Thank You For That Tyrannic Method

Oct 01, 2018

A serious music insight by Sly & The Family Stone “Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)” opens up the door for twisters and hurricanes. Who was I?

So many souls are twisting me at the moment. That may be because some relax and others are stressed. And when relaxed people meet stressed people, we have a hurricane or a twister.

Black magic is trying to make a devil out of me. But my will to remain balanced and nuanced is stronger. The subconscious mind remembers the dominant idea and only the conscious mind can make an effort to be subtle and tasty. I was an oriental Christian but now a cult is trying to recruit me.

Near death experiences and resurrection is a nice topic. But I guess we all hate to say it: the only person that can help us through hard times is probably ourselves.

Shake For Me, I Wanna Save Humanity

I discovered the code that could drastically improve our lives and we could live 1000 years this way. Of course, it came at a price but if I remain healthy, then I will be able to shout “land!” in 2020. Let’s wade in the water because I can’t find a fish at the moment.

Sharks don’t have cancer. Of course, they still inhabit that same old sea for a million years. I’m on a mission of mercy to the new frontier: we have to be thankful otherwise we will never appreciate anything. Thank you for coffee and cigarettes. Thank you for video games and sports. Thank you for men and women.

Thank you for the heart otherwise even breathing could become a business where a basic function of humanity would regress to a point where fire didn’t exist. Autonomy is a wonderful world: in my case, the price was priceless.

On The Run Means: You Feel Guilty

Let the guilty hang: the year of the boomerang. Boomerangs are a dangerous weapon and I read somewhere they killed people.

A boomerang is a thrown tool, typically constructed as a flat airfoil, that is designed to spin about an axis perpendicular to the direction of its flight. A returning boomerang is designed to return to the thrower. It is well known as a weapon used by Indigenous Australians for hunting. Boomerangs have been historically used for hunting, as well as sport, and entertainment. They are commonly thought of as an Australian icon and come in various shapes and sizes.

An important distinction should be made between returning boomerangs and non-returning boomerangs. Returning boomerangs fly and are examples of the earliest heavier-than-air human-made flight. It’s like users of that blog: returning users will become very interesting to me because I’m tired of paying for advertising.

Safe Side, You Don’t Get Hurt

The more I think about it, the more it could make sense: the original sin was about responsible gaming. Because there was a vague mess and Polanski directed horror movies, God wanted to check what it was all about.

200 million years passed and the police might have a lot of horror stories about fundamental rights. In France, those rights are guaranteed and this might be why it’s difficult in France to succeed in the long run.

Anyway, if you stay on the safe side, it’s a nice advice. Because sometimes one injury or insult could lead to the end of your career. For example, Grant Hill spent a lot of time on the sideline at some point in his career: maybe they don’t tell us everything about rivalry and vengeance in sports.

I remember Shaquille O’Neal (when he was a Laker) taunting their opponent in the playoffs (the Sacramento Kings). He called them the Sacramento Queens.

Took A Stone From My Soul

As a conclusion, identity is a vast subject. A method is interesting because then luck is not that a factor in success. For example, poker players know they must keep their game uptight when they had a bad beat. A less than optimal strategy could lead us to another 200 million years here on Earth while our cousins explore their galaxy.

While we are conducting that private investigation about even the simplest things like breathing, I’ll remember that Greeks and Roman from Antiquity used to talk about interesting things. Excellent for the heart, the Mediterranean climate could come to Paris and Seattle. Of course, we might have average musicians and artists.

At the moment, I’m wondering what’s more important: a heart or money. A lot of people think money is king but they’re wrong. Money wants to be the king but the king is balance (a synonym of justice).

Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!