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Jan 19, 2018

Another insight by a George Michael album. Music makes people come together. Read this without prejudice and I’ll love you. I’m lost in cruel intentions.

When we were young, love was new and warm as the sun.

And now we’re stuck in dirty love that put us in a coma. I hope my legs don’t break. And I’m going to use magic as if I was a witch.

I’m not saying I don’t want to go pink like everybody. But if a society tolerates some things, it has the potential to become a norm. And our only goal will be survival.

With negative prejudices, you find lots of reason to confirm your point of view. Thus creating an endless spiral of debate and overjustification.

The overjustification effect occurs when an expected external incentive such as money or prizes decreases a person’s intrinsic motivation to perform a task. Once rewards are no longer offered, interest in the activity is lost; prior intrinsic motivation does not return, and extrinsic rewards must be continuously offered as motivation to sustain the activity.

It’s so dark outside that I’m wondering what they got to sell. The skin has 3 roles it seems. When I learned about that, I jumped like a fish but, when I analyze that, it makes a lot of sense:

  • protection from the environment,
  • justification for the outside world,
  • and elimination of toxins.

Shneck Pain is a Problem With Questions and Roles

People trying to protect you will tell you it’s going to be hard. This is so vague that it’s hardly a good advice.

Shoulders and neck pain usually happen together. That’s because the nervous pathways are the same and the brain has a hard time evaluating what it means.

The meaning is simple: whether the problem is ill-defined or you do not have the skills to tackle it. People around you will give you pressure. With negative prejudices, you lose time and money trying to understand what’s the matter with that environment.

I’ve seen a lot of people with holograms instead of eyes; or maybe black holes as if there were predators among us. Are you sure you do not want to not vote for me as a representative of the human race?

What are we going to do when aliens come back?

No Chance To Escape The Jaws of Money

My definition of money is simple: abstraction, exchange, and simplification. A near allusive experience. Almost reptilian.

In the name of love, we must be proud of who we are and where we’re going. I used to end up in the same old jam every evening.

Until I work too hard trying to figure out what went wrong with my ex-girlfriend and me. And Venus is insisting that I am through with the shadow within.

A world where life is bliss. This is old. The chances are high I end up angry and nervous. I want to go to space because here on Earth people are obvious.

Take communism for example. A system imagined by people to take power and completely perverted by their regular paranoid political police.

World War 2 was the biggest ideological war ever. That prejudice makes sense when I think about it.

Listen Without Prejudice But A Bit Of Culture

Bad outlaws and people who can’t take a joke rule the world.

You’re frozen when your heart is not open. And that might be a good thing because then you will end up in another time and space. People have studied for a long time cryogenics. They want to wake up 2209 and see what progress science has made.

We will not talk about political progress because, as everyone knows, it’s always the same old story. While two people fight, another one is taking advantage of the situation.

I left 2010 very much alive and I would never have made it through the Almeria mud if I hadn’t been riding on a magic carpet. My education was marked by prejudice. And I decided to start an investigation.

Scarred for Life, no Compensation or Information

There is something about that blog that makes me weak.

As if I was afraid of success or failure. Some people are result-driven. Others are long-run driven. But, in the end, I think the one who wins will be the one who is able to work every day and play better when it matters.

There’s always a delicate period after a wonderful project. You could say that every victory has a taste that’s bittersweet. That’s a prejudice that everyone will agree upon.

Cold therapies must be evaluated with other ones like music therapy. I had success with music and sounds. With images too. But I decided I would dedicate my life to music.

When you are able to simplify your life like that, everything will be fine.

We Came To This World Alone, So They Say

Who are those people of power, innuendo, and animality?

The thing with animality is that the gray hell has produced strange animals, suffering from helplessness to begin again. Don’t be alarmed, the Spring clean for the May queen will be useful.

Without prejudice, we would spend a lot of time arguing about basic stuff. It’s funny because prejudice is a harmful word in the English language. To be honest, I don’t think cigarettes are bad for health. The problem is a lifestyle.

Try not to breathe. Breathing allows calming the subconscious mind.

I have worked in the investment banking industry. Return on investment and profits are the only thing that matters. Maybe that’s why I can’t go on a holiday now.

But love conquers all. With love, you have regression. I skipped that part because it seemed so silly. Love doesn’t have to be stupid. The only way I can conceive love is dynamism.

Proud Mary Said She’s Responsible For This Good Thing

The thing about relationships that I hated since I was young was jealousy and grieving.

When things go according to plan, queen jealousy enters and then something strange happens. Someone dies in a car crash. Problems with motivation and the goal of that game.

Auguste Comte once said that “dead people govern the living”. I always thought about influences when dealing with people. When you think about society and politics, there is something called prejudice.

At the moment, I have a somatization problem. Meaning I have a problem with fantasizing. When I think about those knees problem and those elbows that should help me make my way through that storm, I think about years of care and loyalty.

In the blink of an eye, you can see the light. Or lose everything you have. And this is not normal.

And Then Intimacy Reduces to Cruelty and Severity

I lost 15 years of my life fighting a battle with accuracy. Because some mistakes cost a lot, like silence or communication breakdown.

Like a child, a country’s sole interest should be to shine.

What can be my sole interest here? I have to tolerate an autoimmune disorder. Something involving cancer. But we’re not sure. Anyone can tell cancer perhaps is more serious than cancer.

Hesitation on a pedestrian passage will put you at risk of meeting a drunk driver.

The prejudice of having given a person a ride will destroy my memory, also known as the limbic system. The limbic system supports a variety of functions including emotion, behavior, motivation, long-term memory, and olfaction. Emotional life is largely housed in the limbic system, and it has a great deal to do with the formation of memories.

Like a dog without a bone and an actor out on loan, I’m rearranging hell. Because I didn’t know if I was heaven or hell bound. At the moment, I’m a dancing fool.

Will rivalry and vengeance occupy our minds forever? Will troubles and pressure be that intense that even common people can’t do nothing? What is the fate of those unable to move on and compromise?

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