One More Courageous Try Before You Sadly Give Up?

Business Aug 10, 2020

Lately, I thought about giving up blogging. I had some success, but the organic traffic isn't here, and my social proof isn't working. So I went to Google and looked for some information.

One of the articles I read mentioned the fact that one blogger asked fellow bloggers if he/she should give up. The answer was always the same: before giving up, you should try one more time.

And here I am writing again on the Internet. I switched from WordPress to Ghost, mainly for the website speed. Ghost is advertised as 19 times faster than WordPress. I must say it's not what real-world reveals.

But I like Ghost and its Node.js engine. It's too sad I don't have a developer, though. I have an engineering background, but I don't have time to code.

Right now, if you want to donate to the blog, you have to do it in the old fashioned way: bank transfer instead of simply giving your credit card details. I used to use Stripe, but I will do it again when I have a developer.

Is It An Uptown Boy Not Willing To Try?

The teacher told you goodbye. You're on your own, and you're not willing to try. Maybe there are things you don't want to learn?

This paragraph is inspired by a song from George Michael. How cold inside are you exactly if you want to give up? Maybe this had to do with your age or the age of your website?

You're going to feel the cold the more time passes — except if your statistics tell you a good story. I've been blogging for almost three years now and should have 1000 daily visitors.

In February and March, I made awesome advertisements, and I reached that goal. But organic and social traffic is killing me. What I didn't know was that my Search Console account wasn't working properly.

If It's A Nightmare Should You Wake Up?

You're giving every bit of your soul on a blog. But there is no audience. Or at least there is no audience giving you money to pay for coffee and stuff.

This music blog became a nightmare lately, and that's why I feel like giving up. Yet I do think that 30% of my posts are incredibly good. I just have a hard time spotting them. The 30% rule was how Apple was turned around by Steve Jobs in 1997.

Usually, when I remember the content of my post based on the title, I know it's a good post. But there is some content I wrote in a state of total confusion because the secret organization the B.L.U.E.S wants me dead.

There's nothing like a bit of adrenaline to mess things up except if you're a fan of near-death experience posts.

Should You Dust Yourself Off Instead Of Moaning?

One last clue about giving up is that you feel dusty. Maybe this dust on your hand is gold, but if it prevents you from doing simple things, then I don't see how it can be of any value.

At the moment, the dust in my hands prevents me from sitting with no effort, most of the time. You know people tell you to try a little bit harder. Nothing good comes easy.

But do you have to make me sweat just to have your attention? Like Carlos Santana said in his masterclass, "we're here to get people's attention, that's all."

Eminem would agree and would ask the real slim shady to stand up. As far as I'm concerned, please like, comment and share my posts. That's all I'm asking in return for the three pages I write almost every day.

Do You Feel Like Giving Up Because You're Alone?

Overall, one might want to give up because of a lack of support. You know you need the audience to cheer for you as if you were Roger Federer or Zinedine Zidane.

And when your teacher tells you goodbye, how are you going to learn the basics of your business? Today thanks to Google, you have access to a lot of information.

Blogging is a conversation. I didn't have lots of comments on my previous blog except for the occasional "awesome post, keep up the good work." Let me tell you that comments make your life better. How am I going to spot 30% of my content that is incredibly good?

Again, if you want to help make a living on the Internet, please like, comment and share. That's all I'm asking in return for the songs I share. And remember you can also donate (see footer).


Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas Sursock is a full-time musician. His work now focuses on blogging and digesting 10,000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging.