Secrets Are Safe On The Internet

Nov 29, 2018

This post was inspired by one of my experience and the song “Star People” from George Michael. The photographer who develops your picture likes your family.

In 2010, I had to spend 1 month in rehab for an undisclosed reason. I had worked 5 years in banking and shortly before I had a bewitched 2 years love affair with a girl sent to a monastery.

In rehab, a security officer was there to spy on me it seems and he confessed my female friends were beautiful. I thought it was weird but then I remembered the photographer who developed my holidays’ picture and he confessed he liked my female cousins.

That’s why our secrets are safe on the internet. One way or another, someone will notice your talent for humanities, which is really an important part of success. A motivation speech, a power pose or maybe an angry song and we will all be energized without having to drink Red Bull (most disgusting brew I have ever tasted).

Dreams With Nightmares In The Middle

What’s cool about dreams is that you can explore freely what you’re living as in a cheap movie. It seems it’s a subconscious thing with a dominant idea that takes an effort to understand. I had 4 dreams in the last year and one was a nightmare: I would haunt the city and eventually burn out like a Buddhist monk.

Anyway, you can tell your secrets on the internet because, in case you have any doubts, there are no secrets here on Earth anymore. The original sin is still debatable but today I thought our sin was having sex and making children because we would become immortal then. And only God is immortal.

It took 200 million years for humanity to reconcile with God and we are still amazed by the universe: it’s so big, the numbers are so big, it might be like a rogue trader who is still reporting to you in a way he can’t face prosecution.

Maybe Someone Gave You Up

Have you ever been abandoned, or have you ever abandoned someone? When I think about that photographer and that security officer who confessed my female friends were beautiful, I don’t know how to take it. I guess I could abandon them because this is information I don’t need.

Or I could understand their point of view who will always be the point of view of a teenager class when you’re age 14 and down on your knees. Now you can become a cool kid by listening to great music like jazz, blues, soul, funk, rock and even electronica. I’m not a big fan of rap even though they have a real talent to steal the music and spot good old songs.

You Whisper To Make People Dizzy

When those 2 guys confessed my female friends were beautiful, I knew what it meant and I get shivers sometimes: it means they’re jealous and they will report me to the police. Between 1994 and 2010, I was bullied and harassed by security officers whose only idea was to stun me.

Meanwhile, they could steal some money from me or make me look like someone with the autism spectrum disorder. By the way, I think autism is just that: you’re haunted and you haunt. Your fundamental things are not that strong. If you do a psychoanalysis, you might discover the kiss of death. A lot of children still debate if Alois Brunner (representing Germany) or Pol Pot (Cambodia) is the most badass boy who ever lived.

I’m a cool kid so I seldom have the time but this is my point of view on autism.

A Difference Between You And Me

As a conclusion, I will look back on my childhood because there is one thing I recall: we were playing table tennis with my cousin and a friend in Rimal (Lebanon); we were talking about Jimi Hendrix. Suddenly, I shouted (in French): “I know, and you don’t know”. The more I think about it, the more I thought it was a stupid thing to say and I kept my mouth shut as often as I could. Until now.

Now, I’m writing a blog on the internet and the secrets are safe. Now you know why I’m writing: it’s because at age 14 I felt stupid and decided to keep my mouth shut. But a strange experience of zombie voodoo and witch-queens are forcing me to write. They put a spell on me!

Now the secrets are safe on that blog because I’m making sure to make you pay. 😉 And I will never give my ace away!

Secrets are safe and I guess if you need a basic income make sure to get paid. I transferred 200 pounds once to somebody by mistake and, 10 years later, I’m still waiting for her to transfer the money back.

Maybe your mama gave you up, boy
Maybe your daddy didn’t love you enough, girl

Star people
Counting your money until your soul turns green
Star people
Counting the cost of your desire to be seen

I do not count myself among you
I may be living in a dream
It’s just there seems so many of you
Can’t help but hope there’s a difference between…
You and me

(You’re a star)
I’m talking to you
And you should go far (you’re a star)

I said, maybe your mama gave you up, boy
(It’s the same old same old)
Maybe your daddy didn’t love you enough, girl
(Say, how much is enough?)

Star people
Never forget you’re secret’s safe with me
Just look at all the wonderful people
Trying to forget they had to pay for what you see

It’s a dream
With a nightmare stuck in the middle
But listen, brother, where would you be
Without all this attention?
You’d die, I’d die, we’d die
Wouldn’t we?
Well wouldn’t we?
(You’re a star)

I’m talking to you
I’m talking to you
(you’re a star)

I said, maybe your mama gave you up, boy
(It’s the same old same old)
Maybe your daddy didn’t love you enough, girl
(How much is enough)

You only wanted them to love you
You may have been living in a dream
And as the demons tower above you
You bite your tongue when you really wanna scream

(How much is enough?)
Look at me

I said
Talk about your mother
Talk about your father
Talk about the people who have made you what you are
Talk about your teacher
The bully boy who beat you
Talk about the people who have paid for that new sports car

You’re a big, big, big, big star
Look at you

(How much is enough?)
How much is enough?
Did you get off on a bad foot, baby?
Do you have a little tale to tell?
Did you get off on a bad foot?
Bad, bad foot?
Is that why you’re a star?
Is that what makes a star?
(How much is enough)
How much is enough?

(Did you get off on a bad foot, baby?
Do you have a little tale to tell?
How much is enough?)

How much is enough?

Now, nothing comes from nothing, baby
That fame and fortune’s heaven sent
And who gives a fuck about your problems, darling
‘Cause you can pay the rent?
How much is enough?

Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!