For Those About To Get Sick And Tired.

Aug 05, 2019

Today I want to write for those about to rock; I mean those about to get sick and tired. Lately I was journaling in my private diary (no you won’t have access to my notes except maybe if you subscribe).

I was thinking that I shouldn’t worry too much. Because if I don’t find words, the words will find me. Everyone’s got a story to tell: who knows about it? The Queen of England? The House of Hell?

So you shouldn’t worry too much because the words in French is a homophone of sickness. A homophone is a word that is pronounced the same (to varying extent) as another word but differs in meaning. A homophone may also differ in spelling.

But watch out when the words find you because it could get really messy. And that might be why I’m living with cancer everyday. I do think my chances to heal are plain 0% and I’m starting to accept to move on.

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Will The Doctor Ask You To Go Sublime?

Yes Dr. Klein deemed sublimation a mature way of handling problems. Melanie Klein saw fixation as inherently pathological – a blocking of potential sublimation by way of repression.

Freud theorized that some humans may develop psychological fixation due to one or more of the following:

  • A lack of proper gratification during one of the psychosexual stages of development.
  • Receiving a strong impression from one of these stages, in which case the person’s personality would reflect that stage throughout adult life.
  • “An excessively strong manifestation of these instincts at a very early age [which] leads to a kind of partial fixation, which then constitutes a weak point in the structure of the sexual function”.

But if you’re tired to go sublime because a stupid thing came out like wearing your underwear above the belly button, you could go to the police and make a statement. Of course, they could laugh at you but you could laugh together.

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Do The Words Mean Something To You?

When the word or the illness finds you, do they mean something to you? For example, someone told me I had a cancer in 2010. Now I think I caught AIDS in 1997 (I was born in 1980) without any sexual relationship. But when you examine cancer and AIDS, it seems like it’s the same disease (flu-like symptoms).

So my cancer found me and it went from bad to worse. Maybe it wasn’t treated correctly. I think my cancer is due to astronomy: if I’m a star like many others, then someone is watching me. And I know some amateurs are also observing. It seems an observer is never neutral.

But what does it mean to constantly have a heartache? I think I can’t forget the way it started: “giving it all, ready to fall in love!” (as found in “Heartache” by Pepsi & Shirlie).

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Why Waste Time With Stinginess And Obsession?

I know what you think: this guy had too many bad beats and strange encounters. But NASA knows sometimes a bad obsession can pay. It makes sense to go for the high percentage shot but we need to travel space and adolescence without a heart attack.

This blog will be profitable when 1000 readers come everyday. Otherwise it will be hard to monetise it. This advice from Neil Patel does seem reasonable. 1000 people everyday and you have built a respectable small business.

I know my readers; I used to be like them. I made a fortune in 5 years spending only like 30$ a day. Of course I was also working in a bank. People working in banks are interesting people but there’s a bad mother fucker watching us. I wonder what the problem is.

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Are There Some Things Too Tight Too Mention?

As a conclusion, I think people facing a bad disease have to deal with something too tight to mention. I used to have friends and meet them on a regular basis until the bad day of the army turned me into a stone cold crazy guy. One day we will meet again.

You could think on a blog there are some things too tight to mention like a chemotherapy recycled in a drug to treat acne vulgaris or maybe secret service that wonder what they can do because they know they shouldn’t mess with me and my crew. Maybe my crucifixion at age 14 is still making me dizzy. One day I will explain what it is in a post.

There’s only one thing that isn’t too tight to mention. I’m going to tell the future now as if I was some kind of psychic: prices will fluctuate and someone will say goodbye.

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