in the head that's for sure.

I was shocked when U2 wrote that women don't men. Suddenly, I remembered James Brown: it's a man's world, but it would be nothing without a woman's arms.

Can Something Positive Come From Violence?

Sting used to sing that we forget how fragile we are. He also sang that this final act was meant to explain that violence is useless. Violence is about destruction. Building something might not be more simple.

Some kind of love can stand the test of time. Maybe some kind of hate also. In both cases, you will need to have an awful lot of money — because there's a price to pay.

So what's the result of violence exactly? After all, I know a lot about it. I think the result of violence is a caricature: you want to create a comic or grotesque effect.

Today I'm trying to be professional, and drink a lot of water. If you want to have a healthy weight, you must drink 3L a day. That point is crucial.

With violence, you want to create a comic or grotesque effect. This definition might mean you think that when people were living in caves 10,000 years ago, people were happier.

Is Violence The Perceived Failure Of Civilisation?

Lately, I read that crime hasn't always existed. It's a rather new thing that appeared maybe 5000 years ago. This fact might mean that the ancients knew about the mishaps and failure of life. And they were correctly prepared to face them.

Today my life is a crime every day. Because I couldn't anticipate the future, or maybe I'm a failure at expressing myself. What's convenient about the words is the body. If I don't speak, my body is sending a lot of messages.

But anyway the subject of this post isn't classy: it tries to understand what violence is all about. So violence isn't about intrigue, it's about the failure of our science and progress since the cavemen.

You have one and only one obsession: gotta find a partner...

Is The World Violent Because Of A Small Cave?

All in all, violence might be the result of a place. It's not even about time and space. It's about a place and a shelter.

You seek shelter from the storm. And you're trying to break free from the spell. I know questions related to propriety are always violent. Suddenly your mind is not your own.

Violence seems the main thing about our universe. In a recent post, I was saying our universe might be about consent. Isn't it grotesque our universe features billions of stars? I guess you have to choose your camp.

Violence isn't about intrigue; it's about the caricatures in life. God knows I appreciate a good caricature. Sting is formal: he's bold and says nothing can come from violence.

This is insane: all you did was say hello. I felt your love like a love I used to know long ago. The past is violent because it's gone like a dead person. The past makes you angry.

Maybe violence comes from history books. I know a lot of people are nauseous about human history.


Nicolas Sursock

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