How To Pretend You're An Adult.

Mar 27, 2019

A lot of us didn’t like adolescence. That’s because at the time we felt there was something happening and what it was ain’t exactly clear. My class of 1994 should have been targeted by a cereal killer.

It seems “age 14” is a classic heartache: you got the dreamer’s disease and you are down on your knees. But if you don’t like adolescence, can you find a shelter in adulthood? What’s the one thing that characterizes adulthood: it’s learning to be still.

Philosophy is one of my favorite topics. I’m still wondering if the definition of Amin Maalouf is right because it seems you can end up in the cliff whatever you do. Let’s do nothing and see what happens. That was also the point of view of Adam Smith.

They say doing nothing is more difficult than doing something. I guess banking and politics are not good friends then.

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Let Me Help You With That Work.

Laissez-faire, (French: “allow to do”), a policy of minimum governmental interference in the economic affairs of individuals and society. The origin of the term is uncertain, but folklore suggests that it is derived from the answer Jean-Baptiste Colbert, controller general of finance under King Louis XIV of France, received when he asked industrialists what the government could do to help business: “Leave us alone.”

The doctrine of laissez-faire is usually associated with the economists known as Physiocrats, who flourished in France from about 1756 to 1778. The policy of laissez-faire received strong support in classical economics as it developed in Great Britain under the influence of economist and philosopher Adam Smith.

Then that may be why while I used to work in banking so many people wanted to interfere with my work. So to all of you who want to work in banking, this is a warning: you will never be left alone!

Do you feel something deep inside when talking about big money? Why did those guys try to disrupt the banking industry then?

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Another Messiah Is About To Abandon Humanity.

It’s true I was considered the savior and in some circles, they know I kept my promise. I know what you think: “what? the land of the free? you are my enemy”. But I guess my promise was twofold: there is a code that will free us and we must find it on the most important matter. The heart.

The heart remembers the dominant idea; it’s the one that will make you relaxed and in control. And it seems the important thing in life is marriage. It seems most marriages end up in a rut trying to keep up with the Jones you married.

I know a good marriage is key when it comes to evolution. But rest assured that you can grow apart and it’s not fidelity the problem.

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Why Do You Have To Point What’s Bad?

There’s something that’s inherent to humanity and I wonder how it’s possible: what’s wrong takes twice more space in your baggage than what’s right. No wonder most of us will finish with a headache that won’t take the plane.

One of my former bosses used to say that success was normal. Maybe that was because I had a cheap diploma. But I ended up in a coma because of those who didn’t have one.

Lately, I was reading an article mentioning that the American Empire brought so much progress to humanity that its mistakes will be quickly forgotten. And I must say it’s true I feel on important matters like music, the English world has taken over. There are a few French songs that I find really interesting also.

What’s bad is becoming the new God of the universe. Now you will behave like an adult if you’re tired of the class!

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That Was Everything I Know On Adulthood.

Now you got the real story: adults have a balance between work and leisure. They have a balance and monitor their weight carefully. There is no crisis: we must remain humble and remember our place in the universe. We are so small that even Shaquille O’Neal might look ridiculous when we discover aliens.

That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be proud of our path until the code. A path with beautiful encounters even though the judges made a lot of mistakes. Let’s remember to shake hands with the referee even though he has a strange method of coming to your house unannounced.

Being an adult is just that: learning to do nothing. Or maybe it’s doing nothing serious. You can play with your feet if you want but don’t touch that red button to send atomic bombs.

Now you can behave like a teenager if you like your class. Or you can behave like an adult if you want to go out of your house!

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