15 rebounds a game, pretty fly for a suspicious mind

Dec 01, 2017

My conscience wants me to investigate the social field. We live in a society where communism and capitalism are still fighting, thanks to WW2. What about anarchy in the UK? Do you know what you want and how to get it?

Hope they love their children too 

I was wondering what would be the best system in the world for humanity to make a giant leap forward: it’s called reboundism. Basically, gravity has disappeared and, although that might seem dangerous, it is not. Imagine yourself in 5 million years when the Sun will stop to shine…

Will the human race discuss money at that time? Or will we talk about that oceanic feeling some of us got just by going in a desert! Watching the Milky Way is no ordinary show. And that took place in the desert of Syria, which is now a low lit room where everybody is as close as bride and groom.

Maybe your parents gave you up

“To the Moon and Back” is a song by Australian pop duo Savage Garden. It was released in Australia on 4 November 1996 as the second single from their self titled 1997 album. This rather intense song is about a lonely, alienated girl who lets no one get close to her because of the pain she has endured in the past. She lives in a fantasy world to protect her heart.

The song became a Top 3 hit on the UK Singles Chart, and a Top 25 hit on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100, and was also the band’s first number one in its native country.While it did not have the success in America that “I Want You” did, the runaway success of its follow up “Truly Madly Deeply” inspired Savage Garden and Columbia Records to remix “To the Moon and Back” and release it again in 1998.

After the international success of their debut single, “I Want You”, there were high expectations for the song as its follow-up. The song deals with feelings of alienation from the mainstream society and the desire to find romantic love during adolescence. It has been described as one of the band’s darkest songs.

There have been three different music videos for the song. Savage Garden was an Australian pop duo consisting of Darren Hayes on vocals and Daniel Jones on instruments. Formed in Logan City, Queensland, in 1993, the duo achieved international success in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

They disbanded in 2001 and Hayes continued as a solo artist. This song is taken from their eponymous debut album “Savage Garden” (1997) released in Australia by Columbia Records and Roadshow Music. It won the 1998 ARIA Music Award for Highest Selling Album. The album sold more than 12 million copies worldwide, according to Billboard Magazine.

According to rock music historian, Ian McFarlane, the album “revealed the influence of 1980s UK pop on Hayes and Jones’ songwriting. Tears for Fears melodies blended seamlessly with Eurythmics-like arrangements, while Cure-styled guitar provided the icing on the cake”.

Sorry seems to be the hardest word

Maybe the girl’s compromise in the song was a bad one, maybe she couldn’t find a love that would shelter her? When you look at systems in place in the world, you might start to wonder why people believed in that system and not another one. Basically, when you push a system to its limit, interesting things start to happen.

But we always get the same results: a part of the brain monitors intense efforts. With reboundism, another chance seems to be the easiest word. And while some people are heavily drunk with revenge and rivalry trying to prove that their system is better, mine is about humanity. I experienced a lot of systems, and I can guarantee the best system is one that makes room for errors.

If you think about savage capitalism or communists that play poker, I guess we all need a system that can limit excess and failure. The motto would be: next time, I’ll try and do something better. And if I fail, I will learn and grow; not wonder why there is no sun up in the sky. My heart has been well schooled and I may lose my temper sometimes, but let me tell you how it will not be: 90 for me and 10 for you.

Taxman took 90% of my salary

God is dead but the state isn’t. When you live in big cities like Paris or London, you have a relation with nature that is different than most people. And when you look at nature, it is generous and diversified. Just the opposite of cold wars: just about money and very localised. I came up for another definition of money: simplicity, abstraction and exchange.

What will we do when our hearts won’t stand the pictures of Syria and Iraq? Is it all in our minds? The answer is yes, it’s about perception and it’s the role of the brain, a vital organ. With reboundism, war criminals will be able to flee in South America or Iceland and have daughters that will appear on the Vogue magazine cover 25 years later, giving hints about their make-up secrets.

I have nothing against Gisele Bundchen but it is time for me to have children and try to stay in Europe and the Mediterranean. I’m a dancing fool about to commit his social suicide but when I think about it, if I had a chance to get a 2nd chance and stop screaming like a fat cat, I would have been maybe less in love with work.

People need a rope, something to hang on while disasters are ruining 20 years of life and hard work. If you have the power to begin again, you might end up learning from your mistakes and grow. But, over and over again, we will make the mistakes: hesitation and anticipation. I was trained by the Syrian regime to shut the fuck up and make sure to stay in my place; but they forgot I had connections and I know some powerful people.

