Except For Man, No Being Is Puzzled By Existence

Jun 20, 2018

A serious insight from “Peter Gunn” sung by Sarah Vaughan reminds me that we should not be surprised of our existence. This music sounds so real with rat labs.

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We shouldn’t be surprised. Metaphysical vertigo like “are we in a computer simulation?” start to make us curse God and the plot becomes obvious. That’s why the Earth sends signals like we are under the same sun.

What about the habitable zone where liquid water is possible? That’s cool to have stars but what is the safe distance? I guess the safe distance is a balanced approach like not too close but not too far.

Or maybe was it just a question of opportunism and swot analysis? In marketing, a swot analysis helps to identify strengths and opportunities. The audience is dead; this is a strange sport indeed.

Society Tells Us Deviance Becomes The Norm

When you’re stranded in the jungle like me, the dominant idea is simple: you’re the master of your fate and the captain of your soul. You got 10 years to lose if someone catches you fighting that ghetto blues.

The jungle has new animals thanks to humanity basics that is self-criticism. Do you want to reconnect with your animality? It’s simple: the less you self-criticize, the more your animality will be renewed.

It comes at a cost though: it means someone will lose.

The thing with sociology is I think it’s a simple matter. When you can’t party, what is the value of working? Many prophets before us were there to warn us. Many martyrs told us that we’re fighting for a balance between work and life.

Spending time insulting your feet and knees (and maybe your penis or vagina) is worthless. The real value here is that we must find a way to give a chance for folks to meet. That’s why music is the best.

Dream Has Gone But You Remain A Star

The thing about dreams is maybe your narcissism is faltering and no one takes into account your singularity. I was born in the land of the sun and I can’t leave Paris (the land of strange influences, but Seattle also).

Oceanic climate has a strange feature sometimes called degraded. Those influences remind us that communism is a wonderful idea and that capitalism is bad. But the best system that will unlock our potential is “reboundism”.

That was the message of Jesus focusing on forgiving and the future.

Until 200 million years reminds you the test of time is a surprising one. You could say it’s the test of the dominant idea (or the complex or the shadow within).

Nature is alive and animals are everywhere. Even doctors are animals, yet strange, but animals indeed. I spent 24,000 euros in one month in rehab. I got a very clear message here: my woman friends are beautiful and no one should be able to approach me.


A Promise I Kept Thanks To Forgetfulness

If you had to choose between adolescence and childhood, which one would you choose? Who is more important? A child or an immature human being?

Sometimes I surprise myself thinking that adolescence was invented because someone needed a child to protect. Just around the corner, people end up in Spain. Pain happens and one should try to understand the sense.

I am drunk with rivalry, vengeance, troubles, and pressure. What are we going to do about it? Maybe security doesn’t love you anymore. Maybe love isn’t secure anymore?

The key might be to remain in a safe distance. Then billions of stars will be our friends and lovers. The safe distance is subject to debate but I guess daily magic is a nice goal.

Being flexible is also a nice strength. Maybe it’s the idea that’s interesting. Should we allow some people to go off road or stick to powdery snow?

It’s a dirty job but someone got to do it.

The Past Has Gone, And So Did The Future

When you’re lost at sea, you might make promises you forget easily. But anyway, who knows what promise will be kept?

Lately, I was thinking about respect. I thought that the only thing important was the horizon. Of course, you have sometimes to have a little respect, from time to time.

But it seems the horizon is what’s important. It’s the place where Heaven and Earth meet. I have a new goal then: live 1000 years to beat the record of Methuselah.

A biblical patriarch and a figure in Judaism and Christianity, he is reported to have lived the longest of all characters mentioned in the Torah at the age of 969. Methuselah was the son of Enoch, the father of Lamech, and the grandfather of Noah.

Sometimes, it’s difficult, to tell the truth from the lies.

