How To Understand Serious Diseases!

featured Jan 28, 2019

This post was inspired by an oriental medicine book I read and a song called “Dancin’ Fool” by Frank Zappa. It makes sense to find words.

The doctor whose book I read mentioned that there was a process going on in you and that the details would transpire in your hands and feet. If you’re lazy and want to deal with it subconsciously you have to think of elbows and knees. But we should remember that the upper and the lower body are 2 different things.

The doctor called that process: densification (it’s when you’re thinking a lot and you spend your energy with that process). In the end, you will be free: of course with the sunshine there is summer rain and people wonder if it will be in vain.

Now Zappa’s song is interesting from an allusive perspective because he puts words on this densification process and it starts like that: “I don’t know much about dancin'”.

The vagus nerve is connected to hands and feet and is related to the heart. The best solutions is the one you practice and test.

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Practice And You Will Get Better.

If you want to get better at something and feel more relaxed and in control, you have to practice. You might even find partners or associate to feel less alone. And you might burn the midnight lamp to stand next to a fire.

After I discovered the code that was supposed to free most of us, I wrote 4 lines for a song: stranded in the grey hell, pure as dying fire, I stumble upon my shell, waiting for someone to hire. The future of humanity might just be shell shock. You could say it’s like that since you were born and most of us will step out of it at 10 years old.

There is hope with those lines: you can defeat shell shock at age 10 so why not do it again in the future? You have to have a wonderful allusive life like:

  • 0 or 5 million dollars or euros at the bank (must be something in between),
  • faith in science and progress (we can travel at 10% of the speed of light),
  • 10000 songs to digest and find 3000 songs worth of 4 or 5 stars in iTunes.

There are levels of skills that make you relaxed and in control. But what’s that strange dancing fool with a serious disease?

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Is It A Kind Of Social Suicide?

There must be something interesting in going to your favorite place and shake the stress away by dancing in front of several people. Sometimes those people are your friends and sometimes they are perfect strangers. I remember one day we went to a club with some friends and decided to leave everything I had on the dance floor.

It was maybe clumsy and awkward but I got fed up with society, rules and the limbic brain (the emotional brain). My friends felt like it was awesome to let go with so much intensity.

Now I’m thinking of serious disease: is it a kind of suicide? There’s you and there’s me. Let’s plan something: the rhyme of the century. I often tell my acquaintances that if you want to reduce crime, make sure that it rhymes. I’m talking about songs of course.

What’s your relationship with the world? Of course, only cowards can relate but the story is about finding a good excuse.

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How To Make A Story End Well.

This song has a powerful message: in the 3rd verse, you finally dance the night away like Rihanna. Of course, there were awkward moments like when humanity:

  • stole the fire to be less cold during winter,
  • invented artists to be cool during summer,
  • separated the healthy from the sick during autumn,
  • made people jump during spring.

Timing is important because you can’t disturb someone while he or she is writing another bomb post on a music blog. Anyway, it seems stories should be predictable and we are all waiting for the element of surprise.

I predict riots, fluctuations, and death. Here’s the surprise: everything can get better quickly. I have no proof of what I’m saying but it seems it’s the lesson we must remember from that post: everything can get better quickly.

A good story has to be foreseeable with an element of surprise. What if the problem was a level of consciousness that shows your ignorance?

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Is Lack Of Knowledge The Roots Of Disease?

Health professional say that when you lose consciousness, this is a serious sign of bad disease. Maybe you’ve been locked away for a long time and you forgot the crime or the rhyme. 7 million years is a long time but it seems the original sin was hanging out with people that are sure to make you cry.

When humans stopped spending time with monkeys, they started to explore the Earth and the roots of everything. Why do continents drift? How are stars born and what happens when they die? How come the price of love is so expensive? Is being the boss as expensive as being in love?

There are so much questions and people like to debate. But when the proof arrives, you can feel a bit of relief. After all, debates don’t last forever. So, if you’re seriously ill, maybe you’re debating within yourself what the fuck is this shit. Do as I say and everything will be cool: do as I say but don’t do as I do! 🙂

You must read books, listen to music and watch movies. If you know yourself, you will know other people.

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Won’t You Make A Place For Me Tonight?

I wrote on that blog about knees. It must symbolises our place in a relationship, in a society or in the universe. You take care of your knees and everything will be cool. That’s why I can read your mind even though you’re in another world.

I might sound bold with that statement. Some people gave me an advice once: be bold, don’t hedge. I can’t help but wonder if this doesn’t make me forever in debt. When it comes to advice, I only listen to music. For example, a song by Genesis sings: “you never know who is looking on; a perfect body with a perfect face” (uhu).

WW2 is still haunting us, and, in Asia, I know they are making fun of Europe. Maybe also in America even though they can’t forget they come from here. That wonderful continent that drifted so much until it launched the deadliest war in history.

Knees tell a lot about the relationships you have with yourself and others. What can be the lesson we must remember?

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Do Stories Always Have To Have A Moral?

I was watching Inspector Gadget, the famous clumsy detective who always wins at the end of the cartoon episode. One of the moral of the episode was: “on security questions, we are all responsible”. That might be why, for 2000 years, humanity was saying: there must be some kind of way out of here.

Jesus was considered as the saviour with his message: future and forgiveness. Do we have to forgive some people that were so coward (when they lost a war) they committed suicide. Maybe they didn’t want to give information to the enemy but we also could think that they weren’t man enough.

Maybe WW2 was just a bad case of police officers going nuts: first we are polite (God will set us free). When we understood this didn’t work, we started shouting: God please we need the code. And then we became rude and showed our muscles. I can smell the beat from a mile away. And you what’s your secret weapon?

The song I chose is featured on the album “Sheik Yerbouti”: shake your booty! The anal stage is the future! It might mean analytics or analysis.

In the end, the robust model I have for serious disease is like you trying to hit the dance floor lacking confidence. Think about areas of your life where you are confident!

Now I’m thinking of serious disease: is it a kind of suicide? There’s you and there’s me. Let’s plan something: the rhyme of the century. I often tell my acquaintances that if you want to reduce crime, make sure that it rhymes.


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