How Come The Universe Is So Big?

May 06, 2019

Our universe must be like my record collection: not everything is good but a few songs and stars stand out from the crowd. Take for example the song “Black Diamond” from Kiss: “darkness will fall on the city!”

Now that’s a good climate to start. Let’s hear the words of love in order to be less dizzy whispering on the internet. There are so many stars and galaxies that, from a statistical point of view, it’s unlikely we are alone.

Now I know what you’re going to tell me: we are alone! What you mean is that we can only rely on ourselves when passing that A-levels test about philosophy or chemistry. The number of moles around me are still a bit overwhelming.

They used to say that Beirut was the hell of spies and moles. I must say that, most of the time, when you have a heartache, it must be an inside job: how easy to digest!

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Is This The Only Life They Know?

When you think about it really hard, spies and moles don’t know much about life. They even must second guess the fundamental stuff that’s not a debate anymore like: “to be faithful, avoid places full of hungry people”.

I don’t know why I’m still on the case: I guess I must have material to write. Like a blogging prompt. The thing about spies and moles is that they never work alone. There are always 2 people because it seems trust is a fundamental issue in this line of work.

Suddenly ignorance begins to howl like the wind. But I have a good idea for spies and moles to have a meaningful life: when they hit you with the lie detector and you say you can’t complain, they know what they should do. Do you know the risks of war?

There has to be a better life. They said it was safe and they lied.

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Why Should You Live Another Crazy Day?

Now let’s try to define madness: mutually assured destruction. In other words, there are wars that will have no winner. Everyone will lose by fighting that war. And I must say that’s a bit how I feel sometimes after the 1st decade of the 21st century.

Today I finally managed to upgrade my crusader in Diablo 3 so he can clear Torment 12 difficulty. It was a bit hard and sometimes I don’t understand why he gave me such a headache. My family must feel the same sometimes about me!

The reason why my crusader had a hard time clearing Torment 12 is because I had no clear goal or play style. Now I know I must spend my time in Akarat mode and use Bombardment when I’m weak because I will have 50% damage reduction. Plus I finally managed to make a lot of damage with the Condemn spell.

The reason why you live another crazy day is that you have no clear game plan. What will my followers think about that?

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Is Seeing The Light The Real Courage?

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Last time I met a musician, we had some conversations. Suddenly, he has an illumination: when it comes to music, everything is problem solving (resolution). So I guess the real courage in life is justice. I was born under the Libra sign in 1980. And justice might just be about rivalry, vengeance, troubles and pressure.

The real courage in life is justice and that’s a difficult job since everyone is so polite. But can you feel helpless to the point of giving up?

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Will Your Mother Let You Back Inside?

I know lots of people want a stormy affair to make them feel they’re going somewhere. The truth is that the stormy affair is like a standard. That’s because of the jealousy of the neighbours.

What did the Jones do lately? They’ve been to Thailand 3 weeks and they enjoyed it a lot. You can tell that because they came back to work with a big smile and a beautiful tan on the skin. And now they want to compete for that big promotion and maybe become president of the company in 20 years.

The universe is so big that it’s time to classify people with 4 or 5 stars. Needless to say that some people won’t be classified!

Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!