Sunny Came Home Looking Funky, Popular And Big

Dec 05, 2017

Yesterday, I realised that not keeping score and not displaying it was a serious problem: 22 years and still that funky soul can’t get me out of here. Maybe I won’t feel ashamed to sing the blues then, and listen to jazz: cry me a river, because I cried a river over you! When you are a fool of the first division, it’s not hard to be get there and it’s not hard to stay there. That’s the difference with competition in other areas. How come it is so easy to stay a fool of the 1st division? That’s because you’re surrounded with them. I know the score now: it’s sad because I love my friends, family and coworkers but I have to get rid of people associated with that lifestyle. I think I will go living near the Niagara Falls (negative ions have benefits for health). If you have troubles listening to this song on Spotify, try the YouTube link. Otherwise, I just discovered another streaming website called Tidal, who has high-quality encoding for songs.

Stop hesitating and anticipating. 300 days spent in the right climate can do wonderful things. Yes, a strange climate like the oceanic one (eg Seattle, Paris, London) will produce great artists but, in the long run, it is not sustainable. Remember, Jimi Hendrix died in the Samarkand Hotel.

Please Mr Postman, the Song

Robert Cray is an American blues guitarist and singer. He has led his own band and won five Grammy Awards. “The Score” is one of his best blues songs, taken from his 1980 debut album “Who’s Been Talkin’?”. After several years of regional success, Cray was signed to Mercury Records in 1982. By 1987, Cray was an opening act for such major stars as Eric Clapton and sold out larger venues as a solo artist. “The Score” is a song about a relationship that is ending. The song lists the motives behind the separation, keeping a score. It’s a great blues song for guitar players and Cray’s soloing is very cool and musical. By the age of twenty, Cray had seen his heroes Albert Collins, Freddie King and Muddy Waters in concert and you can feel their influence in this song.

Robert Cray is a well-known blues musician. By the age of twenty, Cray had seen his heroes in concert and decided to form his own band; they began playing college towns on the West Coast of the United States of America. In the late 1970s he lived in Eugene, Oregon where he formed his band. “The Score” is taken from his 1980 debut album and talks about relationships, decision-making, information and the game of life.

The Pacific Northwest-based blues savior’s first album in 1980 boded well for his immediate future. Unfurling a sterling vocal delivery equally conversant with blues and soul, Cray offers fine remakes of the Willie Dixon-penned title tune, O.V. Wright’s deep soul romp “I’m Gonna Forget About You,” and Freddy King’s “The Welfare (Turns Its Back on You),” along with his own “Nice as a Fool Can Be” and “That’s What I’ll Do.” According to Eleanor Roosevelt, the longest-serving First Lady of the United States, having held the post from March 1933 to April 1945 during her husband President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s four terms in office, “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” The album’s title must have been inspired by this quote.

Back to Bedlam, aka Almeria

We know the score now: let’s discuss ideas, otherwise I will start to gossip. And maybe facts also; let’s try not to distort them. In high enough concentrations, negative ions clear the air of mold spores, pollen, pet dander, odors, cigarette smoke, bacteria, viruses, dust and other hazardous airborne particles. You ain’t been blue, until you get that mood indigo: a feeling down to your shoes! I wake up every morning and wonder where I’m at; I look into the mirror and ask myself “who’s that!?” My soul isn’t dead but let’s try to make sense out of it. Every problem has an answer and if yours you cannot find, I have the solution: the heart and balance. Justice will be served and it’s about time. Try to hard and it feels like you’re running on thin air. I know I will heal by surprise, when I don’t really care. I guess I know this score too. Suspicious minds are talking: cynics, inquisitors and individualists mostly.

A feeling down to your shoes: you came to this world alone. Keeping score is a good thing but who is the audience? Do you have to let it linger, the pleasure and the pain? Everybody knows thunder only happens when it’s raining.

And I listen carefully to the sound of that loneliness game. When it comes to imagination, words are very important because it is used to evoke worlds. What if I told you I was a member of the highly select clubs of humans of the first division? Wouldn’t you be jealous? The benefits for a long time were resilience and conscience that time was on my side. But now, I’m sick and tired of simplifying. I play the game with thoughts of a dying buddhist. From disco to disco, station to station, everybody is trying to get down. When I think about it, I puke on a regular basis. I always feel like an effort is watching me, and I have no freedom. You know what’s been on my mind: I’m afraid it’s all been wasted time. Ripples in the curvature of spacetime, as if it was a lake of fire, are very beautiful. But watch out for that explosion about figuring out what went wrong between us and them. Like the CIA or the FBI, there is an invisible man; a man that really gets me tired and, when I think about him and his friends, I wonder if realises the image he gave me of France and Paris.

