Scars From his Compromise Like Slavery Tracks

Dec 15, 2017

If you are having a bad dream, it is often deemed to be the means, by excellence, of probing your unconscious mind. An alternative would be just to wake up! Don’t forget, fantasy is a sign of a normal psyche. My intelligence is a superior one, no doubt about it. If I’m having a bad day, I will go as far as writing a song or posting on my blog. Eccentricity and creativity is the frontier not to cross in order to remain a social person. I have planted a tree in 2017. The 2nd best time is now, because the best time was 20 years ago. By 2020, I expect to make a living with that blog. Being intimate with 200,000 people would be an awesome feat! The game is always the same, but let’s try different angles. Mission improbable has started, and the root cause for success will be information and criticising. I’m under your curse now, but they call it compromise. And if you ain’t got time for us and them, please find another fantasy.

Please find another fantasy if you ain’t got time for me. Slavery is an inhumane act but one can only make the best of the situation. The gift of humiliation made me listen to 5000 songs and more.

Please Mr Postman, the Song

“The Unforgiven” is a power ballad by American metal band Metallica. It was released as the second single from their eponymous fifth album Metallica (also known as The Black Album). Though one of the slower tracks on the album, its chord progression is distinctly one of the heavier. The song deals with the theme of the struggle of the individual against the efforts of those who would subjugate him. Written by James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, and Kirk Hammett, this song was a new style for Metallica. They wanted to try a song with a heavy verse and a soft chorus, something rarely heard in hard rock or metal.

James Hetfield explained that the intro was taken from the score of a Western movie, and reversed so it would not be identifiable. The band won’t reveal the movie for legal reasons. My sources do not agree which movie was used but it’s a 1960s movie. Lars Ulrich explained that the band wanted to try something new with the idea of a ballad. Instead of the standard melodic verse and heavy chorus – as evidenced on their previous ballads “Fade to Black”, “Welcome Home (Sanitarium)” and “One” – the band opted to reverse the dynamic, with heavy, distorted verses and a softer, melodic chorus, played with classical guitars. The opening section contains percussive instruments performed by Ulrich, and also a small amount of keyboards.

A staple of the 1990s rock scene, Metallica released the Black album while 3 out of 4 members of the band were going through divorces. They shifted toward a music a bit less heavy metal because they noticed their audience were bored at concerts. Excellent words and music, magnified by excellent production by Bob Rock. Themes include ageing, success, regret, forgiving and society.

An accompanying video was released for the song. The black and white video is themed around a boy born in captivity who spends his life in a windowless stone room. As the video progress, he ages into an adult and then an old man. He spends his entire life carving into the stone to create a window while occasionally grasping his one possession: a locket. It is implied that another captive lives on the other side of the stone room. James Hetfield’s singing on this track was inspired by Chris Isaak’s song ‘Wicked Game.’ Producer Bob Rock explained in a 2011 interview with how he changed the way he recorded his vocals on this song. He recalled: “At this point, James wanted to sing. He had done a lot of screaming, but now he wanted to go somewhere else. In the past, he had always doubled his vocals. He didn’t sing harmonies per se; he just sang the same thing on another track.

But the process of doubling doesn’t give you character, really; in fact, a lot of times it takes character away, because you’re hoping that the second vocal gives you the depth that your first vocal should have. I told James that we should record his vocal, but instead of listening to himself on headphones I wanted him to listen on speakers. The difference was amazing. He sang the song, and because he heard himself in a different way, there was a whole new dimension to his voice. It was big and deep and warm and jumped out at you.” Dave Mustaine was fired from Metallica in the band’s early days and replaced by Kirk Hammett. Mustaine went to form Megadeth, but for many years couldn’t bring himself to listen to his former band. When he finally came to terms with what happened and was able to listen to Metallica there was one song he gravitated to in particular: “The Unforgiven”.

Back to Bedlam, aka Almeria

Fight-or-flight response is not working, the rest-and-digest was very difficult and freeze-and-dissociate took over. Is this why we feel cold in winter or in an environment that is too extreme?

Unforgiven means not forgiven, as in “the catalogue of unforgiven wrongs simply grows and grows” (a definition I found on the Internet). Guilty conscience grows (it is one of her characteristic), ending up in toxic shame and thoughts of business like beginning to sell vacuum cleaners door-to-door. At the moment, I am the witness of a couple dispute. Reminds me of mine, and that’s why I decided to be very careful with dating. Women love projects and men are anxious not to be tied down. Your mother brought you up wrong and your father is a coward. It’s always the same old story: a fight for justice and future. Children are caught in the middle of a desperate fight and they don’t know if they should fly to the nearest safe haven.

What New York couples fight about: once a label is on something, it is no longer alive. As if it was so hard to come back from that word. Again, words are important: I’m a skilled musician and that implies I’m a great human being. Implications is always something important. Once, I had a very lucid moment and I realised we were at war. That’s how I didn’t fail, by assessing the situation with lucidity: no naive songs and no darkness on the city. A honest signal will bring the group together. My advice then would be: careful who you hang out with. If you can’t join them, beat them! Or maybe help yourself. Why don’t you help yourself? What can you say when a love affair is over?

