A Reliable Imagination For A Successful Life.

Sep 24, 2019

You want to be successful. And you want to bring others up with you. Because success is there to be shared. Of course, failure must also be analyzed.

But we’re here to talk about success (even though we might also talk about failure then).

What if you were an eye in the sky and you could read the mind of other people? What if someone insulting your sister didn’t get you ejected from the game?

You’re indeed facing tough people every day, and they tend to simulate a big hurt when it can get you ejected. Those people met a lot of stressful moments, yet they crumble if you give them a headbutt.

Yes, I’m talking about Zidane, Materazzi, and the 2006 World Cup. And this is why the big hurt might end: whom are you trying to get out of the game? Italians, Arabs who were accepted in Europe or Mongols because of their dominance of Asia in the Middle Ages?

Yes who are you trying to get out of the game with your perfect face? But first let’s be honest about reading the mind of other people.

Experts Say it’s a Fascinating Compromise.

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Everyone around you is fighting weird allusions — the kind you find in a second-hand store. The funny hat is a shot away.

Take another shot of macabre punishment because of a stupid person who made a living being explicit. See, music is exciting because it’s encrypted. You can’t save people who are lazy and egoistic.

Sometimes music doesn’t move me a bit, and sometimes I’m reduced to tears.

Yes, only altruism and effort will save us. But there must be a shortcut or something you can rely on in times of trouble. Is it always a fight for love and glory?

Everyone is fighting weird allusions due to their culture. In my country, you can’t make love before marriage.

A Hypnotic Miracle About Love And Glory.

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Yes, this means it’s a detail that you want to investigate. Everyone is fighting weird allusions. And they need a solution like a song. See, music is the exact contrary of porn.

If porn is an explicit act of sex, then music was made for those who worked a little more. If you’re not enjoying the music right now, what does it mean then?

Yesterday I went to Quadrangle in Hazmieh to listen to live music. They were playing Purple Rain by Prince, and suddenly I broke down and cried.

To me, Purple Rain should be the anthem of Lebanon with Purple Haze by Hendrix and other purple songs like Purple (Air Mix). Purple Rain reminds me of that time in 2010, where the sky was crying because lots of people in every branch around me were falling.

Yes the miracle of music will minimise the problems of dirty wars and maximise the number of interesting people you meet. But let’s talk a little about imagination and be precise.

Special Offer: Time’s Up For The Big Hurt.

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Imagination: once I read that fantasy was a sign of psychic normality. One can expect with psychosomatic people a problem with fantasy than you can spot in their thoughts.

But the exciting thing about fantasy and imagination is effortless: it’s about compromise. Take, for example, that dream where I was visiting the city, and more and more, I was burned out. What kind of agreement was that exactly?

It’s an interesting point of view: one should understand the compromise there was in their dreams since it’s the best way to understand the unconscious mind. I remember another idea: I was a dragon in a cage, and everybody around me was holding hands in a chain.

Maybe the big hurt will end if we understand the compromise there was in our dreams: enter the taxman: 90% for me, 10% for you. Should we be thankful then for having a little of that awesome cake?

Unlock The Potential of Your Loved Ones Right.

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As a conclusion, I guess we all want a part of that cake we call life. But what will happen when there is no more cake? Who will bake another one? And will we get the same share as before?

With this blog, I want to unlock the potential of my readers. To be successful, you have to realize that everyone is fighting weird allusions right now, and tomorrow will be the same. Nothing in life is free, and ask yourself what you can do for your readers.

Imagination and fantasy are about compromise. In this desert, I call my soul; I always play the starring role. So if you start something (a job, a school, a relationship), remember the compromise.

My former partner needed someone stable, and, since then, I haven’t moved much. Now I’m considering the UN, and I want to be president around 2035.

The compromise will be simple: it will be the best Earth we can dream of: a balance between work and life and a few extras (like visiting Egypt and the Milky Way). Of course, there is one thing I will also guarantee: go back home if you’re angry or sad and listen to music.

Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!