A Vision Of The Future Of Society

Sep 21, 2018

A serious music insight by Grandmaster Flash “It’s Like A Jungle, Sometimes” helps me with flashbacks and confusion from the first decade of the millennium.

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I lived the first years of the millennium in the banking industry mainly. And it’s a hell of a tester. It’s not a short-term problem but a long-term one. In a nutshell, I never saw such an animality before. Or did I?

Allusions came from above and below, right and left. They came from the superficial persons and from the conscientious ones. It was a carnival, a festival. It was Brazil in Paris.

Suddenly, I turned to music for a hint on how to handle that situation. Because sharks don’t have cancer but they are still swimming in the seas and are not thinking about the future of the planet.

Call me a fish but I think the priority should be space travels. And we have 2 options: travel faster and/or live longer and better.

Something Good Happened To Humanity

People are so afraid of space because they think it will change our lives here on Earth. The more I think about it, the more I think this is right: to colonize a 2nd Earth-like planet in space, we will have to live better and longer here on Earth.

Today, normal life expectancy is 80 years old, with a maximum of around 100 years. They said that the progress of medicine is responsible for that. This is a big lie in my opinion, even though my bad experiences with doctors might make me biased.

I survived so many death threats and attempt and I won’t let another car bomb send me to a hospital with so-called doctors who are strictly commercial. I will jump from my igloo because they started to beat my favorite baby seal: the Earth.

One Might Believe Society Created Monsters

Without music, where would we be now? The kind of music I listen to uses the music from Greek Antiquity. Excellent for the heart, which by the way is the king of vital organs. No stupid banker is gonna make me crawl.

They say music softens customs and habits and I was thinking my life made perfect sense: lust and food and violence, sex and money and, of course, dirty tricks I learned during those fights.

One song mentioned that you should be well educated on the subject of fights. And thanks to my wonderful French education, I know now what it’s all about: rivalry and vengeance, trouble and pressure.

What are we going to do? Is participating the most important thing? I’m sorry but I’m here to win. That’s my mindset and I will use every trick at my disposal, like summoning my friends from Central Asia.

When They Play, I Forget My Name

I was corrupted by that 20th-century bitch. That’s why I still don’t have children and I’m not married. I wanted to check if that hotel allows you to check out but not to leave. It’s a headache in a suitcase: we are stars.

People don’t realize what happened here on Earth in the first 10 years of the new millennium. I am pleased to announce I have the code that will set us free. Of course, if you don’t like freedom, just ignore it.

They say the only victory that’s worth it is the one where you have the right to lose. Of course, the story took a twist and now I’m stuck in the middle with you. Jokers and thieves are surrounding us; after all, if it’s their job, why not?

I guess the only way out then is talent and skills. When the USA dropped the bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, a tree called Ginkgo Biloba showed that this didn’t matter.

You Don’t Know If It’s Fear Or Desire

As a conclusion, I guess prioritizing space travels like music will help us make the Earth a better place, our home planet that will eventually die one day. In several million years but it will die.

I guess the people that knocked on my door during the first decade of the millennium meant that life is the most precious gift here on Earth. Of course, their method was a bit odd but that might be the lesson to remember for all my efforts.

That 20th-century bitch is too seductive to be worth the fight. In a state of total confusion, it was an undercover agent for space travels. The society we need is the one that contributes to astronomy, even if it’s only a hobby. Like music, it’s much cheaper than a psychiatrist.

Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!