Seven Ways To Be On Your Knees

featured Jan 22, 2019

This post was inspired by a medicine book that specified that knees were important. Indeed, they are where the unconscious and conscious meet.

I could talk about knees a lot. In fact, at the moment, my knees are telling me to start over. Because that blog wasn’t respecting some fundamentals like writing posts that convert (questions, howtos and list posts).

That’s why I came up with that idea: 7 ways to be on your knees. I listened to a lot of music and I’m sometimes surprised about my knowledge and how I can confirm (or refute) some basic statement by doctors, police officers or lawyers etc…

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It’s my pleasure to confirm that knees are important and I will show you why. It’s kind of surprising but one could say that everything is important (heart, liver, lungs…). If you’re interested in the human psyche, make sure to have impeccable knees!

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1. Won’t You Ease My Worried Mind?

When I think of the song from Eric Clapton called “Layla”, I always think about how, when I was young, it was recommended as a standard for blues/rock guitarists. Of course, I started to practice the song (both versions, the one from Derek & The Dominos in the 60s and the MTV Unplugged one in the 90s).

Some people like to put pressure on other people and they like troubles. Some people call them troublemakers. On a scale of 1 to 10, how important is for you rivalry and vengeance? One of my favorite cartoons, when I was young, was Inspector Gadget. The bad guy called MAD (maybe for mutually assured destruction) always finished the episode shouting: “we will meet again Gadget”.

I was reading a few years ago about emotionally strong people: they don’t hold grudges. Of course, this would be the land of (insert a polite word here). Sometimes, you have nothing to do and you’re avenged!

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2. Can A Song Bring You To Your Knees?

I like REM. And I love the song “Losing My Religion”. Consider this: sometimes a song can bring you to your knees it seems. And I can confirm that because, in 2010, I felt insulted by a song or I felt insulted by the way I chose to listen to a song.

I used the power of free association. Freud used to say it was the best way to work on the human psyche. He also said the patient should work with their own material instead of the one from the doctor.

My point is the following: was the song an insult or was it the way you discovered it? If that was just a dream, all you have to do is wake up! I had 4 dreams lately but there is one that I’m fed up with: dirty love.

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3. Is No Help From You A Certainty?

AC/DC was a band I wasn’t fond of but I knew Angus Young was a good guitarist. The band has some awesome songs like “Thunderstruck” or “Shot of Love”. But why were the writers of the song shaking at the knees?

It seems they were shaking because they wanted more. Indeed sometimes when you discover a good thing, you want more. You go to a concert from a band you like and the audience is shouting at the end: “we want more”.

Of course, you should rely on yourself only if you want to make friends because everybody is having a hard time. No help from you is not a certainty but help is improbable. Or there was a divine intervention and some people finally decided to watch the movies they broadcast with their high ideals like “12 Angry Men”.

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4. Are You Brainwashed Like A 14yo?

When I was 14, someone took a heavy stone from my soul when I was lame. I don’t know what was the intent: some will say it was a taming thing. But one thing is for sure: they took away my mind like you take away the top of a tin.

Like a game of poker, one day people will ask you to show your cards. Of course, you will say you can’t complain because you have thousands of songs to help you.

But there’s a feeling that’s hard to shake: fever isn’t such a new thing because it started long ago. The characters of the drama will be animated as if everything was normal since 2001 and the 70s. The golden age of porn is still haunting me.

Let’s do it like they do on the discovery channel. 5 minutes of attention for a song and 8 hours for a book. How much attention do you need if you want to get out of the ghetto with a story that will allow you to make long term plans?

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5. Are You At A Crossroad Like A Driver?

If you drive a car, you know there is one word that should unlock your potential: confidence. Confidence in you, in other drivers and of course the sky. You could call the latter authorities.

I’ve been driving for almost 20 years now and I had 3 or 4 incidents that some might deem embarrassing. But it doesn’t impress me much because I get back on track very quickly. It’s magical what I feel driving a car: total freedom, good music, and relaxation/control.

If by mistake, I took a drive down memory lane, I will make the best of the situation: I will find another way to go where I wanted to go or I will, on rare occasions, drive without knowing where I’m going. But it’s always clear and cold: I will be back home in the evening.

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6. Who Is Happy To Watch People Kneeling?

One minute is fine and the next is black. Now if you want to live a better life, don’t hesitate: one minute is incredible and the next is quickly forgotten. There’s something about The Clash that makes me sweat: songs like “The Magnificent Seven” and “Rock the Casbah” have made a lasting impact on me.

When I started listening to music, I felt like Bachar al-Assad: I cried listening to Phil Collins. And then I decided to investigate more and made a conscious effort to understand the beauty of songs that were sold on “Best Of” Compilations. For example, it took me some time to appreciate “20th Century Boy” by T. Rex. But now I enjoy playing the riff effortlessly and I have fun with it.

Some songs can bring you to your knees, that’s for sure but some songs can lift you up for a long time. I’m thinking about this one: “beware of those who peak too early”. Today, I learned that Barron Trump (President Trump’s son) was already 6 feet tall at age 12.

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7. Did You Invite Someone To Make Fun Of Him/Her?

I want to finish with the famous French tradition: “The Dinner Game” also known as bring someone to dinner and make fun of him. There’s something about that point that makes me sweat but not like The Clash does. It triggers feelings of sadness, anger, frustration, and disgust. What kind of sport is that? Some people don’t know how to kill time?

Which brings me to a nice conclusion for this post: you’d better stay on top or life will kick you in the ass.

A friend of mine used to tell me that to win at poker you should monitor the average stack and stay there. Of course, you should also have luck. Sometimes I don’t feel like a motherless child but I feel like I have AA and I lost 10 times in a row. From a statistical point of view, there is no doubt: players don’t stand a chance. The house is rockin’.

Let’s do it like they do on the discovery channel. 5 minutes of attention for a song and 8 hours for a book. How much attention do you need if you want to get out of the ghetto with a story that will allow you to make long term plans?

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Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!