How Can You Be The Sunshine Of My Life?

Jul 06, 2019

Today I was going to write about fake friends. And suddenly I stopped. It’s a very difficult subject since I’ve been hurt by love and friendship. To the point where I tried to analyse friendship. If you probably can count only on yourself (with a probability of 80%), then your friends are like minded people, the remaining 20%.

But anyway the point of today’s post is the following: I was browsing the Mind Core blog and stumbled upon this conversation:

  • do you want to be the sunshine of my life?,
  • omg yes! <3,
  • then stay 92,935,700 miles the fuck away from me.

This made me laugh a lot since I’m an astronomy fan and I’m always theorising about the habitable zone or the security zone of our star. It makes sense really: there’s a French song about it called “Eteins la Lumiere” (dim the lights). The more we saw each other, the more we couldn’t see each other.

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Should You See The Dark Side Of The Force?

This song from Axel Bauer suggests one should show their dark side but you should dim the lights first. It’s incredible what a little moonlight can do: I read that the basis of photography was playing with the light.

The basis of music is talking to the senses and developing your emotional intelligence. Since emotional intelligence is the most important thing to have a safe trip, we could cite Hotel California by The Eagles as a good example of talking to the senses. But what about the 6th sense one could call the survival instinct?

You know it’s that sense that advises you to do something or not do something. Maybe it could be the heart. Or a little voice in your head saying “let’s try to collect information before making a decision”.

My dark side was very clear: I was an investigator but someone decided to investigate on me. In order to forget that burden, I decided to spit it out on the internet.

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When We Gonna Make It Work?

We’re playing mothers and fathers, and maybe musician and engineer. The truth is the sun can’t have a partner: it’s the main source of energy for humans but make sure to never be a sunshine for anybody. You won’t have or find a partner.

It must be weird to write this but it sounds so evident: if you want to find a partner, make sure to remain on Earth or realistic. Of course, you can talk about space travels and how the atmosphere between stars resembles the underground.

But if your partner is looking for sunshine, it can never be you otherwise the responsibility becomes overwhelming. There’s a dirty old part of the city where the sun refuses to shine. I wonder why.

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What’s The First Step Toward Success?

Much has been said about success and failure. But the brutal truth is the sun refuses to shine when you think there is no point in trying. Take for example that music blog. I’ve read recently that “the very best startup ideas tend to have 3 things in common:

  • they’re something the founders themselves want,
  • that they themselves can build,
  • and that few others realise are worth doing.”

The first 2 points are easy for me: I have an engineering diploma and I can share songs easily since I know like 10,000. But the 3rd point is somewhat debatable and that might be why that music blog is experiencing tremendous success sometimes and ends up with few readers the following months.

Almost everyday, I’m sharing thoughts on the internet and I’m sharing carefully chosen songs to illustrate my point of view. It’s like a radio and a philosophy class. And believe it or not, philosophy might be the most important thing we learn at school. Plus there is premium features like classified ads or access to thrilling posts.

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Will You Always Be Around?

As a conclusion, the sun will die one day except if we get some new information that contradicts this fact. In the meantime, he’s kind of far away from us and this is why life is possible. Again it might be a strictly selfish and lazy experience. Never try to be the sunshine of someone: the responsibility is overwhelming and people are often ungrateful.

I tried to be the sunshine for many people but what that experience taught me is confirmed by my thoughts today: you want to light the way of someone, you should be far away. Or maybe in the security zone which is debatable.

Between a woman and man there is a security zone: that’s because men and women are human beings before being obsessed by time and immortality. Yes I’m talking about sex.

Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!