A Robust Model Toward Pitch Estimation

Oct 08, 2018

A serious music insight by The Pretenders’ cover of “Forever Young” (Bob Dylan) makes me want to define the fundamentals everyone can hear here on Earth.

Most of you don’t know about it but the ear can only hear sounds ranging from 0 to 22,050 Hz. I won’t digress on sounds that we can’t hear even though they exist but we should remember that standard A in music is 440 Hz.

I remember once stumbling upon a website recommending setting A to slightly under 440 Hz. And you could hear your music differently and they would say it changes your life a lot. Maybe or maybe not.

One thing I am sure of is we have to ask for the standard scale for us humans here on Earth: whores, skills, tolerance, insults, daily life, heart, and horizon. That is 7 notes that most of us are familiar with.

I stumbled upon a job description requesting skills to estimate pitch in telephone signals in order to detect stress, depression, and anxiety.

Greatest Fundamental Is Reciprocity and Solidarity

This is not new because even the song Nature Boy mentions that basic principle of reciprocity. For example, I used to be invited to parties by a friend when I was a student so I invited him and his girlfriend in Lebanon. And luckily everything went fine even though there were slight problems with partying.

Once, only once did I lose control; I mean I didn’t lose control but I gave all my soul. In return, I had nothing except a hospital and a strange doctor that managed to ask us 24k euros. In the long run, one might wonder what will happen. Thanks to big brother, we know what happens in every modern home.

Do not hesitate to mistreat that person; you know what I’m talking about.

A Ladder To The Stars and Planets

Another fundamental of humanity is the sky. One might think that tired and fatigued people stopped looking at the sky and only have a look at their feet. If they took a look around, they will realize they live boulevard of broken dreams only if they let people bring them down.

The evolution of humanity will depend on crystal meth substance abuse it seems because most of us will evolve toward obesity and hyperactivity. So I’m going to reveal what’s going on in here: everybody is looking for a place to put down their heavy load.

The thing is sometimes you might be frozen on the ladder of your life. That’s because someone down is bringing everybody down. I guess then you might choose the difficulty of the mountain or the hill before jumping on the bandwagon of the climb.

Let’s See The Darkness Surrounding Us

They said it was safe and they lied. I mean they could have told us it was a butchery or Bollywood with strange warriors having a colposcopy every 3 months. Some people think life is a poker game: in order to finish in a respectable position, you have to stay average and be lucky.

The problem is one day someone will ask you to show your cards. And you better show a strong hand based on the board and the cards that were dealt. Sometimes, one can witness a horror like a Roman Polanski’s film. In that case, you have to remain calm and keep your game uptight.

Occasional players come and go. But only the ones who can endure a long fight will win. Today, I was browsing the Bible and several characters lived more than 200 years. What kind of cards were there at the time? Was the murder of Abel by Cain a horror?

Courage Is The First True Force

As a conclusion, some feelings won’t go away. We are doing the same mistake over and over again. For example, history is full of massacres or wars. Is that a reason to make it commonplace? Why did WW1 was deemed the last of wars?

They say in war the first casualty is the truth. Each time I think about truth, I think about the truce. And sometimes Bruce Springsteen. You and I, we were the pretenders. What you don’t surrender, the world just strips away. This feeling of security comes at a hard price.

So here we are with our wonderful estimation of our basics: there’s a feeling I just can’t shake. Which means that one day it might go away but in the meantime, it makes me feel like a baby looking for Jesus and his mother.

Wait a minute, I’m wrong: the fundamental should be courage, not a feeling that won’t go away. We should perceive a challenge and not a burden. The first step is participating but of course, winning is our only goal. If you want to win, let me give you a clue: a bunch of whores (man and woman).

Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!