The Most Important Post I've Ever Written.

Mar 04, 2019

If you read this blog since one year, you know I suffer from a bad disease. I’m not a long time woman but I do try to understand them. I’ve been locked so long that my crime is starting to haunt me. I want to reassure you I’ve committed none but it seems to some teachers it was one.

Anyway this is the most important post of this blog because I have news for you: you can catch AIDS without any sexual relationship. Now I want to make sure that, like all bad diseases, AIDS is just like a cancer. It means the following:

  • you suffer from a vague unconscious mess that you try to deal with subconsiously,
  • there’s a strange process of contamination and breaking in that goes on,
  • your circulatory and lymphatic system is having a hard time functioning,
  • we all know the conclusion with auto destruction if there’s no intervention.

One can summarise this with a very simple sentence: the toxic artwork of Alois Brunner. Who’s to blame? The French Revolution or Nicolas Copernic? Maybe also Charlemagne since he invented school.

Bad diseases could be cancer, AIDS or anything. What if it was only about flu-like symptoms?

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What Kind Of Fever Can It Be?

Sometimes I get a fever like an old dream that could come true: a world less and less about vomiting and a little more about taking care of the environment. As an astronomy fan, I’m still kinda shocked it took 7 million years to go to the moon. To me it’s like someone would tell you he lost his virginity at 40yo.

Yes I think mankind just lost its virginity recently. And I wonder who’s laughing about that. Maybe our cousins that are on a distant planet and we wonder if we will meet them again. After all, mankind could be the crime of the century with Syrians from outer space constantly messing us up.

Communism might just be a response to school when you think about it. They decided there should be no class because they might have heavily suffered there. But what can be the production without a class? What can be the production without a sensitisation to mankind?

With no schools you can become detached from your environment. But one day we will all hit rock bottom.

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One Way That Will Work With Rock Bottom.

Music solved so many problems before. Everybody loves music and I remember a girl wearing a t-shirt that said: “music is cheaper than a psychiatrist”.

With rock bottom it’s very simple: you are never treated like you should. For example, people should be knocking on my door asking me to play a good song like a tambourine man.

With rock bottom it’s simple: it’s when you are low on energy. One can wonder how you can be in a coma during 4 years like me. It seems it might be a problem with dancing or society or your limbic brain. Emotional intelligence is so undervalued.

I do think emotions can unite yourself: the bottom part and the upper part of the body, your left and right brain, the profound and superficial. Eurythmics used to sing that “here comes the rain again”. But it might just be: here comes the brain again.

Don’t dwell on the blue note and you will have a home. But am I alone with that strange fever?

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Why Does Everybody Got A Fever?

I know my friends also have a fever. After all, aren’t we born to try to make it better? Listening too much to sad songs can damage your health. For example, take this one “Angry Again”: engaged in crime I grasp my throat, erase my mind I start to smoke before some mental overload…

The fever is very clear: how come it took 7 million years to go to the moon? Maybe if we stop playing and show our dicks and we start to be serious about the prophets that want to help us, maybe we will be a little less vomiting down here.

Usually when you’re heartbroken, it means that you understand your goals are not attainable and the effort you made was worthless. You know what’s been on my mind but 7 million years is wasted time. Soon we will care about space and you know why? Aliens will come and laugh at us. Maybe they’re already there?

Now you know that you can catch a serious disease just by being intimate. I guess one can find a sure way to become again stranger with someone!

Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!