What's Your Point Of View On Life?

Apr 01, 2019

Lately I was wondering what could go on in the heads of the Presidents that were in duty while I was alive. I imagined a president’s adviser who tried to persuade him that life was a game of poker. Thus he should allow people with lots of money in the country and try to take their riches.

While this approach can be debatable, it can make sense. After all, what kind of person would let in the country people struggling with poverty, chastity and obedience. But what if life was about music? Then when you go out of your house you are not allowed any false note! This means you should practice at home or have a good teacher.

What if life was just like astronomy? It’s a science where you study people and amateurs participate. Lately I was talking a lot about myself and I felt like going into confession everyday.

Depending on your approach of life, you can really live differently than your neighbour. Whatever the approach, you can only be successful when you can measure progress.

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A Frenchman Says Life Is About Domination.

The famous French president General de Gaulle once said that life is about domination. While this can make sense, what happens when you can’t dominate? After all, we’ve been stuck sometimes with a nature that wasn’t so friendly. I don’t know, aren’t you scared of the lightning sometimes?

If life is about domination, then it means we should understand. Then this will mean we have peace of mind. How can we understand even the most complex things and phenomenon? Is everything worth of understanding like your neighbour who is screaming?

Life is about domination and learning to stay humble. My girlfriend used to shout I never really experienced something and maybe she was right. But I feel when you dominate you’re just really focused and precise. Success will be measured with the number of  songs, books and movies we have produced.

So maybe life is about domination and understanding. What if life was about easy wins?

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Life Is About Taking The High Percentage Shot.

In basketball, they say that to win you should take the high percentage shot. This means it could be mostly field goals under the basket. Some people only live for the impossible that they mistake with the improbable. Most of the time they can do great things and very bad things. It’s really extreme!

Mathematics guru will agree on that point: when your probability to win is 0, why bother? Is it worth it to play a game when you will never win? I once read that, in a casino, the players don’t stand a chance. The house will always win.

The high percentage shot is cool but sometimes it could be a 3 point. If you can free yourself as if you were training, then the probability of the shot to go down is much higher. That’s what the Golden State Warriors do and what a show! Success will be measured by correctly evaluating probabilities!

It’s cool to have nice odds in life. What if life was just a show?

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Life Is About Seeing People In Action.

The antichrist will come and he will perform great wonders. But those will be restricted to a teenager room. He won’t stand a chance in the big game where Afghanistan is the center piece. We need the Christ to have diplomacy and respect for 2000 years of history.

That’s because the antichrist decided that, in 1789, history was blank and everything should be rewritten. They decided to change the calendar then and make the world free of the Christ. Maybe what they didn’t know was that, when you push a system to its limit, it can break. Some bankers will say it was a stress test. Success will be measured with how the crowd reacts!

Life might be a show that numbers try to describe. What if life was about levelling up?

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Life Is About Experimenting And Levelling.

It’s true my enemies will try to paint a picture of me that’s not really beautiful. They will say my little world won’t let me go and that, behind the gold, I can be sold. What if you could reach the next level by practicing and understanding what’s good about experiences?

Life is about making experiences and feeling much stronger afterwards. What if an experience brought you down to the point of giving up? That kind of experience will leave you unable to face the new challenges of life even though some can be repetitive and well-known.

When you reach the next level, you will not unleash the regular dragon but the Komodo dragon (waran). With that kind of dragon everything can get better very quickly. If he only knew what he really needed! Success will be measured by how you react to improbable events!

I could go on and on with different approaches to life. Maybe that topic could become an important series on that blog!

Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!