Here's Why My Story Is Difficult To Tell.

Aug 22, 2019

Today I want to try a new strategy. Of course, I’ve got a story to tell and I wonder if someone will share their dollars with me. You could say I don’t reap what I sow.

Anyway the story isn’t easy to see because it didn’t begin with the family tree.

For some strange reason, something happened on the way to dizzy heights. From my point of view, there’s something I forgot to do like giving thanks. But why should I thank people? They gave me a cancer!

Yes I’m talking about the stupid monsters of school. They gave me a cancer and maybe it’s a concert or a jam session: I have to hang on until someone hits the right song for me.

Today the song I chose is called “Family Tree” by Sharon Brown. It’s featured on DJ Spinna’s “Strange Games and Funky Things, Vol. 5”. The artwork shows people wondering what’s going on (possibly Afghans).

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Where Was I Born To Be Precise?

I was born in Beirut in 1980 (the 5th of October to be precise). A few months before, my grand father died and I have the same name as him. In Lebanon, we have a tradition to have the same first name than our grand fathers.

My prenatal chen was a bit weird: it seems I was born during the Golden Age of Porn. Which could mean that, after several years of hard work, the porn industry finally made it into the spotlight. Men were showing their dicks everywhere they went.

I guess you can’t erase 2000 years of history: my family was a Byzantine one and we settled in Beirut at the end of the 18th century. It seems our heritage is big and the Byzantine empire was awesome because it lasted 1000 years.

Today I feel forever in debt to a priceless advice and I wonder if I shouldn’t play the heritage card.

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How Can You Measure The Economy’s Health?

If the economy’s health could be measured using donations, I can guarantee we experience a very strange era. Everybody remembers the 2007-2012 recession (the worst since 1929).

I was in a bank during that time and saw the fall of Lehman Brothers. This bank was like a serene translucent lake but someone managed to throw a big stone and it made lots of ripples.

Anyway, I’ve been blogging for almost 2 years and I received 3 donations: the economy is in bad shape and it seems we will have to wait until 2020 before we make or break. I’m not a train to nowhere and I want to get there: 1000 daily visitors!

Sometimes I’m proud of myself with this blog. Sometimes I feel like a motherless child and I don’t know where my home is.

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Can You Choose Between Those 5 Shelters?

Let’s play a game called “A song – A shelter”. It’s as if your street address was the name of a song or maybe an album. Let’s play this game with albums instead of songs and explain the what, when, why and how:

  • my home is “Achtung Baby” by U2 which means I know life is a game but extreme conditions made us rethink the rules and focus on solidarity,
  • my home is “Are You Experienced?” by Jimi Hendrix which means of course the experience is key to the gravity or lightness of life,
  • my home is “From The Cradle” by Eric Clapton which means I know life will bring some blues as soon as I’m born and I shouldn’t hesitate to sing about it,
  • my home is “Zooropa” by U2 which means I know the European civilisation is interesting but it’s still a jungle where you could be eaten by a joker,
  • my home is “Strange Games & Funky Things Vol. 5” which means I know there are games you shouldn’t play and sometimes emotions can be very intense.

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Do You Feel Like Changing Homes Everyday?

I used to live alone in Paris. Of course, before that I was living with my parents and now I’m living with them again while I wait for a blog post that will make me 2000$ a day. But there’s something about my intensity that makes me change shelters everyday.

Today my shelter is this song by Sharon Brown and that album by DJ Spinna.

One must realise songs could shelter you anytime anywhere. Music is cheaper than a psychiatrist but you have to have empathy. You could try MDMA but it’s illegal in most countries and, as of 2018, has no approved medical uses. The desired effects include altered sensations and increased energy, empathy, and pleasure.

This drug could make you insured against people who spend their lives playing strange games and making you funky. I mean I love funk music but I’m tired of sweating all day and all night long.

Now you know why my story is difficult to tell. I was a kind of doctor and I suffer from compassion fatigue.

PS: finally I chose another song on the album for illustration. Check it out: it’s a Rolling Stones’ song with vocals by Merry Clayton!

Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!