Is there a price to pay? It was so long ago, but I still get the blues. The solution is control and when you achieve that, pleasure is everywhere: “without control, power is nothing” (an advert by Pirelli, a tyre manufacturing company). You know the nature of the real pain, you never want to feel that way again. Unprepared, helpless and unexpected. Some people have pointed the link between burnout and post-traumatic stress disorder. There must be something we can do. Make no mistake: this toxic environment shouldn’t push us into selling our souls. I swear on my grandpa’s grave that I won’t fail; lord, what would my grandma say? See, when warriors lose, they should try to remain worthy. I saw a warrior lose a fight and that was so ugly what he did that I’m still hesitating. Are we like little babies? Is the system a good one? That’s why I thought about reboundism, a system where stress is alleviated. People say that smoking is bad but they forgot to tell you about working in a bank! I smoke a lot but it’s only a way to breathe some air, to calm unconscious and complex thoughts.

It’s more than a feeling! Must be something we can do. When I think about those drugs I took while I was unconscious, I remember that they are supposed giving a direction to your brain (in other words, perceptions and adjustments). Are drugs the only way to make sense out of life?

People suffering from burnout are afraid to feel. What am I afraid of exactly? Years of solitude and genocide. Who are these men of simplicity, sharing and abstraction? My red flashes trophies of war and ribbons of youth. All of these emotions prevent me from giving my life to a rainbow like 300 days of sun a year (Lebanon for dummies). France, Europe and USA have a hard time because they keep on violating their values. Of course, if you don’t have values, you have no problem. How exactly did I end up with a cancer (perhaps) of the most serious gravity? Yes, if you don’t have values, then you have no problems. But, in case of war, what do you do? The main flaw of democratic countries is that they have war weariness. Whereas some countries spend a lot of time exalting war and its glory!

I’ve been saved, that’s why I love you. I hope I won’t turn anybody into a block of ice. That’s how I feel when I’m reverse skydiving. When you don’t have values, you have no conscience problems. But everybody knows that in love there are rules! What I don’t understand is how do you draw a line? And why draw a line? We are allusions, silhouettes and lines are being drawn everyday by parents. Otherwise, we’ll end up again with teenagers who have no clue about the word respect. Respect means looking back: are you experienced? With no experience, how do you make a decision? Some people said that knowing yourself is knowing other people. But when your identity is blurred or still evolving like youngsters, how do you make a decision? When you think too hard, I think you lack fundamentals, 101. Don’t be a butterfly caught in a hurricane!

Open up your head and feel the shell shock: I hope we live to tell the tale. Themes that I will deal with in that blog include everything except maybe paramecium reproduction in aqueous media. That was a joke we used to make in our last years in high school.

I was inspired to make a blog following the example of two persons: Ziad Gebran and Nasri Atallah. While I was swimming with sharks from 2002 until 2017, I noticed that blog which had a lot of success: Our Man in Beirut. At first, I didn’t pay a lot of attention but his Wikipedia page recapped the themes of the blog and I’m sure to tackle those subjects in my blog: dual identity, and settling back into your ethnic home culture. Let’s talk about Lebanese society’s challenging topics, such as sexuality, racism, post-traumatic stress, superficiality, destruction of heritage. Of course, everybody knows those subjects are specific to Lebanon (a bit ironic). I hope my blog will reach people worldwide, and maybe aliens: those alienated by love, work, friendship, sport and any type of experience. But first, let’s remember just one thing: you want to talk about suicide? I’m OK with that, only if you call it business, a holiday in the mountain side or eyes that look like holograms.

Look into the mirror, don’t ask “who’s that”! When you break mirrors on a regular basis, one might wonder if there is money involved (simplicity, exchange and abstraction). Evil friends are on the lookout for your misery because it helps their own sense of insignificance.

Who are those men of love, glory and beauty? Scars from my compromise like slavery tracks have made a devil out of me. I can’t sleep and I can’t eat; there’s no doubt, I’m in deep. Now I know the score: ripples in the curvature of spacetime are long gone now and all we talk about is subjects that aren’t cool. Why would someone keep a score? I’m feeling it in my lymph nodes. The lymphatic system is another important part of the human immune system. By the way, people talk a lot about lymphatic teenagers, stuck in severity and cruelty. Justice can’t come too soon, because if we spend our time changing the laws to help us make a mistake, it won’t be too soon until I say: goodnight Paris, hello Beirut. Let the sun take a holiday. Will the moon ever take one? Is the dark side of the moon really that scary? The worst is yet to come.


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Well all right, baby
I guess I know the score
You better get to packin’
I don’t want you around here anymore

You come home looking funky
Your clothes all in a mess
And your story wasn’t fittin’
Any better than your dress

Well all right, baby
Now I know the score
Well you better get to gettin’
I don’t want to see you around here anymore

You came in one time too many
Lyin’ out both sides of your mouth
You said you was at your mother’s
But I really got my doubts

I seen you at the Rainbow
Hangin’ out with Red
And if I get my hands on you, baby
You’re gonna wish that you were dead

Well all right, baby
Now I know the score
Well you better get to movin’
I don’t want you around here anymore

You’d better get to goin’, baby
I done got into your game, baby
Uh huh, thought you was foolin’ me, huh?
Now I know, baby I know better

I’ll teach you not to cheat on me

Yeah, baby, comin’ at ‘ya

Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!