Can You Make Sense Some Days?

Jan 04, 2019

It’s like a jungle sometimes. In 750 words, I have to explain what they mean by: “some days you make sense”. I read a book wrote by a French Buddhist monk (Matthieu Ricard). He was explaining that pleasure and pain are unavoidable and that you should try to make sense.

Leaving the ghetto where I used to live is a daily fight. Sometimes, I end up in a bathtub playing with my feet. Feet are intelligent. Even your hands are because it’s where the vagus nerve finishes (the nerve in connection with the heart). It can give you very precise information about what you’re feeling.

Maybe it’s precision that will save humanity. After all, if the words are important, then it means precision and vocabulary.

At the moment there is a teenager in my head: he’s insulting everyone he meets even though he don’t know them. But we all know what’s the problem with teenagers!

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Should You Aim For 300 Days Of Sun?

In Paris (where I lived for more than 20 years), people can be so damn rude. So I tried to be friendly with them and I discovered wonderful people. But something happened on the way to stardom.

I am from Lebanon, a small country in the Middle East, surrounded by Israel and Syria. On this land used to live the Phoenicians from antiquity. Those people decided to explore the Mediterranean Sea and founded Carthage. Carthage used to be the worst enemy of the Roman Empire.

Dido and Europa are well known Phoenician princesses. Europe is named after the latter. 300 days of sun a year just means that, most of the time, you are at the right distance of others.

At the moment, I have 300 days of danger a year. This is what it’s like to have participated in a war: absurdity, danger, mediocrity every day. For some of us, the war will never end unless some angels and demons shout they’re tired of that conflict.

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Is Simplifying The Best Sport In Life?

When you look at Einstein’s theory about relativity, I guess you can be overwhelmed by it. That’s why, when he concluded that E=mc2, everyone applauded. That’s why the headline of that post is so helpful: some days, you make sense.

It doesn’t make sense every day to write on that blog or be stranded in the jungle. The European jungle is somewhat disturbing. They’re talking about human rights and the end of slavery but reality hits you in the face. It’s much more comfortable to imagine a jungle.

I’ve been dealing with feelings of burn out since 2001. They are so severe that I managed to work in banking, an industry for which I have a moderate interest. My real passion is music and sounds. So how come I worked 5 years in banking?

The answer is somewhere between two extremes: laziness and/or a will to not care about money. Or maybe I thought it was fun to go somewhere and make matters worse! What a simple way to explain my banking experience!

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Cosmic Debris and Boys on the Bridge!

I guess it makes sense to imagine the European jungle. For example, I spent 1 months in rehab in 2010 and my parents spent 24k euros. But it didn’t work very well.

Was the doctor interested in making money or was he interested in healing me? It’s hard to say it, I hate to say it but the doctor probably wanted to make money with my illness.

It’s much more comfortable to rely on your own skills alone. Except if you’re part of a team (maybe a marriage), what experience taught me is that even friends can harm you. How can you keep an open heart then?

As if it was an asteroid menacing the Earth, I met an old friend who started to maybe make fun of me. But it wasn’t very clear; it was kind of sarcastic. I used to be jealous of that friend because he managed to leave Paris and go back to Lebanon. So I decided to summon Jupiter and his 79 moons: a strip club.

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Is The Guitar Making Me Relax?

As a conclusion, the sense that’s important is that you have to work to succeed. You cannot succeed without working.

Because talent is easily spotted by other talented people, one should never forget that the time spent ruminating should be useful. Now I can play Jimi Hendrix very well but when I was young I had troubles understanding Purple Haze.

A homeless person used to warn the members of Guns ‘n’ Roses: “it’s like a jungle here, you won’t survive”. And “Welcome to the Jungle” became a hit. Don’t be standard in the jungle; you have to stand out and show your skills. The jungle is without mercy for people who lost their balance. As if you were near a cliff.

To keep my balance, I have a secret: I listen to music as if we were living in caves and drew hands and animals like our ancestors. And remember: try to remain at the right distance most of the time in order for life to thrive!

Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!