But nothing ever happens and I wonder

We should have planted a tree 20 years ago, but the second best time is now. That is our destination and that’s why I’m writing this blog. It it fails, the problem is marketing; I’m planning to make a living out of this blog by 2020. Your comments will be much appreciated but I won’t tolerate anything derogatory without appropriate explanation.

The crystal frontier is driving me nuts and I thought I could share a thought or two here. A lost child on the river of tears is writing, and when I find my way between the rain and the steam, I will be robust enough to handle the challenges of the next 40 years, like end of cold wars and/or focus on the environment and its respect. Nature is generous and diversified. That should be a goal for everyone!

Speaking from the heart now because there is a worldwide menace at the moment called Daesh (aka ISIS): my analysis is that Jews are behind this, even if they like Arabs or not.  The strange things about this is that we are all Semitic people, a term for an ethnic, cultural or racial group who speak or spoke the Semitic languages.

The Semitic languages are a branch of the Afroasiatic language family originating in the Middle East. Semitic languages are spoken by more than 330 million people across much of Western Asia, North Africa and the Horn of Africa, as well as in often large expatriate communities in North America and Europe, with smaller communities in the Caucasus and Central Asia.

The terminology was first used in the 1780s by members of the Göttingen School of History, who derived the name from Shem, one of the three sons of Noah in the Book of Genesis. And when we will integrate the messages of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and other religions, then we will realise that it means bringing people together, not separating them or giving them serious heartaches.

Is it the end of a naive world? Human Rights Watch can’t do nothing because usual suspects are still here: the world will discover the extent of the war crimes, say “nevermore!” and then drown in a sea of paranoia and spooky blog posts (according to usual suspects: who needs enemies when you got friends?).

Share it fairly but don’t take a slice of my pie

Money and insults? Again, to me, money is simplicity, abstraction and exchange. Does anybody have another clue about money? Donald Trump said that money was never a big issue for him, and it allowed to keep track of the score. One challenge for me is someone keeping score and displaying it in front of 200,000 people.

They sentenced me to 20 years of investigation, for trying to have respect and trust. Scars from my compromise like slavery tracks! The greatest journey begins with a simple step: security and its definition. Security is a basic thing and it is merely information and critical thinking. What will we do if we are unable to live 5 million years, until the Sun starts to fade?

What about water? What about that sense of urgency (basic marketing it seems along with amazing promises)? Toxic people with toxic minds have taken over, we gotta take the power back. It’s very easy to spot toxic people: they are paranoid. They hope their legs won’t break walking on the moon but, they forgot about their knees.

Superb information in a blog like this should trigger a viral response before 2020. Otherwise, I know I have a marketing issue. This is an amazing promise: make a living with a blog, meaning I can work from home or in a café. Because I’m sick and tired of open spaces and their intolerable cruelty. Man, I do feel exposed but I have no choice: those guys tend to annihilate the future (Syria and their friends).

Last time I was sober, I felt bad

Baby, it’s dark outside. So cold that the game must be defined! The goal is not to fail! That way, we will understand what kind of game we played. I have a clue: a part of the brain monitors intense efforts. That’s why reboundism is important, a 2nd chance to make it right.

I’ve spent so many time trying to figure out what went wrong during the ground floor experience (I mean the girlfriend experience) that now I feel sedated. Maybe it’s a kind of hypnosis or something, but the heart is too important to be left to consciousness. This time I will make it right.

If you had another chance, would you do the same? Word still denies that you are worthy of trust and respect. When you lose basic stuff like that, like confidence, you have serious issues. With second chances, will we make it right the first time?


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She’s taking her time making up the reasons
To justify all the hurt inside
Guess she knows from the smile
and the look in their eyes
Everyone’s got a theory about the bitter one
They’re saying, “Mamma never loved her much”
And, “Daddy never keeps in touch
That’s why she shies away from human affection”
But somewhere in a private place
She packs her bags for outer space
And now she’s waiting for the right
kind of pilot to come
And she’ll say to him
She’s saying

I would fly to the moon & back if
you’ll be…
If you’ll be my baby
Got a ticket for a world where we
So would you be my baby?

She can’t remember a time when she felt needed
If love was red then she was colour blind
All her friends they’ve been tried for treason
And crimes that were never defined
She’s saying, “Love is like a barren place,
And reaching out for human faith is
Is like a journey I just don’t have a map for”
So baby’s gonna take a dive and
Push the shift to overdrive
Send a signal that she’s hanging
All her hopes on the stars
What a pleasant dream
Just saying

Mamma never loved her much
And Daddy never keeps in touch
That’s why she shies away from human affection
But somewhere in a private place
She packs her bags for outer space
And now she’s waiting for the right
kind of pilot to come
And she’ll say to him
Just saying

Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!