Why Do We Need Skilled People?

Jul 16, 2019

Today I want to blog about seriousness and skills. I know some people think life is too serious and being a fool is much more comfortable. But if information is the key, what can the father of information theory teach us?

Claude Shannon proved 70 years ago that, if you want to digitise a signal and be able to reconstruct it with perfect fidelity, you only have to sample the signal at twice the highest frequency contained in the signal. And that’s why sounds are sampled at 44.1 kHz: the highest sound the ear can perceive is located around 22,050 Hz.

And that’s how today we can listen to mp3s or encode songs in a lossless format. From a business perspective, this sounds like a good deal: absolutely no risk and you’re sure to break even.

I guess we could be inspired by Shannon in all areas of our lives. It’s true some people will say that girls or boys are not serious. All you have to do is smile and the world will smile at you.

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Who You Gonna Call? (Mr Back To Basics!)

You know that famous song from the movie Ghostbusters. A word about the movie: Peter Venkman, Raymond Stantz, and Egon Spengler are scientists investigating the paranormal at Columbia University.

After they lose their jobs following a botched ghost investigation at the New York Public Library, they establish Ghostbusters, a paranormal investigation and elimination service. They open their business in a disused firehouse, develop high-tech equipment to capture ghosts, and convert a combination car into the “Ectomobile” to support their business.

Today a friend of mine posted something about ghosts on Facebook: it seems they didn’t want to disturb but needed the salt and pepper. While this seems a funny explanation about the paranormal, I think a more plausible explanation is that someone is playing a trick on you. The question is who?

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Should Aliens Hold On To Their Dreams?

Much has been said about our place in the universe. Scientists are investigating the question of our perceived loneliness. But I do think there might be an alien watching the Earth and playing tricks on us. But I have a good news for you.

Since the events of Purple Haze in 2010, they were the witness of human’s genius. And they might strike a deal with us: we explain to them what is generosity and diversity and they will give us the technology to travel space without a heart attack.

It seems like a good deal. Because let’s face it: if an alien is parading next to the Solar system, that’s because their home planet wasn’t as exciting as ours. Or maybe they forgot about the basis of humanity: generosity and diversity.

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Do You Feel Like The Color Blue?

Yes it might make you smile but the video of my friend about ghosts might be just that: they have a technology to travel space but they’re a bit intimated by our technology and our methods. The genius of planet Earth is still under investigation but it seems quite clear that we should watch out for signs of invasion.

I’m going to tell you what happened: invaders arrived, created a big mess and they went away. Far away where they are physically safe. Because genius is not far from stupidity, they were physically afraid of humanity.

Now I have a little letter for all my teenager readers: spending time looking at your physical body is a dead end. You must investigate chemistry (in other words, teamwork) and love (French musician Mathieu Chedid can help you). People like music because it reminds them everyday that a song is much better with drums, bass, a nice guitar and trumpets. That’s what teamwork is all about.

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Is It A Dream With A Nightmare In The Middle?

As a conclusion, yes we need skilled people. And the first step toward being skilled is being serious about what you do. I don’t know 5000 songs by luck: I spent a lot of time listening and digging records. So if you want to be serious and skilled (which we all do), you have to think about time and the climate.

For example, what are you going to do when it rains? You’re going to stay home, watch a movie or maybe play table tennis with your cousin. But when the sun is shining, you’re going to go to the beach or enjoy a little terrace.

If it’s a dream please don’t wake up. But what should you do with the nightmare? Freud said that dreams are the best way to investigate the unconscious mind. Let me tell you about the 4 dreams (or nightmares) I made recently. Or let me tell you about that dream that will forever be known as the defining dream of humanity.

In 2007, after the 2006 war in Lebanon, I had a dream: I was a dragon in a cage and people were dancing around me. Now the dragon just means I was thinking of flirting with people. But finally the dragon flew away by a window.

Yes dear reader, I have a friend who left the planet because of my teenager class so I’m going to try to go far, far away. And maybe take you with me. I had a B+ in astronomy when I was 18 and I know enough music to fully enjoy a long flight toward Proxima Centauri B.

I’m not running away because I’m a coward or I feel guilty. I’m running away from this planet because there’s a class with no dignity (which makes children) that is making us stranded (or standard) in the space jungle.

Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!