What's So Shocking About Men And Women?

Mar 28, 2019

Hey there, I’m the new therapist for humanity. It seems we’re still suffering from bruises from adolescence that won’t heal. Can they heal is the real question.

When it comes to adolescence it’s always very allusive and it’s a question of culture. For example, I’m French and Lebanese and my fellow camarades didn’t like the colour of my skin when I used to come back from summer holidays in Lebanon. To the point that one of my best friend decided to use a self-tanning lotion.

Another adolescent bruise that’s serious is how we were abused by dominant people once. For example, if you invite a cheerleader to help you with your paper and let her do the work and end up raping her, then it might be embarrassing.

Then women decided to take the power back and become free. Of course, men were not prepared to date a man. There must be some kind of way out of here!

A good story is one that is predictable. So what can be the surprises about the story of humanity, men and women?

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It’s Easy To Digest: Allusive Jealousy!

The thing with allusions is that you have to have a good culture. Yesterday I met a Muslim who told me he loved Jesus. And lately, I was wondering if Islam is not the religion we need to go space truckin’.

So if our jealousy is strictly allusive, then we need to have a culture strong enough to understand what’s at stake: time and immortality! Remembering that we’re going to die is the safest way to get over those adolescent bruises that some people defined as a standard of performance.

I do feel that we need to rethink the way we handle incidents like a cheerleader rape or same sex dating. After all, what’s at stake is very clear: time and immortality!

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God’s Creation Might Be About Investigation.

If you think of creative ways of solving problems, then here is why we’re down here on Earth: science couldn’t explain what happened and a violent dispute happened. Humanity and God eventually drifted into sadomasochism or sexy music.

What we must remember is that the code won’t free mankind but it will free mankind and God! That’s why the best alliance possible for our survival is with our ressources. You know I’ve begged, stole and borrowed to get out of the Milky Way.

The God I believe isn’t short of a few million years. But it seems everything can get better very quickly. Our sin was very clear. We needed to understand the creation; we wanted to see if we couldn’t do better.

There’s not a problem that art can’t fix because he can make simple your most complex emotions! But we shouldn’t downgrade the role of science for the conquest of the next planet!

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How To Use Denoising In The Class.

One thing that’s inherent to human nature is noise. Noise can be interesting and sometimes you need silence. If we start to use the right filter we will see everything more clearly: the sky, men and women, religion and many other issues. Use the right filter and see the beautiful picture.

For example, at the moment, I’m fighting a cancer: you must think I’m real stupid because the cancer always wins. Don’t fight a cancer; and get over it. It seems healthy persons get over the hump very quickly.

I must say this is a nice filtering function to apply to the big picture. A song used to say that I had “10 years to lose (if they catch me)”.

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You Wake The Morning In A Stranger’s Coat.

As a conclusion, I think the main problem with men and women is, at some point, you do lose your identity without noticing it. And sometimes you wonder who is the author of that practical joke.

Sometimes I felt like a motherless child and sometimes I felt like I didn’t have a partner. From a statistical point of view, you’re probably your best friend and your only true lover. That’s because it’s not safe to rely too much on others to bring you joy and happiness.

I know 7 billion of souls await my next move. As if I was the boss of a big country. Concerning my identity, it’s very clear: I’m a talented musician and good things are going to come my way.

The surprise of that post was identifying identity as the dominant idea for the bright future of mankind. The next time I’ll try to be less brutally honest.

Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!