Who Can Get It Right Most Of The Time?

May 02, 2019

There’s someone here on Earth who is really closely watched. I’m not talking about the president of India: 1.3 billion souls await his next move. I’m talking about that stupid smell some of us spend our time spreading. There’s too much coke and too much smoke.

The problem with psychotropic substances and stimulants is that sometimes you can feel invincible as if you were leading 6/0 6/0 in a tennis Grand Slam. It’s true that you’re in a good position to win if you lead 2 sets to zero. But what if someone decides it’s a brand new day and finally beats you?

The problem with smoking is that it’s like a fog of war. You can get some friendly fire and that’s 100% guaranteed. The fog of war is like a problem with information: but I know the horizon will be able to light the darkness. Because all my pictures are fading.

Anyway the one who will get it right most of the time is a professional. But what if you prove him wrong?

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Is Information A Critical Thing?

Information: you think you can be happy with lots of money but if your brain is full of shit, nobody will enjoy life. At the moment, I’m not sure if I’m full of shit or very rich. After all, someone owes 25 million dollars but will never give them to me. Let me tell you it’s an awful position to be in.

One could say you can end up forever in debt for a priceless advice like “don’t eat that yellow snow” or “you should find a meaningless job”. But when you got the code like me, you know it can mean a lot of things and you can have lots of ideas. For example, I know humanity should focus on recovery.

From what should we recover? The toxic artwork of Alois Brunner: the funk of 2000 years. Maybe it’s an awkward way to speed up the space race. After all, sometimes time can’t heal some wounds like crimes against humanity. Who wants to live forever?

When you work with bad information, you can only end up in a bottomless pit. This time we will get it right.

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Do You Feel Like I Do?

There’s a feeling I get when I think of space and my spirit is crying for comfort. Some people wonder why there are so many stars and so many galaxies. I guess it’s a matter of being careful.

With so much children whose sole purpose is to destroy the ancients, the ancients decided to be careful and make a big space for this wonderful game we call opportunism. By the way, if you like that blog and the music I recommend, you can make a donation easily with the Stripe button (footer or menu above).

Being careful might be more important than taking too many risks. Now let’s talk about the price we have to pay for space.

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What If Space Traveling Was Easy?

Yesterday I woke up and took my flying car to go to Alnitak to visit an old friend. I stopped by Aldebaran to make sure my secondary residence was correctly locked. You never know who’s looking on: a horrible body with a horrible face.

Next week I will have to spend 3 days on Earth because I have to talk with a fellow musician about a project to travel easily at home. It’s called listening to music for those who can’t afford a flying car.

They say the next exoplanet mankind will colonise is Gliese 581. By the way, I’m not sure Alnitak has an exoplanet but you get what I mean.

Humanity is well behind in the space race: we’ve been wondering about it for 7 million years. But soon space travels will become easy and this will be the new frontier.

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Was Just Being Polite The Key?

As a conclusion, I guess the key to the space race was just being polite. Most of the time, you can get it right just by being polite. For example, if you like that blog and think I deserve a reward for writing almost everyday, make sure to make a payment (a donation, a subscription or maybe order a product). This blog is about music and astronomy.

Most of the time, you can get it right by adding a finishing touch to your work. For example, I’m writing a post in maybe 1 hour (750 words). But when I’m finished and I verified there are not a lot of writing mistakes, I choose carefully pictures to illustrate my meaning. And the finishing touch is of course an iTunes link to the song I recommend.

Don’t forget to add a little finishing touch in everything you do like in Mortal Kombat. Up next we will have to deal with the consequences of the words I chose!

Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!