Song – Price : 329€ – Delivery : 1 month max

For producers: I’ll write a song for you, and you can produce it.

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If you request a song from me, you will have the project file with all MIDI and realistic drums. I’m using GarageBand and sometimes LogicPro. You will only have to produce it and rearrange the song.

A good producer can make a big difference for a song. Metallica had an excellent producer for the Black Album. And one of his advice was simple: follow the drummer! 🙂


Playlist – Price : 89€ – Delivery : 1 week max

For music lovers: I’ll create a playlist, and you can relax anywhere.

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If you request a playlist, you can specify what you want exactly like upbeat jazz, or groovy soul, or maybe energetic rock. 1-hour packed with excellent songs selected by me and my 20+ years of experience listening to music.

A right playlist can make a big difference if you’re at work, at a party, or only driving home for Christmas. You can specify if you want a simple playlist or a DJ mix with transitions.


Idea – Price : 39€ – Delivery : 1 day max

For musicians: I’ll send you a music idea you can develop.

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If you request an idea, you will receive a short loop you can develop on your own or with your friends. Sometimes inspiration isn’t here, and all you need is a little boost to take a track to the next level.

A short idea can be awesome to get started or maybe to have a track with a little more variety. Ordering an idea will get you to work in the minute, and I’m curious to see how you will develop it. All I’m asking is to see the result before the public.


Code – Price : 899€ – Delivery : 1 hour max

For writers: I’ll send you codes (protected PDF) to play on words.

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If you request the code to get inspiration about a topic, please remember the 5 letter words work best. At the moment, I found a secret combination for 3 to 9 letter words that can reveal a troubling meaning for words.

Another blogger used to say that words are WORLDS. He also wrote we were made of words. With these codes, have fun trying to understand the hidden meaning behind a word.

For example, take the word BODY: with this method, it means it’s vital for the police! 🙂 PS: Works in French and English (other languages not tested).

All products are the result of 20+ years of active listening to music. My influences are broad but mainly jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk, pop and electro. Are you tired of hearing the same old song?

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