Standard Deviation in the Jungle and Modern Society

Jan 09, 2018

I’ve been looking a long time for the answer to that trouble.

Of course, along with sunshine, there is summer rain. I do hope it will not be in vain. As in all things, you must make your own experiences.

Sobriety is a solution I’m contemplating more and more. Lucidity is commanding to do something before it’s too late. My feet get real cold in the wintertime. And it’s hard to tell the nighttime from the day.

I’m taking another shot of the list of drugs I mentioned in my about page. And I must say, I forgot about the first one, the most important one. Love and sex.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the girls. But there is something about that blog that makes me weak. And knocks me off my feet. The mirror stage might be another topic to investigate.

I guess you go through that stage all your life. Don’t break any mirrors!

Don’t Know Nobody, Ain’t Got No Friends

A few words on the song. Roy Ayers (born 1940) is an American funk, soul, and jazz composer and vibraphone player.

Ayers began his career as a post-bop jazz artist, releasing several albums with Atlantic Records, before his tenure at Polydor Records beginning in the 1970s, during which he helped pioneer jazz-funk. He is a key figure in the acid jazz movement, which is a mixture of jazz into hip-hop and funk, and has been dubbed by many as “The Godfather of Neo Soul”.

He is most well known for his signature compositions “Everybody Loves The Sunshine” and “Searchin”, and is also famous for having more sampled hits by rappers than any other artist.

Ayers realeased a best of in 1979 called “The Best of Roy Ayers: Love Fantasy”. This greatest-hits title was the first of its kind upon its release. During that time, Roy Ayers was one of the leading acts on Polydor Records and solidified his R&B/disco success with “Running Away,” included here.

It’s a very simple song about the complexity of the modern animal world and the importance of belonging to a group of people.

The dichotomy between Ayers as a jazz act and an R&B/jazz quiet storm presence is all but kicked off by this album. The emphasis is on the earlier work.

“Stranded in the Jungle” is a song originally recorded by the American doo-wop group the Jay Hawks. It was written by Ernestine Smith and the band’s first tenor, James Johnson. The Jay Hawks’ version of the song peaked at #18 on the Billboard Magazine Best Selling Popular Retail Records Chart.

Recording cover versions of contemporary songs was standard industry practice during the 1940s and 1950s. A hit song could generate many different versions: pop and instrumental, polka, blues, hillbilly and others by a variety of artists.

The American doo wop group, The Cadets, were the first to cover the Jay Hawks’ hit, with the Gadabouts not far behind. All three groups proved to be one-hit wonders, with “Stranded in the Jungle” being the only top-40 hit for any of them.

Never There, Why Can’t We Get Closer?

We’re always on this emotional rollercoaster. One day the dark side of the moon will shine. And it’s getting ugly. So ugly, I forgot to hide my face and my body.

Bipolar disorder and schizophrenia are diseases invented by doctors. Doctors have got to sell, as if they were journalists. What’s so surprising about those disorders that seem to be the main diagnostic for young people like millennials?

In the 1960s, bipolarity was called manic depression. My definition of depression is the following: you’re having a hard time with the gaming side of life and you’re under pressure. I hope everyone will agree with that definition.

Schizophrenia and bipolar disorder are just clever words for problems with sobriety. The theory of the triune brain has been formal. Before being human and social beings, we are animals. That kind of compromise make us neurotic to the bone and look like melodramatic fools.

I decided to define words in that blog. For example, think about death. We’re talking about people or influences. A dead person or influence will not come back. You must take time to realise the loss or the gain.

Yes, with death, you can talk about gain. Make sure to go to those funerals.

Love You But Sure Ain’t Gonna Be Your Dog

There is a theory about the brain called the triune theory.

The brain is divided in 3 parts: reptilian, limbic and neocortex. It’s what evolution came up with to survive. But today, we all feel a new brain should be born.

The reptilian brain is a fundamental one. One can talk about the complexity of the animal world today. And I know detective fiction has dealt with it numerous times.

The brutal truth about the 21st century is that we are forgetting our animality. At the expense of our animality, we are diving underwater to find something. We can’t be precise about it. Maybe a dream or a lost paradise.

Dreaming is the best way to understand the unconscious mind. I used to dream but now I try to reserve my dreams for someone who will sleep with me. Now, that’s what I call animality!

Let’s not forget that society is a facade for our animality. I wonder what is the neocortex exactly.

Reality And Sobriety Are Our Only Delusions

That lucky old sun doesn’t have to work. He shines and contributed to the apparition of life.

Society tries to evolve and tries not to make the mistakes that people before us did. But we tend to forget that experienced people are trying to prove their point of view.

I know, I scream and cry that my little world won’t let me go. I’m not made out of gold. I can be sold. But there’s a fine line between stupidity and superior intelligence.

They say that with superior intelligence you never experience illness. Of course, you could go as far as being a creative eccentric person. Is a child the answer?

A child is always an answer. With ageing, suddenly life is like a river. It’s taking us where we don’t want to go. Oscar Wilde used to say: “I don’t want to go to heaven. None of my friends are there.”

Any society with a compromise like Facebook and Twitter must be very careful. We used to disconnect from newspaper. Now, we have to shut down the happy few who are destroying something good.

It’s in the way we use it. Don’t ever abuse it. Will we become rigid or disordered?

Useless Umbrella, the Problem is Mucus

Examining the mucus is oftentimes important while making a diagnostic. You could call that the superb or the cosmos (just above the superb in terms of radiance).

You can catch a cold when you get old. And when you are young, love is new and warm as the sun. Except when strange allusions come knocking at your door. As if someone knew something about you.

Yes, I’m a man. Yes, I come from Lebanon and I am also French. Yes, I like to speak English and I don’t know why. Yes, I’m allergic to gluten, like many others. The problem with profits is the same problem with equality and disorder.

This theory about a triune brain is interesting. But a 4th brain must appear. And the evolution will not be televised. When we stop watching TV, we will realise there is much more to life than what we see. We can use a computer and start being active.

Remember to get up and stretch every now and then. And if a dinosaur started to besiege your district, you will know he’s just your boss exploiting you. Is this why the 3rd brain appeared (the neocortex)?

I think it’s a dangerous sign. It might mean humanity has a cancer perhaps. I forgot to talk about lateralisation, which is related to your masculine and feminine side!

If you loved that post or my blog, don’t forget to go to my about page for details on “like, share, comment” and ways I monetise that blog. In other words, this sounds serious and the gray hell is starting to produce strange animals.



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