7 Ways to Catch a Serious Illness And Get Over it

Dec 03, 2017

Lately, I was wondering what happened to humanity. Little bug, do you hear me? Have a heart! I thought there must be 7 ways to catch a serious illness. Maybe more, maybe less but, 7 ways is enough for starting. What more in the name of love? When you strip someone from his dignity and identity, this could lead to serious problems. I am not Casanova 70; me and Romeo have never been friends. The first step of serious diseases is that, with time, they have a tendency to swell and go out of proportions. If you’re going to dream, you might as well dream big. The song I chose to illustrate this post is characteristic of what we went through during the civil war in Lebanon during the 1970s and the 1980s. Why would history stop repeating itself?

Do you know how to play with fire? The original sin is constantly changing and where we went wrong was just a bad case of guilt and shame. There are allusions among us. They are doctors only for a month, if you give them their regular fee.

Please Mr Postman, the Song

This song was written and recorded by R&B singer-songwriter Ann Peebles in the 70s (a Hot 100 hit in 1973 for Albert King and later recorded by Bette Midler). Kenny Wayne Shepherd recorded this song in 2014 for his 7th studio album “Goin’ Home”. It’s all about going home in more ways than one. Now well closer to 40 years old than he is 30, Shepherd isn’t the hot kid electric guitar prodigy he once was, but an experienced player who has taken his considerable guitar skills all around the globe and back again, back home to Shreveport, Louisiana, to be exact, his hometown, and where this set was recorded. After flirting with a more contemporary, pop-influenced sound a couple of albums ago, Shepherd has firmly settled back into playing the blues, and on Goin’ Home he pays tribute to his influences in that arena.

Bringing back sweet memories, this song was written by Ann Peebles and recorded by Kenny Wayne Shepherd. Shepherd has evolved and, at age 40, he plays the guitar as if he was making love to her, like a fine wine. Themes of the song involve identifying your feelings, violence and possession, climate influence on population and impact of control on health.

He delivers blistering guitar leads, doesn’t fuss over his vocals (admittedly his weakest musical component), and delivers a comfortable, warm, and perhaps wise return to where it all started. One critic on Amazon.com wrote: “Shepherd is a better guitar player each time he releases new music. His major influence is Stevie Ray Vaughn, and he plays a lot of his licks, but Kenny has his own feeling for the guitar to. He can play fast and pump out solos like no one else, but he can slow down to, and play notes that are sweeter than sugar. It is nice to see Kenny give credit to those players that influenced him the most, because he would not be playing as good as he does without their songs for him to play.” Indeed, influences are very important for musicians and artists and that might be a serious angle to understand humanity.

Back to Bedlam, aka Almeria

The first way to catch a serious disease is jealousy: a mix of sadness, anger, frustration and disgust. Although it is a powerful mixed emotion, some people tend to use it to break the knees of other people. An example from my life is that, when I was a child, I wasn’t good at basketball and I was on the sideline for most of the summer. I decided to join a club, just to get the basic stuff like shooting, rebounding, teamwork etc… But some jealous people decided to put a virus in my computer and then use personal information to get me on the stroke train. I already had strokes in the past but I was confident that it would pass. I said: no you can’t, can’t. If I did that to you, how would you react? If you can’t, can’t then don’t, don’t do it. According to Michels Audiard: “jerks have no problem to dare something crazy, you can spot them like this.” El Michels Affair, before 2020, will probably release me.

Always tryin’ to tell you what they see and they thought it was you. Jealousy and misunderstanding can make miracles; in other words let’s pay attention to details. Hygiene must be constant, otherwise you will not be ready for the next challenge.

The second way is misunderstanding and/or forgetting the fundamentals. You want to go far in life or music or whatever your passion is, you have to master the fundamentals. When you master them, you get a real satisfaction, as if a child was able to control his sphincter. And that is typical of post-traumatic stress disorder; it’s a question of control. The fire in my heart is nearly out: it brought me heartaches and pain and I’m tired to fight that ghetto blues: I still have 2 or 3 years to lose. The basis of health is that excess and lack can both make you fragile and who wants to be fragile? We live in a world where only cruel people survive (only if only fools are kind). I found a code to help me out of misery: I am drunk with revenge and rivalry. And everybody knows what happens to those who are under pressure: splits a family in two, put people on streets. The will to cause trouble is also typical of my torturer: no doubt he/she was an easy lover and that’s why I’m on my knees.

The third disease is pressure: when you have a lot of pressure, you start to wonder why. Medicine really wants to help us, but now I’m wondering if they’re not killing us. For example, take someone who suffers from cancer. You go to the doctor and he tells you: chemotherapy. With chemotherapy, your disease has disappeared but the problem is that it also killed healthy cells in your body. Would you feel like a natural happy person, knowing that there was collateral damage? I would rather listen to a good song or read a good book. Nobody will tell you that pleasure and pain are unavoidable, and what’s important is the sense you make out of it. After all, medicine is a business and their only goal is to make profits. A few years ago, I was diagnosed with a cancer (perhaps). I tried my best to fulfill the desires of my coworkers and make them dream. But now, I’m only dreaming of a life less strange, more connected with rest and digestion. I’m so tired of playing with these bows and arrows: I hope the other girls will spare my home in Lebanon.

Splits a family in 2, put people on streets. Communication, it’s always the same problem. Where did you get that information? When you are under pressure, information has a high probability of being distorted.