When you act like you never had love, maybe you had too much or not enough. Exam of the superb is key because this is the entry point of most diseases. Giving nuances to that experience requires a small effort from everybody.

You label me, I’ll label you. “An eye for an eye”, or the law of retaliation, is the principle that a person who has injured another person is to be penalised to a similar degree, or in softer interpretations, the victim receives the [estimated] value of the injury in compensation. The intent behind the principle was to restrict compensation to the value of the loss. The principle is sometimes referred using the Latin term lex talionis or the law of talion. A mirror punishment is a penal form of poetic justice which reflects the nature or means of the crime in the means of (often physical) punishment as a form of retributive justice — the practice of “repaying” a wrongdoer “in kind”. Careful with that mirror. What would you do? Move or compromise? Scars from your compromise like slavery tracks make you act like you never had love. Maybe you had too much, or not enough. The mirror conspiracy is everywhere and everybody should focus on prevention rather than healing. Take a fool’s advice: must be some kind a way out of here, said injustice to fatigue. Too much bargaining here, I can’t get no dignity. Rip off the mask and let’s examine that injury: what you shouldn’t do when a love affair is over.

Just another nervous wreck! Don’t dream it’s over, because if this is the case, make a new brand new start. Feelings of guilt and shame should evolve with courage: challenge is not a burden.

While working on their “Black Album”, 3 out of 4 members of Metallica were going through divorce. They were trying to take those feelings of guilt and failure out and making something productive. “So close, no matter how far couldn’t be much more from the heart.” If you trust who you are, then why are you playing with that telephone and threatening to break it? “Marriage is the chief cause of divorce” according to Groucho Marx (1890 – 1977). Remember, children are like prisoners of war and shell shock is everywhere. Shell shock is a phrase coined in World War I to describe the type of post-traumatic stress disorder many soldiers were afflicted with during the war (before PTSD itself was a term).

It is reaction to the intensity of the bombardment and fighting that produced a helplessness appearing variously as panic and being scared, or flight, an inability to reason, sleep, walk or talk. Yesterday, I was talking with random strangers in a coffee shop and the discussion started to drift towards the anal stage. The anal stage is the second stage in Sigmund Freud’s theory of psychosexual development, lasting from age 18 months to three years. According to Freud, the anus is the primary erogenous zone and pleasure is derived from controlling bladder and bowel movement. I remember now that we shouldn’t really talk about difficult things. Just let dignity and the body do the talking: protect your neck and shoulders! Trying to grow a chin will lead you nowhere. No rumination and emotions shouldn’t be that intense. Words are not trivial, sorry mate!

Music is your special friend: the wisdom of 5000 songs! Who needs action when you got words? The mirror still plays tricks on me, but maybe the problem is money: simplicity, exchange and abstraction.

The future is uncertain, and the end is always near. Couldn’t be much more from the heart! Who were those men, playing with my life, as if they were people next to a pond, throwing me as if I was a stone and fascinated by the ripples? Of course, I was the rock they threw in the lake. Won’t see me again before 2020. What a sad thing to say! But lucidity has saved many lives before and will again. Hygiene must be constant, otherwise dignity and identity will be brutally attacked. With time, I’m having more and more troubles moving on. I guess I’ll have to proceed with elimination, when it comes to compromise: everything but Baghdad. Good loving we never had; and now the bear’s in town. Thank you for the facts and the ideas. Will life events neuroticism get me on the gossip train? Is talking about people that disturbing? You will know in the next episode of that intimate diary, with 200,000 people reading.


If you liked that post or more generally my blog, don’t forget to go to my about page for details on “like, share, comment and donate”. In other words, this sounds serious and listening to black metal takes a bit of education. In a nutshell, a decision must be made!

New blood joins this earth
And quickly he’s subdued
Through constant pained disgrace
The young boy learns their rules
With time the child draws in
This whipping boy done wrong
Deprived of all his thoughts
The young man struggles on and on he’s known
A vow unto his own
That never from this day
His will they’ll take away-easy


What I’ve felt
What I’ve known
Never shined through in what I’ve shown
Never be
Never see
Won’t see what might have been
What I’ve felt
What I’ve known
Never shined through in what I’ve shown
Never free
Never me
So I dub thee Un-forgiven

They dedicate their lives
To running all of his
He tries to please them all
This bitter man he is
Throughout his life the same
He’s battled constantly
This fight he cannot win
A tired man they see no longer cares
The old man then prepares
To die regretfully
That old man here is me


Never Free
Never Me
So I dub thee Unforgiven
You labeled me
I’ll label you
So I dub thee Unforgiven
Never Free
Never Me
So I dub thee Unforgiven
You labeled me
I’ll label you
So I dub thee Unforgiven
Never Free
Never Me
So I dub thee Unforgiven

Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!

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