Unlimited Bone Pain Thanks To A Revisited Intense Effort.

Sep 26, 2019

It’s a strange feeling to feel pain in your bones. Once I read a medicine book mentioning the secret alchemy of mankind was taking place inside bones. So maybe if you feel bone pain, you feel somewhat a little alienated.

I guess alienation shouldn’t be a bad thing. If we want to travel the infinite space between exoplanets, we will feel some kind of alienation.

In a previous post, I mentioned an equation explaining how you can become the boss in 3 months. But this equation also explains how to deal with alienation: be fast and motivated, reduce pressure and gravity.

We all know our 18 years old children chatting between two classes. They were the witness of an injustice and they are arguing if dimming the event not serious is a legit solution. Of course, even 18 years old are tired of focusing on gravity.

When you revisit an intense effort, it can be quite demanding for your bones. So let’s explore the equation of the future and see what we can do.

Many Hours Wasted And Suddenly Looking For Time.

My readers must know now that from time to time, I went to dancing clubs where I could talk a little with professionals. They were saying that sensuality was about being slow. In that case why would you want to be fast in life?

I guess the answer relies on what you’re trying to achieve. Do you want to have a sensual website? Then make sure it takes more than 12 seconds to load. This is a little joke because I’m trying hard to make this blog a decent one for slow connections.

By the way it seems most web surfers expect a website to load in 3 seconds or less. Under 12 seconds they are tolerant but above they don’t subscribe to your point of view.

As you can see there are a lot of debates this blog could create like what’s the key to a sensual website. And now let’s talk about the keys to motivation.

Good Happy Homes Should Be Your Epic Goal.

We all know what the word epic means: it’s the kind of poem in Antiquity that could build a nation. But really we’re talking about the key to motivation.

The key to motivation is setting goals: it’s that simple!

So if you feel not motivated at the moment, please start asking yourself one simple question: what are my goals at the moment? My goals at the moment seem a little weird in some areas of my life.

The goal for that blog is very simple: I want to reach 1000 daily visitors. And I also want to write for my suspicious young years filled with confusion calling out my name.

Don’t be afraid to set goals for your life and if you’re not motivated try to understand your goals even if they’re a bit fuzzy. Of course now we will talk about pressure (no man asks for).

Will You Watch An Audacious Man Scream Let Me Out?

Under pressure: no man asks for. They say it splits a family in two and puts people on streets. But the truth is that the atmosphere of the Earth exists thanks to pressure.

Pressure is due to gravity and adaptation problems on the surface. This means it’s related to what you show and what you hide. Since I began writing this blog, I’m wondering what I’m hiding since I’m almost naked and famous now.

The love for what you hide could make you a little bittersweet at some point. That’s why today I want to open my heart.

The heart remembers the relaxing idea like neuroleptics or antipsychotics: they were used against political dissidents in the USSR and against migrant children in the United States.

The right pressure could create a wonderful atmosphere but one should try to adapt then. And to finish this post let’s go straight to the most important factor to reduce alienation.

A Final Clue Will Make Unbelievably Gravity Disappear.

See life is like a puzzle: you have to have the big picture and then work on finding the pieces. We’re simply not in the pink my dear: a bad obsession that everyone wonders if it will pay someday.

This blog may be like the space race: you wonder if it will make money one day but with so much competition you shouldn’t have troubles finding sponsors. My audience is very well defined: I want to talk to human beings and, if they don’t know shit about music, they will learn.

Music can save you from that awful gravity but only if you work a little more. I’m not saying you should work hard but only a little more.

Gravity is important for alienation because its weight in the equation is more important. And that’s why you can witness a lot of people not being serious: it’s the simplest way they found to deal with life. But our 18 years old don’t agree: it’s a little too simple to be a good survival technique.

Will You Be Loved Like You Used To Be?

As a conclusion, of course you can first mess with gravity to feel less alienated but you should also be motivated and fast. You also should try to reduce pressure even though it can create wonderful atmospheres.

Ask every sports player who had to face a final in front of 200,000 people! Like Scottie Pippen used to say: “mailman doesn’t deliver on Sundays”.

Stranded in the gray hell, pure as a dying fire, I stumble upon mic hell (finding my voice). I’m going to see which alcoholic beverage will do the trick. I guess some drugs can also help.

Can our imagination create drugs without a pill? Yesterday I was saying it’s about compromise! I guess finding the right compromise can also help you in dark times. You could also light the room and find the switches.

Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!