Is There Any Sound When You Live Underground?

Jul 06, 2018

A song reminds me of how I coped with the subway for so long. I bought a headset and listened to music. But I must say Jamiroquai has a few good songs.

Smoking is bad for health. Everybody knows it: it’s responsible for 90% of lung cancers. Of course, they forgot to tell you about the drug called crystal meth that helped shape the world post-1945.

There’s something indecent with a message that is hammered on a daily basis as if justice had you in your sight from dusk until dawn. Everybody knows that if it was that simple, things would be easy.

That’s why I’m going to talk about the subway. The subway is bad for your health. It’s the #1 suicide method for the population. True, you can read a book. Only if you have to tolerate 45 minutes of commute.

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What The Fuck Is This Guy Doin’?

They say the Mediterranean diet is very good for the heart. It doesn’t mean it’s optimal though. I guess it depends on your objective then.

There’s a French song telling the story of a piano player who stands up while playing. The fan mentions that it might be a detail but, to her, it means a lot: a man in the subway just lied down the head between the doors and the signal has started! The doors will close on that man’s head unless somebody does something.

A pertinent analysis of love was that the price was not cheap. Go figure why: after all it might just be hypnosis. You’re intrigued and you start investigating.

Scarred for life! Make sure to negotiate a compensation. I used to go to strippers club and even pay for love. But that was before I could understand Alois Brunner was a daily fight: a murder disguised in a credit card robbery.

Some financial experts talked once about “unwhoring” the workplace. This means that when things get ugly, you should remain by their side. Otherwise, you will be a whore. And things get ugly every 2 or 3 years.

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What Percentage Of Humanity Is Mad?

Now it’s a strange thing to say. I’m a man so my opinion is biased but it’s clear that we have to decide who is responsible here. Men or women? I guess it can happen to a lot of people in a ravenous town: slowly but surely going the MAD way (mutually assured destruction).

One thing I’m sure of is that men and women are not that different. When you meet a good lover, it changes everything. It seems that, in all Abrahamic religions, a good lover was celebrated for 2000 years.

It seems a good lover is the most frequent cure for all kind of troubles and pressure.

I must say I do agree with that. The last time I met someone, it seemed like all her problems disappeared. And suddenly, I had lots of issues to deal with.

I tried to find someone new but I decided to concentrate on my independence. I always did. I ended up in mental health institution for a month because the doctors were happy to take from me 24,000 euros. Now it’s easy to see how you can become slightly mad!

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The Longest Journey Begins With A Simple Step!

Sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin. I guess we all know the solution because when we want to fight, we usually know where to hit. And the solution is not to dwell on the blue note.

What about the purple note? You know that note : 300 days of sun a year. Even in Paris and Seattle. For example, what about that reward: “betrayed desire and a piece of the game”?

I got a piece of WW2 and its aftermaths. I must say I’m a bit funky. The moral bankruptcy and blurred lines between love and hate have made this nightmare come true. The easy solution would be to wake up and realise there are new challenges worth fighting for.

Nevermore won’t work because people will be enticed to do it again then. This is typical witchcraft and I experience it on a daily basis. Until you play your death away.

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A New Religion Without War and Finance.

Maybe it’s time I reveal everything I know about religion. Religion means making people bond. But they all have a special message like Christianity.

I know Judaism deals with treachery and treason and we all know the message of Christianity: the next and forgiving. I think Islam is about music and intrigue.

That’s all for Abrahamic religions. Now Buddhism is interesting because he says that pleasure and pain are unavoidable and that you should try to make sense.

Manichaeism maybe is worth the read. I think it’s about knowing right from wrong and being moderate about certain things (like cigarettes, alcohol etc…).

I think the best is Zoroastrianism, a wonderful story teller. You wonder each day what will happen in the next episode. Of course, Hinduism might also grant us big rewards because we will be above the law.

And last but not least, we have the Maya message. They tell us that it’s just a matter of monitoring intense efforts like starting a philosophy blog. Because you have something to transmit.

But the best religion is of course music and emotional intelligence: I always feel like something is watching me and I have no privacy.

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Why Are Sounds More Relevant For Our Balance?

Sight is a sense that takes a lot of effort for the brain to process. Sound is much more informative and it is a key to our balance. In the subway, the sounds are always the same: please watch the closing doors or mind the gap. Don’t forget your deodorant even though you smell like teen spirit.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have to stop for 30 minutes. There was an incident at station “Digestion” and a traveler is between life and death.

Virtual insanity is an easy scapegoat. I guess it’s in the way we use it. Sometimes, I start yelling at Facebook without really knowing why. But I know how. Facebook ads are really an interesting way to promote your content. But it seems that, below 1000 daily visitors, you won’t make any money easily.

When I was a child I had a fever. Now I got that feeling once again and you know what I’m talking about: I worked 5 long years for a lover and that job cost me 15 years of my life (at least). I mean the ghetto blues is very clear. You will waste time only if those conditions are met:

  • 10 years to lose if they catch you,
  • how many years if you catch them? (at least 4 years I think).

Who were those people of lust, greed and glory? Behind the mask, the wound was obvious. You can make fun of people or make jokes about everything: what’s important is the intention.

My intention with that blog are to share my favorite songs and to contribute to the prevention of war through education. I also have to write 750 words and produce a little magic each and everyday.

Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!