Cool for music lovers

I think for people who love real music, its origin, its path, its inspiration it’s cool. For those who want to learn more too. But it’s pretty dark and you dive right into the subject.

Design looks great!

I’ll be sure to check it out, the design looks great from the little I’ve seen already. As for advice: stay true to what you want to say, and eventually like-minded people will show up!

Anecdotes and music

I really like the idea of combining music with anecdotes. I would have to take more time to listen to each music with each post! In any case, I discover very cool music.

Professional job!

I took a look at your blog: great job, professional and conscientious. As soon as I have more time, I will spend more time.

What about impact?

The themes you tackle are very well chosen. But I wonder if there will be consequences after you write something.