Should You Act Crazy Cold Like You Dont Care?

Oct 09, 2019

Today I was reading another blog’s facebook page: they were recommending not to care. It’s much more simple.

I guess caring can happen when you feel guilty of something. It can also happen when you want to get things done. It can also happen when your survival is at stake.

I cared a few times in my life and I must say velvet gloves can be helpful so you don’t get your fingers burned. The emotions associated with caring can lead to some confusion but it might be one of the necessary condition to love.

Does the heart know the difference between caring and glue?

Sometimes a strange brew can kill what’s inside of you: that’s because the accounting clearly shows the operation wasn’t profitable. What if this wasn’t over and you got time before you find out if it was worth it?

When it comes to driving, they recommend to watch the horizon. Do you think we live for the moment?

Is It Fair To Be Cruel And Take More Than We Give?

It’s a pure accounting operation: you spend 1000$ and 1$ comes in. In a previous post, I was thinking we might be teenagers for all our lives. In that case, this could mean we don’t reflect exactly the energy we received.

What if there was an accounting problem and we had received 5000$?

The future of humanity resides in explaining exactly what were all these gifts (not taxable under Australian law) like the Earth, fire, the alphabet and so on and so forth.

I received a gift when I was young: I created my first song on the basic keyboard of my sister. When it came to life, it was so beautiful than I felt the song “Aicha” by Khaled was inspired by me.

Maybe this was another trick life was playing on me. I was lost in a sea of coincidence.

A New Plan To Make You Blue.

Lately I was thinking you should have a point of view on coincidence. A coincidence is a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances that have no apparent causal connection with one another. The perception of remarkable coincidences may lead to supernatural, occult, or paranormal claims. Or it may lead to belief in fatalism, which is a doctrine that events will happen in the exact manner of a predetermined plan.

From a statistical perspective, coincidences are inevitable and often less remarkable than they may appear intuitively. An example is the birthday problem, which shows that the probability of two persons having the same birthday already exceeds 50% in a group of only 23 persons.

When I was 21 I had a group of friends: someone in that group was born the same day than myself (October 5th). By the way I was born the same day than my 2 grand fathers.

But the coincidence of the song Aicha with the same chords than my 14yo song was too much to handle at the time. Today I’m 39yo and I’m stuck in that moment.

Believe In Science And Relieve The Frustrating Pain.

Can non believers find something to believe in? Christians believe in forgiving otherwise they would be a war every 3 days. Muslims believe in a prophet to receive the words of God. Jews also believe in their alliance with God. That’s all for Abrahamic religions.

But is there something that convince even the ones who don’t believe in anything except brutal death technical metal music?

For example can you believe in death to get some rest? If you want to come back, can you believe in reincarnation? Like Michael Jordan in 1995, will the newspaper shout “I’m back”?

I believe in 2 things to have a happy life: precision and difficulty. That’s what I like about music: it’s precise to have a meaning but vague enough to think this song is about you.

Can We Be Sure The Heart Knows The Difference?

Amin Maalouf used to write that “the heart knows the difference”. In this particular case, he was talking about real mothers and mothers who didn’t like children.

Sometimes I’m not so sure the heart knows the difference because some people have no heart. Or maybe their heart is not their own. See the heart remembers the relaxing idea like watching winter turn to spring.

The heart is very sensitive to emotions, vision and words. I guess the heart is so complex that we deal with it subsconciously, ie with care and prudence. But an excess of prudence can make you weak.

Now we know the real dynamite for humanity is to be healthy which means you shouldn’t care too much but you should care more than a little. I know the reasonable doubt is lurking and philosopher like to choose between 2 extremes.

At the moment I’m gross and perverted. I also existed for years and nothing changes. I guess we should be polite and reconnect with nature and the space between. It’s time for a change: make space exploration the fundamental of our humanity until the next riddle.

Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!