Millennials Are Dead And It's Time For A Song.

Dec 24, 2019

There’s something today that made me upset. Business Insider wrote an article saying marketers must forget Generation Y (Millenials born in the 80s) quickly because Generation Z is coming.

As a Millennial, I can’t help but reflect a little: I’ve been in a kind of coma for four years, and nothing happens. Nobody will help me. If I want to save myself, I can rely only on myself.

Generation X has mistreated us so severely that we became like them: cancer, AIDS, and other stupid disease names that all look like cancer, a vague subconscious mess, and no happy ending.

We always need to hear both sides of a story. I’m sick of joking. We’re going nowhere except maybe to music venues to listen to a good song interpreted by stunning artists.

Only the magic touch will get us out of here. Yesterday I had an enjoyable evening listening to a Lenny Kravitz’s song reworked for live jam sessions.

Did Millennials Have To Face An Atomic Bomb?

dan-meyers-xXbQIrWH2_A-unsplashSomething is happening here, and what it is ain’t exactly clear. It seems Millenials were murdered in numbers by the toxic artwork of World War II. It means the grandparents are responsible for this mess. They beat Millenials badly to beat Baby Boomers’ children.

What went through those people’s minds? The fact that Millennials have trouble finding the right words doesn’t help, and this is the primary concern.

The rain has troubles falling for Millennials, and we’re in a desert. But we skipped all the necessary steps before the desert. We want to play the starring role. But we don’t know who is watching us.

Millennials had to face an armageddon. They are still debating about their digestion problems. If you were born in the 80s, I got some love for you. We know what the atomic bomb is: chemotherapy, love for money, and emotional debility.

Did You Think You Were On Top The World?

man-sitting-on-edge-facing-sunset-915972Millennials thought they had a bright future until some tests recreated the porno graffiti on their bodies. The toxic artwork of underpaid people looking to make some money with the dirtiest jobs made Millennials a generation that was as fresh as those born before the Années Folles (before 1939).

I’m a Millennial, and today I feel like I’m 90 years old. I have a friend who died at age 14. What a bizarre experience! And now marketers come to tell us we’re dead because Generation Z is coming.

Millennials have had their share of strange things. They were wondering who those men were that nobody had seen since 14 billion years, and what the Big Bang was.

We could have been on top of the world. But now we hit rock bottom. We’re never treated like we should.

Never Complain, Never Explain: I’m On Plane!

mark-de-jong-k2dXO7fkZF4-unsplashGeneration Z is coming, and let me tell you how it will be: they might have to face the same things Millennials/Generation Y faced. In the long run, it’s obvious what will happen: prices will fluctuate, and someone will be going down.

Truth is the one friendly face you all need to see.

We will see how Generation Z will fare with the significant challenges of the future. Challenges like climate change, intimacy in the era of information, and the resurgence of past wars (led by people who don’t see how to make that war clean) will always be relevant.

We had a strange education full of demons. According to music, demons should make us productive. But what if that’s not the case? Today, I’m writing a blog thinking of chemotherapy and the indifference of thousands of people. You’d better look far away and read the signs if you want to stay on the road.

Millennials Look Like They Are 90 Years Old.

portrait-old-person-sad-18494To conclude, make no mistake: Millennials are a crucial generation. Born with an innate sense of WW2 and the nightmarish statistics of that war, they will rise and deliver a giant leap forward for humanity, like quantum computing.

The world is not enough for Millenials because someone chased them in their new country. Severity and laxness are always battling in a millennial’s head. What about some realism?

Millennials should rest a lot because of new challenges like Generation Z being targeted by marketers. I’m a Millennial, and I can read your mind: time passes quickly, and remaining significant becomes more and more critical.

Millennials should take care of their image. They could try austerity and take the high-percentage shots. Or they could use the ignorance of their persecutor in a scientific experiment to make a giant leap forward for our humanity: vocabulary and curiosity.

Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!