Who Can Understand The World's Oldest Motto?

Jun 21, 2019

The world’s oldest motto. It sounds so bold that your ambition devours you and you end up with severe liver problems. Like most people in the Middle East.

It seems that the return of the Christ was inevitable: with Israel not far away, prepare to do all the dirty work while they are reaping what they sow. The crime of the century. Of course, only the discovery of America is as important as Jesus Christ. Let’s try to save our planet and humanity.

WW2 was a bad case of a teenager classroom that went wrong. But is it enough to understand what’s at stake? We’re talking about billions and only the United Nations could really understand those numbers.

Now what can be the world’s oldest motto? “I don’t want to go to heaven; none of my friends are there” or maybe “success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm”.

None of the above: the world’s oldest motto is “there is no crisis”. And then you can witness civil wars, genocide, premeditated murders by starvation and so on and so forth.

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What Happens When There Is No Crisis?

Everywhere you go you meet people shouting “there is no crisis” but their body language is lying all the time. People are walking with a stick; some people lost their eyes; some children have a cancer.

There is no crisis: I guess we all want to live in a world where we can close our eyes from time to time. And maybe some people will be able to sit in our shade. Because the rays of the sun can be dangerous.

The next step is to call you the breeze: since you’re hot natured, you could use a fan from time to time. Or you could be a tyrant or a dictator. It’s amazing to note that even democracies have to face some kind of tyranny: the tyranny of the majority. There is no crisis! (wtf)

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What Should We Do When There Is No Crisis?

I guess if there’s no crisis you could go to the beach or play a video game. You could also meet some friends and see a movie. Or maybe you could play table tennis with your cousin.

What should we do then when there is a crisis? The first thing that comes to mind is to pretend you’re crazy and find a place where they can test the effect of neuroleptics on your psyche.

If there is a crisis you could also start to insult someone: yes you could also insult yourself. Like Radiohead used to sing: “2 jumps in a week, I bet that’s pretty clever”. And then you wish you could still make love.

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What Would Jesus Say About The “No Crisis” Crisis?

2000 years ago, the saviour of humanity came and proposed something to save humanity. What he didn’t know back then was that our sun will die in 5 billion years. Except maybe if someone can control the sun.

There was no crisis and someone proposed to save humanity. The message was very clear: another day full of misery. Then Choderlos de Laclos came and said rivalry and vengeance were important. His message was about troubles and pressure.

Then we’re waiting for the last prophet: someone who will party even if he’s 90 years old. Don’t talk about it all over town and say it’s a crying shame.

I guess the real prophet can’t really talk about his message because then it could end up in enemies’ hands. And that might be why today Jesus has a hard time saving us. There is no crisis: we don’t know why we’re still on the case.

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Is It An Identity Crisis That’s Cooking?

As a conclusion, there is a crisis: identities are murdered on a regular basis. People around us are full of doubt. Is this reasonable or do they want a demonstration of fitness?

I guess it’s the last post I will write that’s full of introspection and that’s rooting for a better world. My audience is down next to zero. And only the heart will allow this blog to thrive.

That’s why I’m preparing a bomb for the summer: I found a business student who will work with me and make this blog a serious competitor of the Huffington Post (the world’s premier blog).

Humanity will have to live forever in order to really understand the beauty of our world and our universe. That’s because an incompetent fool took over and said 2+2=5. Yes you guessed it right: a stupid banker is trying to rule the world with numbers.

That’s why I won’t measure the success of this blog with numbers and statistics: I will monitor the success or failure of this blog with comments! As of today, it’s a big failure but wait for my next move! 🙂


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