Should Everybody Explore The Opposite Sex?

Jan 10, 2020

Girls will be boys, and boys will be girls. I’m not sure nature wants it that way, but I guess you can explore the continent that is the opposite sex.

At the moment, I feel like a woman, even though I’m a man. And I must say it feels quite puzzling. My belly is aching with constant mishaps and failures, which leads me to excessive self-criticism.

I know I’m tempted by the famous expression “there’s no crisis” because the rent has to be paid.

Feeling my feminine side makes me wonder if I should rest a little more and be less selfish. But profit margins are becoming more and more difficult. The reason might be a bit fuzzy, but someone made me think about the test of time.

My delicate part is easy to see if I know what a man is. This flower seems in bad shape, and I’m touching it with my fingertips. Then being a man could be about acknowledging the fact that such delicacy isn’t necessary.

Can You Walk Like A Woman And Talk Like A Man?

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The heart makes no mistake. Today people are afraid of misunderstanding the opposite sex. And maybe imitations are making them knowledgeable.

Today I’m like a pregnant woman, and that’s not a joke. I’ve been pregnant for 4 years now, and maybe it’s a memory from my lonesome past. But I’m having trouble thinking about the baby.

As a result, I settled for a post on this music blog. It’s still fragile, and I guess it will be fragile for several years until we reach a kind of maturity.

I know the topics I’m dealing with are moving, but the lack of comment makes me think that the content of the posts might lack clarity and excitement. So yes, exploring your opposite side is a hell of a tester. I guess you could also explore your dark side.

Can You Switch The Light If You Don’t Know The Room?

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There must be a switch to exploring your opposite side. But what you will find might surprise you, like colors you never knew.

But you must explore your opposite side with some light.

I know men are egoistic and get up every day. I know women are less selfish and rest more. But there must be something men and women have in common: vocabulary. I need a word here for the rhyme: ha!

Sex is, of course, a way to stand the test of time or the climate. What are you going to do when you experience, like me, thunder every day? Of course, Jesus is here for me. But other religions preach a universal salute.

The basic of photography is to play with the light by the way.

Should You Also Explore Other Stuff Like Your Dark Side?

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You don’t know what you will find on exploration, and that’s the reason you’re exploring. I’m exploring my childhood, and there are lovely things. Still, there’s something eliminatory—a chemical weapon at the time when people wanted to ban them (the 1990s).

One can wonder what people in power are doing. By this, I mean people who are skilled at something.

Exploration is an enjoyable activity but beware of the thunder and the rain. Don’t expect to wear a sunny smile because you should never forget about this: Freud said transference is pivotal in human relationships. You can expect something gruesome to happen to you if someone around you has the problem.

As a result, that may be why today I seldom see my friends. I know I will meet them again when I’m up and in. I hate to say it; it’s hard to say it: Relying mostly on yourself is a painful experience if someone expects you to help.

What Kind of Resources Can You Find?

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All in all, exploration happens mainly for one reason: you’re looking for information and resources. Exploration occurs in all non-sessile animal species, including humans.

In human history, its most dramatic rise was during the Age of Discovery when European explorers sailed and charted much of the rest of the world for a variety of reasons. Since then, major explorations have occurred for reasons mostly aimed at information discovery.

Exploring the opposite sex, your dark side, or maybe Antarctica is, for sure, exciting. But don’t expect miracles, like being an overnight sensation. The long-run is indeed the ultimate test, and it starts with a kiss.

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