4 Questions Children Of Nazis Ask

Jul 28, 2018

A serious music insight from a song by Backstreet Boys raises interesting questions for children of nazis. I was thinking of children from Syria to be precise.

With WW2 and the Nazis, it’s always the same old story. They need inspirational quotes and it seems Hitler had the idea of the Holocaust from the Armenian genocide. Anyway, they’re back and they want Lebanon to participate in the peace process of the region.

Children of Nazis ask 4 questions. The main subject are: originality, elections, sexuality and necessity. The body holds a special place in the heart of Nazis children. And maybe it’s the bonus question.

I thought about Assad’s children suffering from a chemical attack. And then, I remembered the video of that song that I used to make fun of when I was 22. My cousins remember well because I still do it today. You could try it at home, it’s like a zombie dance without conscience.

Our Dreams Should Remain At Your Doorway

The first question children of Nazis ask is the following: why should our dreams remain at your doorway? The next question is obvious: why should we always be lonely? I don’t know about my Lebanese friends but, when I was 14, we were showed pictures of Auschwitz as if we were ignorant.

I was born in Lebanon in 1980. The Civil War was 5 years old and 3 years later, my parents decided to move to France. This was my reasonable request at the time because we knew we had to become adult fast but 3 years old is too early. And now, some friends told me I should grow up fast.

When you control your feelings for too long, your darkest souls start to play with you. And they always remind you to grow up, without noticing that they are also little boys and girls.

They Say Democracy Is The Best System

The second question children of nazis ask are about elections: is democracy really the best system? Is democracy free of tyranny? It seems democracy suffer from a tyranny called majority.

They say the West has values but always betrayed those while trying to stay in power. You may say science and progress is bad. But the truth is it’s just jealousy because Russians and Syrians love to use Pavlov classical conditioning against you.

Man’s Fate (French: La condition humaine, “The Human Condition”), is a 1933 novel written by André Malraux. This was the main novel we were going to study in 1998 for our final year in high school. With classical conditioning, you could say we were born to give hope to humanity.

Children are conditioned to give hope to humanity. And if the system is pushed to the limit to see if it breaks, who will make sure we are able to cool down a bit?

Education About Fights And Sex Is Important

The third question children of Nazis is simple, it’s about sexuality. Is it really normal to wake up and approach the battlefield like a soldier? Even at age 3? Why is everyone at war with everyone?

People don’t explain that sexuality is just about projects. For example, that blog is a project that should get people’s attention by 2020. If it’s not the case, I will go back to making music without words.

Words are important when you want to evoke worlds. And fights happened because of a specific word. In the long run, maybe it’s just a dreamer’s disease. Shangri-La will return again, or maybe was it the opposite? The Nazis are a hell of a tester: it’s as if your teenager was suddenly the boss.

Children Are An Instrument You Can’t Play

The fourth question children of nazis ask is the following: we seem very important to you, is it normal? Some dirty minds like to recall that some people use children and other person as a shield. So many people do not have children. Children of Nazis have a hard time with their UNKL point.

An UNKL point is a limit where you decide you stop to play. We need a little controversy but is life just a game? I guess there are so many games to play; why always play that stupid game called Carmageddon?

I wanna play the guitar and the saxophone. I wanna play with words and swords. Maybe with a bow and arrow. But some games remain a bit fascinating. Which is better: poker or chess?

Russians and Syrians love chess. Of course, they play poker in secret rooms because if someone knew communists played with money, the system will explode. Chastity, poverty and obedience are wonderful vows to give up.

Can’t Get Their Bodies Out Of My Mind

As a conclusion, we always end up on the same subject all our lives. My body starts to make funny things. How come Michael Jackson became white? The body has 3 purposes: protection, justification and elimination.

When I see the bodies of Nazis children, I have a deep sympathy for them (maybe because I was born in the 80s). Chemical weapons were banned because everybody agreed it was horrible.

But some funny dictator still have chemical substances. In the West, medicine also has some chemical drugs. My message is simple: you hate your dictator, wait until you have tyranny of the majority.

Another message from a musician could be: don’t dwell on the blue note and take care of the position of your hands. Easier said than done I confess. Why does love got to be so sad? Why shouldn’t we let our feelings show?


Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!