What Do You Mean You Got To Sell?

Feb 09, 2019

Now your conscience is almost clear. It’s the grail meaning that you will experience eternal youth, wonderful energy and renewed interest in life. It seems the grail was perceived as a stone during the 12th century. Maybe the next post will be about how humans can feel like stones?

The subject of this post is cool and it’s very clear: it seems people have got to sell (including me). For example, remember that subscribing to this blog will allow you to get access to adverts and archived posts. To learn more, head to the subscription page!

I always wondered why Dire Straits once sang about sobriety and how it felt bad to be sober. If you take a quick look at the word, it derives from “sob” which means “crying”. We know what’s going on in heaven: sometimes they cry and sometimes they laugh. But with music, we discover a wide range of feelings. Let’s listen to the song I chose called “Twist in my Sobriety” by Tanita Tinkaram.

Now you have a hint about the grail and how you can feel like stone. But aren’t you tired about slavery at work and penalties to clients of prostitutes?

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Do We Still Have The Right To Work?

Tinkaram does look a bit like Najat Vallaud Belkacem by the way. Belkacem is a French politician who recently summarised slavery to prostitution. I worked 5 years in banking in Paris and I must say it could feel a bit like slavery. The truth is I was a slave before, and, since there was no revolution, history repeated itself.

Maybe it’s because the newspaper didn’t shout a thing? In 2011, they were talking about the domino theory during the Arab Spring. But now, it’s 2019 and we’re still investigating the crime scene. Every time that cold wind blows, every time I hear the sound: I remember the year 1997 and a strange chemotherapy.

What if this was sabotage? I’m talking about the 7 million years that took mankind to send a human being in space. Yes, space travels are something new and it’s only 60 years old. Relatively to our long history, it’s like we had an unborn child. It seems space was a Russian passion and I could understand them now.

If the newspaper starts shouting about my proposal to go to space in the near future, then the next paragraph will be clear.

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What If Our Guardian Angel Killed Us?

They say that your holographic conscience or your eyes that look like holograms is your guardian angel. Maybe they could call that experience. I always wondered why sometimes some storytelling big shot needed to specify his artwork was based on a “true story”. Now I got a true story to tell you: there is an alien on Earth who is sabotaging us.

How can we find out who he is? How did we find the Syrian political police? It was pretty easy: you have to open your eyes and look for a distinctive sign. In the case of the Syrians, it was their mustache.

What’s the distinctive sign of the alien here on Earth? That’s a good question and I must say I don’t want to be wrong on that dodgy subject. We will recognize him by the laws he respects and that makes us feel like stone. Yes, I think the alien was justice.

Now you know that justice could be decompression sickness. Now we will enter another environment where cruel intentions are less severe.

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How To Respect People Who Died.

Sometimes I wonder if people who died will be of any use. That’s because it’s a full-time job to stay alive. Let’s face it: everyone is a war and you can’t win. What’s the use of faking death or trying to meet death?

One of the challenges, when you talk about death, is to define life. Since someone who is dead won’t come back (in 80% of the cases), then being alive is coming back. You could say let’s go back to basics.

What does it mean to make fun of someone or something? I guess this means not respecting the fundamentals. For example, the basis of espionage is counterespionage; the basis of music is talking to the senses.

Fundamentals are important since you have harmonics like genocide or slavery. Our civilization is based on a fever of teenagers and that’s a fact.

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Three Reasons Why We’re Going To Die.

Remembering that you’re going to die is the best way to stop wasting time looking in the mirror and wondering why you have that fever button. I guess it’s normal to die but we could make an extra effort. After all, since we’re born, we start dying so let’s have fun.

  • Reason #1 is the following: we didn’t do a SWOT analysis for space travels. We have no mission statement and an executive summary. We are all doing astronomy at an unconscious level which is not good,
  • Reason #2 is the same reason why you didn’t like, comment or share that post: you feel jealous because you know I’m right and it hurts to tell the brutal truth. Yes, we will die but we could live 1000 years (and that’s the minimum),
  • Reason #3 and the last reason is that we reached chapter 11 of the mankind book without reading the first 10 chapters. It’s no wonder we have to face moral bankruptcy and talks about climate change. But the first climate we have to change is the one that makes us stranded here on Earth.

Some people spend too much time watching the mirror. So what about those musical modes?

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How To Start On A Right Note.

Musical modes are very interesting. The fundamentals are the same but it can make you hear music completely differently. As if I told you that, if you want to groove, you have to listen to the drummer. Then you start going through your 4000 songs focusing on the drummer.

With modes, which are derived from the Ancient Greek theory, you can get a wonderful climate right away without needing words. Think of Mixolydian, for example, it was used by Bruce Springsteen on his song called “Human Touch”.

Anyway, if you listen to music, it’s obviously modal when you hear a small passage. Take for example the calm section of “Tunnel of Love” by Dire Straits: the feelings you can get can be really relaxing.

They wondered if you could still write a poem after WW2. I agree it could be difficult but chord progressions will be more than enough. It doesn’t matter the start or the ending as long as you can have an oasis.

I would do anything to recall the feeling associated with wonderful events. Now, all we can do is be ourselves.

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Why Is Everyone Else Already Taken?

Oscar Wilde once said: “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” We can travel at the speed of sound but the real question will be: will we be able to travel at 50% of the speed of light? My project was based on 40 years of travel to reach the nearest exoplanet.

It will take 20,000 years to go out of the Milky Way traveling at the speed of light. We can see there’s a lot of work still to be done to be comfortable in space. And the first thing to do is understand how to be comfortable on Earth.

There are 3 laws describing our universe: attraction, resonance, and gravitation. What if we had a 4th law called “Change” that could open our eyes? We will have to recognize we were wrong for 7 million years although we had some interesting small passage (maybe like this post).

A small passage will make us or destroy us forever. Sometimes, I wonder if it didn’t already happen (I’m thinking about WW2).

They wondered if you could still write a poem after WW2. I agree it could be difficult but chord progressions will be more than enough. It doesn’t matter the start or the ending as long as you can have an oasis.

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