The fourth way to be seriously ill is information. When you read the New York Times or another piece of paper, you have to question the source. Who’s the owner? What’s his interest? After all, they are a business so their only goal is profit. Here, my only goal is to have a list post that usually brings a lot of traffic. Communication is really important and it’s always the same with ill communication: it drives you insane. I thought it was you! The first step of coma is confusion, not obsession. When an inner situation is not made conscious, it appears outside as fate. Consciousness is important but how come some functions of the human body are left to the unconscious mind?

The fifth way is lack of consciousness: it is considered the graal for some people and I couldn’t agree more, although you might receive a bad news. Philosophical zombies are everywhere these days and they pollute the Internet because now their voice can be heard (like mine maybe). President Obama said the limit in Syria was chemical weapons but, let’s meditate a bit on allopathy (chemical drugs) that occidental medicine likes a lot. When you take a stone from someone when he/she is lame, this is absolutely ridiculous. Go for massage or go walking in the woods. And remember, the key to health is never too upbeat, never too depressed (although we might wonder if after 9/11 or WW2, humanity has reasons to be a bit worried). Nevermore was our mantra but our peers decided that it was improbable. And now, we’ve got 10 years to lose, trying to fight that ghetto blues (if they catch us).

Conscience I guess (for happiness): don’t say maybe to teenagers. For my conscience, I try to remember that adolescence can be severe and cruel, and that might be why we escaped that place when we were students. Sadly, with time, you can experience that again.

The sixth way is adolescence. When I think about age 14, everybody agrees that we ride broomsticks since that moment. Adolescence is severe and cruel and some life events can be also. After all, people like Eric Clapton opened rehab centers in order to recover from even the most devastating events (maybe hurricane Maria). Call it sabotage or maybe numbness but rest assured that you might face teenagers in the future. Their weapon of choice? Allusions! I know what I’m talking about, my inner child is still suffering but I can tell that I’m on my way to healing. Listening to music is really something that should be mandatory, otherwise I bet a lot of people will go crash their plane in a building just because of acne vulgaris. This is a true story of an American teenager under accutane drug who decided to crash his plane like the guys from 9/11. Age 14, got you down on your knees? Why not, if you represent Baton Rouge, Louisiana with your buddies; you better work harder than others (I have never been to Baton Rouge, but it always made me laugh because, in French, it might be misinterpreted).

The seventh and last way to fall seriously ill is not eating an apple a day. Hygiene must be constant, otherwise when you grow old, you have a harder time getting over life events that might trigger neuroticism. I’m proud to be 37 years old but I could use a little fasting. To stay motivated, you have to determine objectives: so stinky I forgot to smell it. At the time of writing, I’m still fighting doubts but I’m unleashing my heart and soul. If I want to have children, I have to make an effort now. The best moment to plant a tree is now, because I forgot to do it 20 years ago. Sweet intoxication of Syria’s love and Israel, trying to make a puppet of everybody on Earth since 1945, will really bring the gods back. Which one, I don’t know but I do know he/she has got a secret service. Cupid please, do something.

An apple a day and food for thoughts, clear and cold: only the music is real, the rest is seeming. Of course, eating an apple a day is good idea but watch out for that dinosaur that won’t leave your love shack.

Feelings that won’t go away. One day, I’ll write a post about 7 ways to be in good shape, based on my experience. Collateral damage is important and I hope those information about health will be something I will remember. I guess I’m writing that blog for me, and if it helps me then I hope it will help you: jealousy, misunderstanding, pressure, communication, consciousness, teenagers and hygiene. 7 ways to be seriously ill! I’m not lying, therefore even the contrary can be believed in: healthy use of jealousy, good culture, avoid pressure, communicate correctly, simplify based on your audience, give thanks and work hard everyday. I forgot to mention restorative sleep! Maybe I’ll talk about it later in that blog because a change is as good as a rest! Recently, I won a tennis table match: the score was very clear so I managed to win it by playing one point at a time and being present in important moments. Is it maybe another reason to reflect on success or failure? Do my competitors have serious accidents? Is the solution finding a way to keep score and display it?


If you liked that post or more generally my blog, don’t forget to go to my about page for details on “like, share, comment and donate”. In other words, this sounds serious and 7 ways to fall seriously ill should be taught in every school. We could go on with that list one day.

Laying round home alone
On a rainy night like this
Starving for your love
Hungry for just one kiss

Heavy rains up ahead
On my window pane
Beats so loud and clear
Words just spelled your name

I got nowhere to turn to
Tired of being alone
I feel like breaking up
Somebody’s home

I know it’s useless
Hanging on when
You belong to someone else

Can’t control the feeling
Cause after all
I didn’t make myself, yeah

Last night, I cried so hard
I believe I caught a chill
Can’t control the vibration
My heart just won’t stand still

I got nowhere to turn to
Tired of being alone
I feel like breaking up
Somebody’s home, yeah, yeah

I know you hear me talking
I’m getting awful lonesome here

I know it’s useless
Hanging on when you
Belong to someone else

Can’t control the vibration
Cause after all
I didn’t make myself

Got nowhere to turn to
Tired of being alone
Feel like breaking up
Somebody’s home, yeah

PS : I Love You

This post was made in homage to Toby Smith, a British musician, most famous for being the keyboardist and co-songwriter for Jamiroquai from 1992 until his departure in 2002. He was the music producer and manager for the English pop rock band, The Hoosiers (“Goodbye Mr. A”). He died on 11 April 2017 of cancer. He was 46 years old.

No sound because we live underground. This post is a homage to the keyboardist and co-songwriter for Jamiroquai from 1992 until 2002. He died of cancer at age 46 and given the gravity of that illness, let me remind you what it is: vague unconscious mess where you feel no pain, problems with the circulatory and lymphatic system, mortal conclusion by self-destruction.

Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!