Another Numb Night Sleeping With The Enemy

Feb 06, 2018

Love is more than a feeling according to some insights from good music. A space filled with allusions and experience. Sounds from the serious lover resonate.

When I find the reason, I can’t get used to it. Love is a story that can’t be told. Everyone knows about it and that might be why I witness so many people talking about that. Of course, justice and love compete as the most sensitive subject on Earth.

As I’m writing those lines, I feel loved. How do I know it? It’s because of my mouth. Did you know the mouth is very important because it’s kind of a custom? What do you do when the police admitted some naughty people?

They say there’s a thin line between love and hate. What they meant is that they didn’t know what to say when a love affair is over. Being careless with a delicate person is not a good thing to do. It’s as if you were rude to a polite person, or as if you were cynic with a sports lover.

Feelings that won’t go away with a cocktail are feelings worth investigating. One thing you can be sure of, there’s a fight between sadness and anger with disgust as the referee. Frustration comes and screams that the show was bad and we should get the payment refunded.

Mixed emotions are there to play tricks on you and me. That’s why information must be carefully verified. People saying we cried our lives since we fell off the cradle don’t understand what’s at stake here. Those are the people trying to teach us a life lesson you could summarise with those words: don’t get old, you’re going to feel the cold.

The thing about aging is that some people are more attractive when they age and some people look damn ugly. I think the best way to spend time as you grow old is to go straight to the point. Time is money and it’s the only thing we won’t get back for sure.

Enter subzero human credibility. That kind of credibility is a gift because then you wake up in 2278 and it’s like your 20 years old. At that time, we will be able to go to lots of other planets in the Milky Way as if we were going on a 3-day weekend.

Space is the final frontier. Until we explore space and discover a new frontier. Of course, some people are too busy thinking about their babies.

We should leave some space between us. Allergies to gluten are commonplace now. One might wonder why. I guess health is a sensitive subject and that’s why I must share with you the results of my research.

From Vegas to nowhere. I will sell my memories and then I will vanish in the haze. Independence is a serious thing and people should vote for me in the next cosmic election. What I mean by cosmic is delirium tremens.

While we are wasting time on our enemies, our friends wonder what kind of sport is that. Well, it was what you could call an auction. I say black, they say white. There were 50 ways to decide what kind of grey it was.

The curious thing about love is that it’s the saddest thing when it goes away. It’s because of the separation and distance. The only love that I can understand is the love without the turbulent zones and coffee spilled all over the floor.

The destination is always the same. Survivors still bicker about what went wrong between you, me, the cosmos and all those superb things about my life.

The destination is the brightest star when you go jamming with people every night. And that should be the case about love. If turbulent people would stop their constant games of finger-pointing and shouting louder than reasonable people.

I wonder who’s watching me now. So many intense efforts watch me during the day. Now I understand the supernova scene. It was a fight between Terminator and Basic Instinct.

Hanging on to a love is a wonderful thing. But you might experience nausea and get seriously injured. And nobody will know, thanks to a society ruled by secrecy.

The most curious thing about love is projects you make with your lover. Like going outside for a walk, or taking a car to drive through a canyon and watch the stars.

Will the land of the sun please stand up? I repeat: will the real land of the sun please stand up? The only way out of here said the joker to the thief is music and stars. Which star is guiding you?


Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!