The Best Solvent For Humanity Is Coffee.

Dec 28, 2019

Lately, I read that the most crucial ingredient for life to appear is water. Our planet is at the right distance away from a star, and liquid water appeared. But, what if the best solution for this universe was a coffee shop?

Our universe might be a big coffee shop, and that can explain why it’s black or dark. If it were some coffee or a powerful stimulant, our big universe that has billions of worlds could be the cure.

Some say cocaine is a better stimulant. When you look at the formula, you get four molecules of oxygen with coke, instead of two with caffeine and only one with water.

If you base your thinking with breathing and oxygen, then drinking coffee is like taking MDMA or ecstasy. The desired effects include altered sensations, increased energy, empathy, and pleasure.

Cocaine might be dangerous because, if it allows you to breathe easily, you might lose contact with reality and your incredible population who needs you.

One more thing: Drinking tea brings you three molecules of oxygen, which is a sweet spot between coffee and coke.

Is A Miracle Coffee Shop Your Only Social Life?

men-sits-of-sofa-1036804If a man is the measure of all things, then we must pay attention to our neighbors. We are social animals with a limbic brain in charge of digesting experiences. A coffee shop must answer our needs in some way.

I’ve worked in banking for 5 years. It was exciting, but I didn’t know those guys were practicing brutal death technical finance. As if they wanted to make music intolerable for the ordinary people, the chemical formula for this environment includes no oxygen.

And that’s why I left because I couldn’t breathe anymore. And that’s why coffee shops became something significant. What makes humans must be words and speaking, along with curiosity.

Was Our Creator Willing To Test Darkness?

matt-hoffman-g_jn8lfKp8g-unsplashDarkness will fall on the city, and you’re making a living in the street. But with coffee shops, you’re making a living with what is the basis of our balance: finding words and being precise.

With precision, we can distinguish beautiful details of our universe. Remember the time when computers only had 256 colors? If you were young back then, it couldn’t make you that angry and sad.

Maybe the darkness that surrounds us is only a problem of approximation or precision. What if tomorrow our eyes evolve and we can see the night sky isn’t so dark? We know the city lights prevent us from seeing the stars.

With coffee shops, we can go back to the basics of our humanity. It means that before being a man or a woman, we are human! And we want to talk about standing the test of time.

Can Money Make You Loyal to Someone?

rebecca-aldama-RzLBQH73I7Y-unsplashWith coffee, you’re loyal to only one thing: being neither too relaxed nor too stressed. If coffee can provide the same breath as MDMA, we know we will be loyal to the people we will meet. Yesterday, I thought the guy in the supermarket was maybe a hero or an unknown soldier.

If I don’t make any money with coffee, will I be loyal? Why should we switch to cocaine as many people did? How come 20 years later, I’m still drinking coffee?

I was the victim of the government standard procedure, which was to isolate me as if it was a game of basketball. Isolation move, crossover, and then slam dunk!

I mean, it’s nice sometimes to be alone, but you can genuinely understand if you have sometimes been watched after. And then you can become loyal to loneliness.

Can a Stranger Intrude Under Coffee’s Influence?

anita-jankovic-KGbX1f3Uxtg-unsplashIn the end, if you are having trouble with breathing or feel like intrusive thoughts are ruining your mind, magic alone is the cure. For example, when I go to Roland-Garros in Paris in May, I know I’m going to have a good time watching the best. I guess you also could do the contrary and watch the worst.

The best solution for humanity is magic and coffee shops. Watch the Milky Way from outside of the city. It’s so magical that I even had a strange thought lately: What if those stars were only skin issues? What if our universe was under twenty-two years old on the cosmic scale?

Our universe is extraordinary: bright people separated by a bottomless pit of negativity. You know of negativity, which is when pictures are still on a photograph, and he/she can discover your private life quickly.

Now that the magic has gone, we want to walk away. There’s no use in holding on. There can be only one kind of magic: a rage that lasts seven million years. Or maybe a little trip to the coffee shop to confirm that people are alive.

Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!