Psychosexual Stages of Development According To Music.

Jun 19, 2019

Lately, I thought that music could seriously be a competitor to Freud. That’s because I think Freud had some excellent observations about the human psyche. The Oedipus complex and transference are some important concepts to toy with.

As a musician, I only trust the music. Of course, there are some ups and downs, but I always felt that my heart was in good health with music. Today I’m going to talk about the stages of development according to music. Freud identified 5 stages: oral, anal, phallic, latent, and genital.

According to music, there are only 4 stages: the woral stage, the thmile stage, the drive stage, and the flob stage. Surprisingly, the only step that doesn’t involve 2 skills is the drive stage, which means driving a car could be the most important sign of maturity and responsibility.

Now let’s explore the 4 stages according to music. The first stage is the “woral” stage involving walking and talking.

Is It The Only Life You Know?

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Yes, you guessed it right: the first stage called “woral” is about talking and walking. But it’s also when you’re going to school on foot. As a child, you’re experiencing the street. My first experience near the road I can remember is with my cousin. We stumbled upon 2 other children and almost ended up in a fight.

There’s no place you can really go except school. Maybe you can go on holiday with your parents, but some people can’t afford it. It’s also a stage where your identity is maturing, and let me tell you it’s a critical stage for your personality.

You might have 1000 tricks up your sleeve to win the game, and people will be indulgent because you’re a child, but you know life is serious, and love is mysterious.

It’s also a stage where you will be in contact with old people, and you might feel some cold. But if you manage that stage correctly, you will be able to progress to the next stage.

Can You See For Miles And Miles?

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It’s a crucial stage: the “thmile” stage. In fact, it might be the most essential stage to live longer and happier. It might be the stage that will define all our lives. The basics of that stage are simple: you have to smile, and you have to throw things.

It’s also a vulnerable stage since the nazis will try to rearrange you with a somewhat cryptic injunction with a language you don’t truly master. To me, nazis are the only people that are always sick and tired.

It’s a stage where you will dream a lot and maybe make some nightmares. But it’s also a stage where jumping becomes the measure of your fitness. You get up, and nothing gets you down. If it does, maybe you should write about it.

Would You Choose Water Over Wine?

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I think the “driving” stage is an important one as long as you want to be a responsible person. As the title suggests, it’s also a stage where you have to make choices, and as a result, you might have to give up something. It could be a little like the previous stage, but what’s important in that stage is you have to be precise.

It’s also a stage where you have to smile; this stage and the previous one might be closely linked together. But the big difference is that you’re driving a car and the shocks can be life-threatening. Mishaps and failure happen, and someday you might have to have a license.

Yes, this is a stage where the shocks are life-threatening. And this is a stage where you could look for a way to transform water into wine. This means you believe in magic, and you might find it.

Didn’t This Start Long Ago?

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The fourth and final stage is the “flob” stage: you deal with flu-like symptoms every day and your time is dedicated to working and bringing something to the world. It’s a stage you deal with from age 25 to age 65.

Although you might think it’s new, you might remember your childhood where you already felt that way. But during childhood, there’s the puberty thing that’s modifying your point of view.

So really this stage might be about the point of view: the pollution in the air, whose could that be? According to me, those stages must be mastered to live a happy life. So in what stage do you want to spend your life in?

Nicolas Sursock

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