One thing I’m sure of is: pay attention to your company because it will deeply affect your conversation. The funk of 75 years is a rather strange one but it needs a little respect. They say every place on Earth is a fighting nest.

Crisis, Who Will Profit From That Trick?

Our job is to make sure that no one will profit from those strange behaviors. Crime doesn’t pay, everybody knows it. To me, a crime is something detrimental to society.

In 2010, I left investment banking very much alive. But bad outlaws have left a tattoo on my body. That was the year we made contact with our cousins on other planets.

It’s no mystery now that we need healthy people.

When our cousins will turn their back on us, we will wonder. After all, competition is fierce. Space is so huge, there are so many stars.

Who cares about your star if you remain in the habitable zone where liquid water is possible? We have a big crisis here on Earth and we must look above because it doesn’t matter if you’re Christian, Jewish or Muslim. We got to have diversity.

Hesitation Move and Straight to the Top

When I’m one on one with somebody, I like to look that person in the eyes. It’s the only way to make contact. Through my eyes, we have intolerable valleys related to money, sex, and fights.

The only way to make sense of life is to look above and wonder if the time has come for exploring love. They say it’s a wonderful space but there’s a price.

You will work hard to find that sweet spot where 30 seconds to Mars becomes a reality. What about the Milky Way in 24 hours?

I’m an opportunist. Maybe this is an occasion to close a chapter in human history, recognize that all cultures have something interesting and find a representative of the human race who will deal with our cousins on other planets.

Here in Lebanon, some people speak fluently Arabic, French and English. This is a huge asset because food, diet and the mouth are important.


Feelings That You Just Can’t Shake

Don’t look surprised. No one knows what respect is. They think respect is the horizon. But it’s not the case. That’s why I get a feeling I’ve seen the last of you.

You people who in the long run only focus on money and killing costs. That sweet spot where you find the right partners, only the very best (a reasonable request).

I always felt that studying the best in a domain is a wonderful experience. For example, in tennis, they say your first enemy is yourself. You have to pass the ball above the net.

I get a feeling that strange games and funky things are just a dominant idea. Even in the busiest moments, I wish I knew what not to do.

No soft fascination is gonna make me crawl.

Effortless Attention Towards Anarchy And Spoofing

The main subject of that post was existence. Don’t look surprised if you have a heart attack. The toxic artwork of WW2 and its aftermaths have left our children wondering what kind of game it was!

The question of treachery and treason should be simple. When you feel like a thief, you know the police was there. When you feel like a joker, you know boys don’t cry.

The only way out is expertise then.

On the dodgy subject of health, there are two subjects that are always mentioned: exercise and comfort. Anarchy comes from intolerance. An illegitimate advantage may be a good idea, as long as you don’t take a plane or a rocket.

How come Byzantine empire lasted for 1000 years? How come that illness lasted 22 years?

Don’t Look Surprised: There Are Pretenders Among Us

As a conclusion, we shouldn’t be surprised by existence.

The jungle is your head and it feels like you have an oral fixation because some people think of you as a target. Farewell or goodbye, the basic of fights is another chance.

People who benefit from a situation have no interest in making things better. Is being an opportunist that much of a crime? A feeling that won’t go away. Like the dodgy subjects of organization and legitimacy.

Is playing with fire the root cause of all evil? Should we be surprised if that blog never takes off? The goal is to have 200 hearts a day!

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Every Night Your Line Is Busy
All That Buzzin’ Makes Me Dizzy
Couldn’t Count On All My Fingers
All The Dates You Had With Swingers

Bye Bye
Bye, Baby
I’m Gonna Kiss You Goodbye
And Walk Right Through That Doorway

So Long
I’m Leaving
This Is The Last Time We’ll Meet
On The Street Going Your Way

Don’t Look Surprised
You Know You’ve Buttered Your Bread
Now It’s Fair You Should Stare
At The Back Of My Head

If You Write A Letter To Me
My Former Friend
Don’t You End
With An R.S.V.P.

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