To Be Precise What Is Our Universe About Exactly?

Dec 23, 2019

Our universe is a big one. And I do think one of the lessons of astronomy is that, with time, we start to understand that we are more and more insignificant. Or maybe we begin to wonder what’s this generosity all about.

I was talking with an acquaintance lately, and he told me in French, universe means “we are united toward something.” But to clearly understand the goals of life can’t be dissociated by a quick look at our world: beautiful oasis separated by an ocean of darkness that allows them to shine.

Of course, let’s remember one of the fundamentals of life: the right distance to a star allowing liquid water to exist. You have to find a star in your life and make sure the distance is correct.

My stars are music and astronomy. I know other people’s stars might be finance or politics. My only star is dead – and my constellated lute carries the black Sun of melancholy.

Do We Need Something To Unite A Population?

clay-banks-LjqARJaJotc-unsplashIn 2010, I discovered a rodent near my home. He was operating there since 1994. Sixteen years and he wondered if he got caught. When I found this stalker, it united the whole district and maybe the city. This rodent explains why we’re feeling this way waiting on the Sun.

And now we need a place to let the tears fall. We don’t know where we can cry without being judged for being a sensitive person.

The Jews criticized Jesus because he didn’t build a temple. And now we have several cathedrals and other temples in Europe and the Mediterranean. Sometimes there are thieves in the temple, and they do care where they kick.

What a great achievement if we can unite the planet around a straightforward project! After all, we are 7 billion souls now, and we only were 1 billion 100 years ago.

Is Mother Nature Active In This Miracle?

seaside-994605Mother nature is alive, and the atomic bombings in Japan in 1945 remind us that the economy might be relevant in solving all problems. That’s why Donald Trump might have been a good president if he focused on the economy. But we need a president who also focuses on sunlight.

It means we need someone that will help us get rid of the daily rain and thunder.

I need a president who will allow me to find specialized people in all areas of a business to help me make this blog a respectable small business. Yes, I need that kind of president who can create beautiful people eager to help even if the enterprise seems doomed at the moment.

I need a president who will allow me to recruit people efficiently. I need a president who can create skilled people in all domains.

Will The Big Bad Booming System Blow?

gary-saldana-KRttQCXUjNI-unsplashIt’s going to blow: volcano. Maybe our universe is a prominent allusion we need to decode. For example, I was saying our world might be about finding a way to travel safely that ocean of darkness that separates us from the water of love.

I wrote a poem four years ago that started like this: “petrified by the volcano of my heart, tanned by the moon at midnight.”

It seems some people managed to travel space. They’re in love, and we don’t know how long it will last. But there’s a special kind of magic in the air. Prepare for a few nightmares: it’s the only way you can prepare for love.

Please send me someone to love. And if it’s not asking too much, let’s make astronomy and music the basis of our humanity.

Is Vocabulary The Key For A Better World?

grammar-390029_1920All things considered, I think one of the keys to uniting the planet is vocabulary. Imagine a place where you can’t order a coffee because you don’t know the words. Maybe then accents will also unite the earth.

In music, they usually make zero false notes on the records. And with autotune, we now have a unique effect disguised for bad singers.

My music coach used to say not to dwell on wrong notes and make them look like they were part of the song. What about the blue note that became a staple for improvisers and those who like mysteries?

Maybe humanity can be united by making our blue note a part of our cosmic music. Don’t look surprised: 7 million years, and we’re still stuck down here. How many people died and left the planet? Our priority is, of course, knowing what to do when we’re sad and lonely.

Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!