Have You Ever Met Yourself Sober?

Jan 24, 2019

This post was inspired by one of my favorite songs by Serge Gainsbourg: “Requiem Pour Un Twister”. In the long run, I’m thinking of mission improbable.

In France, they once had an awareness campaign about driving under the influence. Their tagline was: “did you see yourself when drunk?” I was a moderate drinker when I was a 22yo student.

Sobriety is like an ideal but it is hard to achieve. Some might say we are drinking since we’re born with dangerous lesions like “gypsy was right”. I’m an oriental Christian and I read Lebanese newspaper L’Orient Le Jour. Why did they talk about a gypsy who accurately predicted the Arab Spring?

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It kind sent me into a rage because I was central in the Arab Spring (some might say bitches also). I had control and I need some good publicity. Thank God I also have a rage that lasted 20 years and it keeps me busy.

If you’re sober, you end up losing consciousness. Might as well have a little fun except if you’re immortal.

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The Night I Was Born, I Started Dying.

You have to choose your battles. That advice from a mother in the sitcom “That 70s Show” made an impact on me. And I chose to fight for Lebanon and humanity. We are family but an alien has taken over and will die after giving us the classic Peruvian heartache: fever isn’t such a new thing; fever started long ago.

I’m talking about Peru because it seems chemotherapy started here with quinine. Quinine is a medication used to treat malaria. That blog is haunted by chemotherapy and I try to tell myself it’s not a serious matter. Because the heart will solve all problems.

I need a dominant idea like “I know and you don’t know” or “you can be my lover if you play your part right”. The more I get down in the basement that doesn’t exist yet, the more I need to find musicians to jam with every day. It’s a demonstration of fitness.

It’s true that the day you were born, you start wondering who are those people around you. Might as well jump and have your back against a record machine.

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Last Time I Was Sober I Was 18.

In 1998, I spent a summer in Los Angeles to study astronomy. The Mediterranean climate and the big country that we call the USA made an incredible impression on me. I was so far away from my family and friends! But I knew I would come back in 2 months.

Now I’m writing in a state of semi-restlessness: I try to resist all the hurt (or pleasure) that’s around me.

I decided to write a post with a nice method: I have to write 1200 words (otherwise I look like a fool). While studying blogging, they said some people write 750 words in 1 hour. While I find that goal challenging, I witnessed a dramatic decrease in the quality of my posts.

That’s why I decided to go back to a method that works: twice a day I will write 600 words or 3 times I will write 400 words (without interruption). I found that method a good compromise between deadlines and quality.

Fantasy is a sign of psychic normality and you end up with somatisation. Now I wonder why some people like horror stories.

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Horror Stories Are Fascinating Sometimes.

I don’t know what’s wrong with horror stories: Michael Jackson reminds us that women love that (maybe as a counterexample). But horror stories forget that we are implicitly at war. It might seem difficult to identify the struggle but I’ll give you a hint: adaptation.

In poker, a horror story is defined as someone who won the pot even though he played really bad and had an insolent luck because statistics were against him or her. In the long run, it’s always the same old story: is it a sprint or a marathon?

People who experience death or people whose lineage came to an end failed to adapt. Along with our ability to bond with people, adaptation might be the next big thing.

I read that politics is the art of the next big thing. I always thought politics was the art of “don’t piss me off”. But this is not the subject of that post even though some say that if you don’t care about politics, politics will take care of you.

Horror stories make you look like shit in the long run. Looking in the rear view mirror is only from time to time.

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They Choose The Path No One Goes.

Sobriety is a wonderful world. When you reach a certain age in life, you can’t deny those bloody hands. It’s part of the game. What’s important is to play the game; money is another metric to evaluate your level like your address book or the number of days you spent in the workplace.

To me, the only way to measure your life and remain sober is to do 2 things regularly:

  • look in the rear view mirror sometimes to understand the path,
  • have a horizon like 7 million years from now,
  • contemplate the view at the end (trillions of galaxies).

At the moment, I’m contemplating retiring from the life I used to know (hitmen, thieves, and many brawls). This way of life puts you to the test but I guess it’s a matter of understanding who are the actors.

U2 used to sing about “Zooropa” or the European jungle. We have Europe against the rest of the world: 90% of humanity wants to destroy Europe.

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Earth Is Crying But Heaven Is Smiling.

Recently I read a magazine where it was mentioned no other empire brought that much progress to humanity than the American Empire. The New World highlighted by the English culture and its music did make me happy.

To this day, I still wonder why the Arab world didn’t produce more good songs like the one from the Trio Joubran called “Roubbama” (from Palestine).

I guess it might be soft power because our allies can’t deny that we are competitors in some sense. Voltaire once shouted: “May God defend me from my friends: I can defend myself from my enemies.” It’s like a jungle sometimes but it might be more comfortable to think it’s always a jungle.

Since it’s probably a jungle on a daily basis, then your partners become a sign of good health. What do you do on a ship in the middle of a raging sea?

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How Long Can A Heartache Last?

Hitler decided that the 3rd Reich would last 1000 years in 1939 (like the Byzantine empire). But little did he know that his empire would last only 12 years. Some might say that this wasn’t over because most of the Nazis who escaped the Allies found asylum with the enemies of Europe.

The fundamental of espionage is counter-espionage. Keeping up with the Jones might make your liver work hard. What are we going to do when children of former Nazis will come back for vengeance?

Needless to say that WW2 was strictly commercial: if you had the kind of money that would allow you to found a family, I doubt you would participate in the delirium that made lots of people salute each other by raising a hand.

When I want to salute someone, I say “howzitgoin'”; the next question is of course about sobriety. Sobriety is a nice word but one could try to understand what’s the sweet spot between boredom and interest. They talk about the right price and killing costs until you experience the real thing!

The experience is key when you struggle with credibility. What if wisdom could teach us something about power?

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Find A Compromise Between Two Extremes.

As a conclusion, while I was reading a book from Amin Maalouf (a famous French and Lebanese writer), he wrote that “wisdom is finding a point between two extremes”. For example, police officers first are polite with people but, if those people start to mess around, they show their muscles (this is what some people call police brutality).

Another example is taken from my experience: when one of my friends died when I was 14 years old, I decided to stop being a fool and be serious. Women love serious people when it comes to the heart but they also like people who can give them intense emotions. Bob Marley used to sing “No Woman No Cry” but I guess you could say “No Man No Laugh”.

One last example could be related to justice: if you defend someone like a lawyer you have to have conviction. You can’t show up and be sure that your client did something wrong. I was full of doubt concerning what went wrong when I dated a girl but now I found what was the problem: talks about marriage.

You can’t be sober when it comes to living a happy life because you might lose consciousness. Something simple is the key!

Sobriety is a nice word but one could try to understand what’s the sweet spot between boredom and interest. They talk about the right price and killing costs until you experience the real thing!

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Nicolas Sursock

Nicolas is a musician. His work now focuses on digesting 10000 songs of jazz, blues, soul, rock, funk and electronic. He plays the guitar if he's not blogging!