Sometimes You Feel Like A Bit Of A Baby.

Nov 23, 2019

It’s hard to say it; I hate to say it. But today I have enough conviction for driving a car and spending time in a coffee shop. That’s all. I don’t feel like writing anymore, even though I have a lot of ideas.

Again trying not to sound like a moron every day is hard work, and maybe it’s not realistic. Sometimes you can be a jerk: stupid, naive, and unreachable.

I started this blogging journey 2 years ago, and I know the competition is fierce. Lately, I witnessed a great blog that’s been there for years stealing one of my ideas. I wanted to invent a drug that would credit your bank account instantly with 50,000$.

But with drugs, it’s always the same old story: one should try to define what it is. If sex means the accounting is at its highest, then we could get some inspiration from that. You spend 5 and earn 1000. I guess the lack of conviction comes from the fact I’m giving all my soul on this blog.

Do You Want To Be Strong And Follow The Road?

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Of course, I know what you think: fuck, I’m surrounded by 4 walls. I feel like in prison, and this isn’t a shelter anymore. Lately, I was wondering if humanity wasn’t on Earth as if we were in a mental health institute. We are carefully observed by someone.

That kind of prison is indeed so big that it doesn’t feel like a prison. But it depends if you take into account astronomy. 7 million years, and it’s only been recent that we put a man on the moon.

Israeli’s prime minister was hailing competition as the fundamental of humanity. Maybe he’s right, but I have news for you. Life is an extreme experience from day 1, and perhaps he’s wrong. The only thing that’s important down here is SOLIDARITY.

These Are The Things I Can Do Without.

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Competition seems like a natural candidate for our planet. But why does solidarity seem so naive? From 2001 to 2010, I had an awful life and sympathy disappeared. Today I have cancer or maybe AIDS; I’m not sure, but it’s a bad disease.

I didn’t forget my crime even though one can debate if it’s not a common mishap or failure. But when solidarity breaks, you know some people really would like to break your heart.

With the heart, it’s always the same old story: melancholy that the doctor will call depression and compensation that doctors wonder if it’s not dangerous. What benefit for people scarred for life? I mean, this was my investigation, and I didn’t anticipate someone would investigate the detective.

So yes, there is one thing I can do without it’s spending my whole life with a bad disease from school. 39 years is starting to become a long, long time. I was free once but got back in jail quickly: the police were hesitating, and they became intelligent, realistic and appeared in front of my door.

Pardon My French: I’m Just Out Of The Shower.

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The reason I lack conviction today is simple. Boys don’t cry, and I’m spending my time with a brain in a constant state of thunder. Clouds became black, so I could shine, but the plan backfired. And now I’m stuck in writer’s block.

If I want my love and my blog to grow, I have to make an effort and let the tears fall. Maybe it’s also the problem of Paris, France: fluctuat nec mergitur. If Paris could forget their famous philosophers and let the tears fall a little, then the city could become the city of lights again. It could be the light we need to see clearly in that dark room.

While Paris is still hesitating, I decided to investigate the light from Orient and Lebanon. It’s an amazing light, and you can experience it 300 days a year. Maybe that’s the problem of Paris: the light is awesome, but since mostly it’s cloudy, you can only see the light a few days a year.

Was Patience The Only Important Thing During Childhood?

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I know what you think. We could get over the bad disease with a simple trick from childhood:

  • Oil of Aphrodite meaning there’s no crisis,
  • Dust of the Grand Wazoo meaning children have the answer.

But who do you think you are? Who are you trying to jive with that lifetime value? Parents want something from their children. A return on investment.

Maybe it’s time we ask our parents and anyone asking something from us that we monitor carefully what anyone brings to the table. With that blog, I’m sharing 10,000 excellent songs in a variety of genres. This deserves a cheese and a secret.

I’m able to spend time in the city, but I would like to spend more time in nature. I love socializing and sociology. It seems deviant people could become the norm. What a beautiful way to solve society’s problems!

Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!